Don't blame the Democrats

The Republicans are at it again. They are working for the wealthy and big corporations.

They are blaming the president for the last-minute debt ceiling mess. But you see who's in charge of the House of Representatives? You got it: Republicans.

So how can it be the president's fault if the Republicans have a majority in the House of Representatives?

Republicans also want to eliminate Social Security and raise taxes on the middle class and the poor. I'm voting Democrat in 2012.

Michael Kondas Jr., Jay

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MARK GRAVEL's picture

Just Emotion and no Facts

Dear Michael:

Your letter is full of emotion, but lacks evidence to back your assertions. Moreover, there are two other governmental bodies that are needed transform a Bill into Law that you so conveniently forgot to mention in our letter - the Senate and the President (i.e. Executive Branch). Is it because they are controlled by Democrats?

That said, I have a solution for you. Let’s all contribute to shrinking the size of Government to such a small size that your demeans – the Republicans – have little effect on your life. How does that sound?

KRIS KUCERA's picture

I'm no Obama sychophant . . .

. . . but didn't he make the call to kill bin Laden? A gutsy one too, considering Carter's Operation Eagle Claw disaster.

The bailout? Yeah, all it did was keep GM and Chrysler from going defunct (and they're now paying back the money) and us from entering a depression. (Almost all economists agree on this last point.) The problem with the stimulus was it wasn't big enough. If you need jobs, people have to BUY THINGS AND SERVICES. (Read: jobs.) You can't buy when you save.

Even responsible citizens go into significant debt for decades to buy houses, cars, start businesses, et cetera. I don't condone our nefarious 13 trillion debt. However, to put it at the feet of Democrats is unfair. Both parties got us here over the last 30+ years -- hell, we got ourselves here. We voted for all the clowns over the years. We dmeand everything and want to pay for nothing. It is OUR fault as a Nation, or at least as an apathetic electorate.

$2 trillion for Iraq, a pointless war, yet we can't have $1 trillion for 10 years of healthcare? Makes perfect sense. *barf*

2 wars? Let's have tax cuts too. Sure, we used to sacrifice during wartime (see: WWI, WWII), but Bush felt that waiting at airports was enough suffering. Americans agreed. And look what it got us. The Bush tax cuts were an epic failure, and Obama was foolish to extend them.

I say it's high time for Obama to be the Angry Black Man, because his Professorial White Man angle doesn't resonate or lead. He's been too white, and not black enough. Yeah, I said it.

Mark Elliott's picture

It's funny how democrats can

It's funny how democrats can point out that Republicans control the house so it must be our fault but for the last 3 years when we reminded them that democrats controled the house for the last 2 years of the Bush administration, you know, the when the economy went to hell and the first bailout was pushed, they think it's all hogwash. They won't let us use that very same excuse!

I think this writer needs to pay more attention to what's going on and do a bit more research before putting his words in public view.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Well stated, Rdr....

Well stated, Rdr....

Amedeo Lauria's picture

November 2012 will be here before we know it!

We must save the liberal left from themselves in 2012; or we will surely go down with them. Our country may not be able to survive another four years of economic and social malpractice by the Congressional, Judicial and Executive Branches. We cannot tax our way to prosperity; it is impossible! We cannot continue to condone their self-serving behavior. We cannot continue to hold our energy producers hostage. We can not cotinue to treat private enterprise like the enemy. We cannot allow our elected representatives to contiue to engage in class warfare to push forth their leftist political agenda. We must vote so when judicial appointments are made; those elected are selecting judges who understand that they are there to uphold the Constitution; not legislating from the bench. Please, do your homework meet the candidates and vote out the anti-business, anti-American and anti-self reliance office holders and ensure we weed them out in the primaries as well. Just remember 14+ Trillion in debt and counting!

KRIS KUCERA's picture

The Judicial Branch is liberal?!?

The Roberts' Court is liberal? Citizens United v. FEC, and District of Columbia v. Heller were liberal rulings? Now I've heard everything. With mischaracterizations like these, who needs facts or reason?

History will show that the Iraq War was a huge contributor to American's current dilemmas. And we went into it by bipartisan Congressional choice, at Cheney's and Rumsfailed's bidding. Yet America has already forgotten. For shame.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The Pirate and the parrot

The Pirate and the parrot will drink to that. Good post, Amedeo.

 's picture

Almost right.

It's the president's fault, due to total incompetence during his first two years, that the people of our country threw the Democrats out the House majority in 2010. House Republicans proposed several solutions to the debt ceiling issue that Senate Democrats refused even to read, because the solutions would have benefited everyone, not just the wagon riders.

