Might need deliverance

Every time President Barack Obama opens his mouth, lately, he is demonizing the richest people. As I watch the news unfold before my eyes, I see him gallivanting through the Midwest on a bus that cost more than a million dollars. To top all of that off, he'll take a vacation on Martha's Vineyard. How hypocritical.

I do not believe for one minute that Obama cares anything about the plight of the poor. The Bible says in Psalm 41:1, "Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble."

I think the president might be in a little trouble with his re-election bid. He might want to rethink his lavish lifestyle while condemning the rich. He might find himself in the need of deliverance come Election Day.

The Rev. Douglas Taylor, Lewiston

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Distractions anyone?

It seems there is no end to the list of problems Republicans can come up with that are earth shaking and have nothing to do with the total lack of effort on their part to stimulate job creation. They will tell you the government cannot create jobs then blame Obama because the government is not creating jobs. Otherwise for them the jobs problem does not exist. Debt, deficits, taxes, Obama's vacation, birth certificate, praying habits, are all critical problems. Only 2% of the wealth of this nation owned by more than 50% of us? No problem. In fact they are trying to tax even more of that 2% because that is only fair. Government laying off workers in droves ? Not a problem. A double dip recession on the horizon? Not a problem. Let's talk about busses,voter fraud, prayer in the schools etc. etc.

Joe Morin's picture

Really Claire?

Your Mr. Hope & Change is Mr. point & Blame. Government laying off in droves??? You are flat out wrong. Try the private sector laying off in droves. It's obvious that you are as liberal as it gets but come on. Their complaint is the Govt. intervention. Poor economy, inflation, high energy costs, Over regulation, OBAMA CARE and a constant verbal attack by the President against those that he says should hire. Businesses are there to make a profit. If the circumstances lend to that you will see a growth. Do you think Jim the guy down the street, who owns a hardware store is not hiring out of disdain for B. Obama??? You may think big corps. are the bad guys & you may be right but it's small businesses owners that do the hiring. Please stick to social issues, which are up for opinion & debate because your declarations on the economy are embarrasingly wrong. Obama threatened to not send S.S. checks to elderly when he knew that was B.S. and that he legally had to and the money was already accounted for!!! You are so in the tank that you actually scare me...


So educate me

I am a liberal and as such I am always ready to hear what the other side thinks. "Businesses are there to make a profit. If the circumstances lend to that you will see growth." I agree totally. What exactly would those circumstances be?? The big tax break you've gotten for the last 10 years has not done it. The massive tax breaks and subsidies the banks and corporations got hasn't done it . So what circumstances are we talking about that would make small businesses hire?? As a liberal, I happen to think that government stimulus by way of infrastructure projects creates demand for goods and sevices on a stable long term basis which causes businesses to hire. This country has done this many times before so I think it might work. You do not. So tell me what will make small businesses profit enough to hire and train workers for long term employment. I'm interested. Oh and by the way schools, municipalities and state governments all over the country are laying off workers to balance their budgets in the light of cutbacks in federal monies.

RONALD RIML's picture

Obama needed that 'Big Bus' Rev....

So he could distribute all the evil Harry Potter books.

Now aren't you glad you have the rest of the story........

Jason Theriault's picture

BTW - Why is the bus a problem?

A bus is cheaper than Air Force One. And the Secret service hated renting a bus and then modifying it because it was expensive and didn't work well.

This will save money. Much like buying energy efficient windows, there is an upfront expense, but in the long run, this will save alot of money.

Joe Morin's picture

Call it what it is

He needs a bus to start his town hall campaigning. Call it what it is. The President is half done his term and is campaigning for his '12 re-election. You know what saves even more money??? Staying home & doing your job. That's Obama I mean, most of us don't work from home.

 's picture

The problem is ...

... Obama is not riding the bus. He's riding Air Force One (that's the designation for any aircraft POTUS is on) to Martha's Vineyard to work on his golf game, and back and forth to the Blame-Bush-Bus. Heaven forfend he mingle closely with the proletariat, the great unwashed, who might criticize his imperial life-style. In 2.5 years he hasn't shown the slightest interest in saving our money. Why should he start now?

 's picture


I guess a '57 Chevvy would be more appropriate. By the way, did you happen to notice when those busses (there are two, one going to the Republican presidential nominee) were ordered and what presidents were using for busses before? Thought not. Just read what you want to, Rev, and ignore the rest. It's easier that way.

 's picture

Every time he opens his mouth ...

... the stock market tanks and a lot of people become a lot poorer. I believe Jesus also said "The poor will always be among us." Obama is doing a great job making sure Jesus' statement is as true as it can be.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

...."I see him gallivanting

...."I see him gallivanting through the midwest on a bus that cost more than a million dollars"...

Yes, Reverend, but you failed to mention that the bus was built in Canada. Is he not supposedly out promoting American jobs?

ERNEST LABBE's picture

Amen Reverend

however he is not the only hypocrite Washington D.C.. Te place is full of them. Most everyone of ou elected congressmen and women and senetors would not know poverty if it slapped them across the face. I
t is time to move the ones that are now in office out to pasture and bring in a new herd.

Jason Theriault's picture

You know who else demonized the rich?


Matthew 19:24
And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

True, but he didn't say

True, but he didn't say impossible, nor did he say wealth was evil.

Jason Theriault's picture


Money isn't evil. Like any form of power, it is not good or evil. But power corrupts. And money has shown that it is not exempt from that.


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