Fireball at 19th annual Great Falls Balloon Festival caught on film by bystander

LEWISTON — Michael Hallihan of Hampden, Mass. had his cell phone camera in hand when a sudden ball of fire erupted in the basket of one of the hot air balloons lifting off during the Saturday evening launch at the 19th annual Great Falls Balloon Festival.

The video is shot from a distance, but the fireball is clearly seen. Viewer discretion is advised when watching the video.

Despite burn injuries resulting from an explosion Saturday night during the Great Falls Balloon Festival, the family of New Hampshire hot air balloon pilot Andre Boucher expect him to recover and return to the skies. As of Sunday evening, he was being treated at Maine Medical Center.

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Steve  Dosh's picture

Fireball at Great Falls Balloon Festival caught on video

. .o m g . .
How are the injured doing ? God please help them . What a nightmare it must be for them and their families & loved one
The pilot should probably have her pilot's license held for a while until the FAA reaches their conclusions , both as a safeguard and a precaution
Propane does burn , like hydrogen . Correct me if i am wrong , but helium does not ?
A big thanks to the local fire departments and al first responders , also , for attending to the injured and the police for your help and succor . On a slightly different note , how was the response time from your local hospitals , let's say St. Mary's ( they advertise with in the LSJ ) . CMMC ?
We all appreciate your public services in these very United 5 0 States
Alo'ha from Pahoa, /s, Dr. Dosh and ohana 11.08.22 ? 2 pm hst •

Steve  Dosh's picture

Fireball at Great Falls Balloon Festival caught on video

By Steve Dosh, verified user — Mon, 08/22/2011 - 13:58
Rather s l o w response time , huh ¿ ref :
l o l *<:Q~

Steve  Dosh's picture

. .Fireball . .

. .All joking aside , our best hopes and wishes for speedy recoveries . .. and thanks to all who helped out • Get any good shots , Russ ? /s. Steve Dosh


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