Trodding on the sick and gay

I am 69 years old, a lesbian and in dire need of medical marijuana for my chronic daily pain due to lupus.

What do the latter two aspects of my life have in common? Both are denied legalization by the U.S. government. Both are in the minority status, with 15 percent of the world's population being gay. They will always be out-voted by the majority heterosexual community.

Medical marijuana is held hostage by the huge pharmaceutical industry, which also has physicians in their back pockets. When I asked my doctor for a prescription for medical marijuana, he flatly said "no." Yet, he recommended OxyContin or morphine for my pain. Drugs I refuse to take because of side effects.

Education is a key factor for both areas, however, we all know that one cannot teach old dogs new tricks or, in this case, new ideas.

No one should be forced to live in chronic pain health-wise, or in chronic psychological pain for gays, which is knowing that you are thought less than your heterosexual neighbors.

My personal prediction is that medical marijuana will be legalized by the federal government years ahead of granting equality for the gay and lesbian community.

Rolane I. Caron, South Paris

Editor's note: Maine passed the Maine Medical Marijuana Act of 1998 by referendum and, this year, marijuana dispensaries have opened in a number of Maine communities. For more information about the process of obtaining medical marijuana, go to:

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Steve  Dosh's picture

Trodding on the sick and gay

. ....L S J ® editors ,
What's the local reaction to the end of , " Don't ask , don't tell ?"
t y v m Dr. Dosh and ohana
oblique ref : Weds 13:40 hst •


Thanks guys

Thank you to the previouse posters, excepting Ronald, for hijacking Roland's letter.NOT nice....

Linda Sherwood's picture

Patients, not stoners

Perhaps Amedeo misunderstood Rolane's post. People who medically benefit from medical marijuana are not using the herbal remedy to get stoned, but to alleviate either painful medical conditions or relieve side-effects from prescribed medication. Anyone who has had a friend or family member on legally prescribed drugs like Oxycontin, Oxycodone, and other heavy pain killers will testify that the patient's personality can change dramatically, sometimes with drastic results. I have never, ever, known or heard of anyone overdosing on marijuana, unlike the dangers from many prescription medications. Cymbalta is a medication that is frequently used for patients with Fibromyalgia with great results. Unfortunately, one of the side effects is nausea, sometimes severe. I know someone who has tried every over the counter medications for nausea with little relief, however, marijuana takes away the nausea completely. Who knew? A simple natural weed that can benefit so many patients. I am all for legalizing marijuana, medical or otherwise as there are many more pharmaceuticals that are mind-altering, behavior and mood changing, and with side effects that can be fatal. People using marijuana are mellow, not so with patients using prescribed narcotics.

Amedeo Lauria's picture

One Toke over the Line

It's not bad enough we have drunk/drugged drivers hurling towards us on the streets and highways killing innocents, now we will have "medically approved" stoners jumping in their cars and heading to the store for munchies! Is it any wonder doctors don't want to risk a malpractice lawsuit by prescribing "Medicinal Weed" and risk having a stoned patient drive into a car, light post, guardrail or innocent bystander which will then be followed by a procession of ambulance chasing lawyers; who will turn around and sue anyone with deep pockets. Yes it's the was drinking at 18 at one time; how did that work out for us; slaughter on our nation's highways? I can only hope we come to our senses soon and reverse this monumental mistake. I was raised in California in the 70's it was not pretty; instead of the greatest generation we baby boomers will be known as the most self-indulgent generation to be birthed in this great nation. I guess we have to hit rock bottom before we can climb back up again.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Explain something to me,

Explain something to me, tron. You can call heterosexuals troglodytes,and it's o.k. and acceptable, but if heterosexuals refer to homosexuals as queers, dykes,or faggots, it's bigotry. How, exactly, does that work?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Funny, I thought you were

Funny, I thought you were describing yourself.

Joe Morin's picture

Oh Dan (take 13)

Are you banned from talking politics at family events? Or maybe talking at all? Does your mom telling you to go to the bathroom and wash the koolaid mustache from your lip. Or perhaps she sends you to your room and stay there until you lose the condescending attitude. Your like a Rachel Marrow with less facial hair. Your comments are like chinese imports, low quality& high abundance...

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

If you can manage to harness

If you can manage to harness your apparent boundless propensity for insulting people who disagree with your point of view, the Pirate will have a "discussion" with you any time. In fact, one of us may even learn something.

 's picture

condition normal

Pirate, I love it when he said he was wrong again, condition normal.

If you really want to get him going, ask him about our Keynesian President and goes off on a tangent about he President of Kenya.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Haha...Good observation. The

Haha...Good observation. The Pirate knows exactly where to go to get him going; his buttons are many. However, being in a peaceful frame of mind, civil discussion would not be unwelcome, although, comparing the Pirate to Adolph Hitler is not a very good start.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

If I'm a liar, you're

If I'm a liar, you're delusional. I suspect you wouldn't call me that if we were in the same room.

 's picture

not the complete truth

Dan, that is not the complete truth because you were also banned last year for violating the posting policy.

 's picture

banned but allowed to come back?

Dan, banned and allowed to come back, that is a suspension. If he was banned, that means you can't come back. The way the system works, is a user is marked banned and therefore not allowed to post. The system admin can remove the ban at the end of the suspension. That is how Drupal works.

And you're right, for once, I don't believe you. Heck, even a clock that doesn't work is right twice in day, but you only got one. You've been wrong on soooo, soooo, soooo many things, why would I think you were right this time.

 's picture

wrong again

Dan, no I did not attend Husson to get my degree. Where did you get yours? Do you even have one? In the Drupal system there is NO such thing as a suspension. You can only BAN someone to prevent them from posting. If you were prevented from posting YOU WERE BANNED!!!!!!!!!

RONALD RIML's picture

Will all you Up-Tight Sphincter-Stooges

Chill the Hell out on a Mega-Doobie and cool your synapses down......

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

As stated as a footnote to

As stated as a footnote to your letter, medical marijuana is available to those who need it. As for granting equality to the gay and lesbian community, what is it exactly, that you want? You've got hate crime protections, you've got legal access to housing, employment, and medical care, you have the legal right to same sex unions, you're about to be granted the rights to same sex marriage. What the hell more do you want? If it's total acceptance of your homosexuality by the heterosexual community that you crave and long for, you may want to work on getting past that one, for it probably isn't going to happen in your lifetime.

Joe Morin's picture

The interesting part... how one would tie in Medicinal Marijuana & Gay rights. I guess the only way to do that is to wake up in the morning then say, how can things change to suit just my needs. Then you write a letter. I'm going to write a letter tommorow connecting- Land lord's rights & Tarrifs on imports. This should be a focused and riveting piece.


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