Raising the Jolly Roger

When the Maine Heritage Policy Center gave vocal support to James O’Keefe’s videos of fraudulent welfare applications, it essentially raised the Jolly Roger.

These were staged episodes of harassment, designed not to catch a scandal but to create one. In neither case was there concern for the embarrassment or harm done to the two civil servants. They were expendable, just pawns in a larger game. It is a moral wrong to deceive and use an innocent person in this way, regardless of the intended good to society or political cause.

Religious leaders and others concerned with civility and ethics, especially conservatives, have now an obligation to disassociate themselves with the Maine Heritage Policy Center. If they cannot, they are obliged to use their influence to return it to safer moral waters.

It is not a time for silence.

Joe Makley, West Paris

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The entire Maine welfare

The entire Maine welfare system shoud be flying the Jolly Roger. All of it is piracy at its lowest level.

Joe Morin's picture

Hey Pirate, u could probably tell me

Who said? and I'm paraphrasing, beware a govt. that does things legally through law which is illegal for an individual to do? Premise being, why can a government take your money and give it to your neighbor against your will, when it's illegal for your neighbor to do it.

Joe Morin's picture

oh Dan... take 12

Atleast he wasn't intimdating voters with baseball bats at voting stations.....

Joe Morin's picture

Remeber this idiotic post Dan???

too bad your Alzheimer is kicking in, Larry, or is it just selective memory?

Joe Morin's picture

Yah it's true

Right here in the United States... I know, shocking. Black Panthers in Philadalphia, but Eric Holder shut down the agents prosecuting. They dont show that truth on MSNBC. By the way, it follows the premise of AGs not prosecuting... so, non sequiter, as fancy as it sounds doesn't apply... check it out


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