Go ahead, Michael, and vote Democrat in 2012. I hope you can deal with loneliness.

 's picture

No, Mike -

He won't be alone.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Yup, things will sure get

Yup, things will sure get better in oBAMa's second term.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Based on the content of your

Based on the content of your letter, Michael, there is serious doubt in the minds of many that you are old enough to vote.
"Republicans want to eliminate Social Security and raise taxs on the middle class and the poor"...Where do you people get this stuff?

"Republicans are at it again. They are working for the wealthy and big corporations."
Assuming you've ever held a job, were any of your paychecks ever signed by an indigent or homeless person? FYI, Warren Buffett, a billionaire, is a strong supporter of oBAMa and your president willingly accepts political contributions from him. Doesn't that make your president a hypocrite in the face of his constant badgering of the wealthy and major corporations?

Joe Morin's picture

almost left unsaid

There are moments when the pool is to shallow to dive in... where do they get these people? And who thought this was a meaningfull and thought provoking piece?

 's picture

Just curious -

You said "there is serious doubt in the minds of many". Name one, besides yourself.

 's picture

I'm another one, Bob.

How many do you need? I suspect it's always one more than the number that expresses serious doubt.

 's picture

So far -

I've only found one with serious doubt. And I do have serious doubt about that one.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Let me ask you a serious

Let me ask you a serious question, Bob, if I may. What has oBAMA accomplished in his almost 3 years as president that you as an intelligent, wordly, independent voter, would want four more years of?

 's picture

He has made...

...many, many logical and meaningful suggestions that, had they been acted on, would have pulled us much, much closer to solvency. Unfortunately, tunnel vision opponents have said they didn't care what he proposed, the would be opposed. He can't do it alone. No man can. There needs to be compromise. That, unfortunately, has become an outdated concept. He hasn't been given even a remote chance by those who don't even acknowledge his existence. If you have a job, you know you can't do that job alone. I was put in a highly responsible position at a very young age in a vocation in which I had very little experience. I had five departments and 65 people reporting to me and I wasn't yet 25. It didn't take me long to find out I was as good an administrator as the people whom worked for me. If they had decided to work against me, I had no chance. Unfortunately, members of Congress today are forgetful of the fact of for whom they work. I paid into Social Security and Medicare for 53 years. The government stole that money. The money they stole is now called an entitlement and needs to be cut. I'm only asking for MY money back. Not yours. Not theirs. Mine. A government for the people, by the people? Not any more. Tunnel vision folks. My way or the highway and thank you for paying my outrageous salary and for my lifetime medical with your entitlement money.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

With all due respect, you did

With all due respect, you did a fair job of making excuses for him, but you didn't answer my question.
Here it is again...what has oBAMa accomplished in almost 3 years as president that you,as a free thinking, intelligent American would want four more years of?

 's picture

A few accomplishments...

enforcement of equal pay for women; began withdrawal of troops from Iran; family of fallen troops expenses covered to Dover AFB; media blackout on deceased soldiers and their return to Dover AFB; stopped policy keeping soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan past their withdrawal date; phased out outdated weapons, even those being used inIraq and Afghanista; Gitmo being phased out, also new "no torture" policy (you may be able to tell I'm a vet and volunteer at Togus); removed restrictions on stem cell research; increased infrastructure spending; new funds for school construction; Auto bailout (whixch I hated at the time, but the money has been/is being paid back and companies made some hard choices (Pontiac's gone. Would rather not talk about the bank bailout. If you've seen the Southwest Airlines commercial about the guy charging a change fee - that's the bankers. Now Buffett is giving $5B to BOA instead of to charity like he said he would. Banks should be allowed to fail); this is getting pretty long. You want more?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Nah, you've made your point,

Nah, you've made your point, but I see nothing in your list that four more years of is going save our country from total economic collapse. Nice try, though.

 's picture

You ask for a list...

...I give you a list and say there's even more. You don't like the list. Can't help you.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

He inherited 7.3%

He inherited 7.3% unemployment; now 9.1%--He inherited AAA USA credit rating; now AA. Bush added 4 trillion to the national debt load; it took him 8 years---oBAMa added 4 trillion dollars to the national debt; it took him less than 3 years.
The answer to my question, Bob, is that oBAMa has done absolutely nothing that this country can take another 4 years of, and survive it. His presidency is an absolute disaster and he has replaced Jimmy Carter as the worst president in the history of our country. Other than that,he's doing a hell of a job.

