Short-sighted savings

The cost-cutters are at it again: immediate goals without concern for what happens next.

Cut Medicare, Social Security, welfare, pensions and more. Debt problem solved? No way.

People grow old and need more health care, people need to eat, stay warm in winter and need a roof over their heads, children need education. Those needs can be ignored but they won’t go away. They accumulate.

Massive unmet needs of masses of people ultimately cause massive crises. That causes more serious illnesses. It causes homelessness. It causes ignorant, illiterate children. Left to fester long enough it causes rioting, looting and other forms of violence.

The cost of cleaning up the mess (it must be done in the end) is more expensive than dealing with the needs as they appear.

Providing for the security of citizens is a recognized and legitimate purpose of government. That includes protection from “terrorists” as well as from the terror of poverty, financial insecurity and unmet health care needs.

Currently the war on terror consumes a large share of the public’s dollars. The national fear of terrorism and the wars that has spawned has created a vast area of quicksand into which the life of the economy is being sucked. There is far more to fear from economic collapse than from terrorists.

Legitimate government expenses have always been paid for by taxes. If expenses go up justifiably, taxes need to go up proportionally set based upon the ability of citizens to pay.

Hubert Kauffman, Oxford

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Bernice Fraser's picture

short sighted savings

Legitimate government expenses? Who chooses what these expenses are? Our government so far has done one lousy job of it. Money wasted for programs that does not do the country a bit of good, but to look good on the politician record and to cause more lobbyist to come to him to ask for more money, and to increase the size of government, so we can pay more" LEGITIMATE" taxes. Who pays these taxes, the half of the country that is on welfare or some other government assistant programs? Or the other half that does have a job and is struggling to meet their needs, while assisting others who are in need? We have become an "I want it society and the government should pay for it" country. What happens when the money runs out before the people do? It's getting close to that now, and when that happens the communist take over, history is there to prove it to you. And we will all get the same, Niltz, no matter how long or hard you work, you will not get to keep more than your neighbor who does nothing, and soon all will be doing nothing, the people will riot and anarchy sets in is this the future you want?
So take it upon your self if you see some one in need, YOU do something, You feed him, You give him clothes, help him with other needs he may have. But only for a certain amount of time, because if you make it comfortable for people to rely on others for their needs, they will not try to help themselves and become a burden on others. this is what is happening in this state and country,people are becoming too dependent on the government to do things that they could do for themselves, if they really had to and knew no one else would do it,they would do it. If a family member or neighbor is sick and in need of help You supply that help. Do not make him a slave of the government,because they do not understand what legitimate expenses are, except those that will fill their ego or pockets. And the next time you vote really look into this persons background and find out what kind of moral teachings he has, and do not depend on the media to do it for you. for many are as corrupt as those you are voting for.


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