 's picture

Oh - The latest on Bush's war...

"Al-Qaeda's second-in-command, Atiyah Abd al-Rahman, has been killed in Pakistan, delivering another big blow to a terrorist group that the U.S. believes to be on the verge of defeat, a senior Obama administration official said Saturday."

 's picture

You have a blind spot.

There is absolutely nothing I could say you would agree with. So let's put an end to this. You're right. I'm wrong. Feel better?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Sounds like you're ready to

Sounds like you're ready to pick up your bat and ball, and go home to do a little sulking. I expected more from you. I was under the impression that occasional disagreement in debate and discussion was a healthy and normal part of the process. Guess I was wrong on that one. If you were right on anything, I'd be the first to tell you, but your liberal tendencies tend to cloud your vision at times. Just an observation. And, before you proceed to list my numerous flaws,know that I am aware of them and am quite comfortable with the package.
Enjoy your day.

 's picture


You all ready did all these things. You have the most remarkable tunnel vision I have ever seen. You shut everything else out. You took your ball and bat and went home long ago. You're not interested in debate. It's my way or the highway. You aren't wrong about the process. You're a prime example. If my vision is clouded, yours is blinded. Just an observation. What you are calling my liberal tendencies is just the ability to listen to both sides of an argument and, if necessary, compromise for the good of the majority. You are so far right, there is no left. I'm glad you're comfortable with that. But here's a quote from another story in this paper today from what I would consider to be an unbiased source, as at time I agree with his/her opinion and sometimes disagree..."Our economy is in the tank until the two prevailing parties decide that cooperating to fix it is more important than winning."
I know you'll reply to this. You HAVE to. You have to have the last word and win.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Haha..I'm sure getting a lot

Haha..I'm sure getting a lot of mileage out of that one little frivolous,"shoot from the hip" statement.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Well, obviously, yours isn't

Well, obviously, yours isn't one of them.

 's picture

And from your reply -

neither is anyone elses.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Ahh..besides being a liberal

Ahh..besides being a liberal democrat, you're also a prognosticator..quite refreshing.

 's picture

I'm 73.

You can stop jumping to conclusions now. My great-grandfather, who was an MD in the Civil War (mule driver), my grandfather, my father and I were all life-long Republicans. My affiliation with that organization ended emphatically with Bush II. I am now a registered independent. My voting record has always been one in which candidate was better for me. It had nothing to do with party. I did not blindly vote for a person because of what they called themselves, like so many folks are doing these days. After the debacle in Washington this past year, I believe the two party system is now destroying this country because no one talks with anyone. Both parties are parties of "my way or the highway." Is this a great country or what?

Mark Elliott's picture

I have to jump in here Bob.

I have to jump in here Bob. You sound as if you want no party affiliation am I right? Why is it you registered as an "Independant" then? That is a party in itself you know. Many people don't know this, but you CAN register as "unaffiliated" and that would indeed indicate you want no affiliation with any party.

 's picture

I still want... participate in a democratic society. I register in each party before its primary so I can make my voice heard. After each primary, I re-enroll as independent.

Mark Elliott's picture

The point I am making Bob,is

The point I am making Bob,is that when you register as an "independant" you are indeed affiliating yourself with a specific party, the Independant Party.....if you do NOT want to be affiliated with any specific party, you must register as "unaffiliated"......

 's picture

Thank you for your help...

...but I REALLY CAN take care of myself. I know what I want to do. One thing I DON'T want to do is get bogged down by semantics. That's what politicians do to avoid doing their job.

Mark Elliott's picture

I understand your thinking,

I understand your thinking, that's why they call it the "Independent" party. They chose that name to confuse voters like yourself. It doesn't mean you think on your own even though you may. I used to register as "unaffiliated" while I was deciding where my beliefs really were.......

 's picture

This will come as a shock to you...

...but I'm not confused.

Mark Elliott's picture

So what I am hearing Bob, is

So what I am hearing Bob, is that you WANT to be affiliated with a party, the Independent Party??

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

This Pirate could not agree

This Pirate could not agree with you more. That it continues to survive in spite of the BS that's gone on in Washington for the past 10 1/2 years speaks volumes on the greatness of this country. I fear, though, that far too many of us a willing to let it all just slip away.
For the record, I was a staunch, 3rd generation democrat until the party nominated Carter for a second term. That did it for me.

Mark Elliott's picture

I too, was a Democrat, untill

I too, was a Democrat, untill I started paying attention and asking questions!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

a democrat is a republican

a democrat is a republican who hasn't been mugged yet.


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