Keep your morals to yourself

As a PFLAG mom, I feel once again compelled to reply to Ms. Elaine Graham’s letter in the Aug. 25 Sun Journal.

In it she questions the possibility of “two moral truths.” The obvious response is; “Yes, indeed there are.”

There is her self-perceived moral truth vs. the rest of the world.

If she never told a lie, coveted a friend's or neighbor's belongings or life, never provoked a child to anger, never broke the speed limit, or any other law, never lifted anything (pen, pencil, paper clip, postage stamp, etc.) from an employer, then indeed she has been true to her moral truth.

If she cannot accept the fact that homosexuality is not a chosen lifestyle, then she will never understand why we fight with all our being to provide equality for our gay or lesbian children.

Taxes are only one of a hundred equal rights denied to our children, besides marriage.

The Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional and must be repealed. It is the media’s job to report and inform the public when an injustice has occurred.

Please, keep your morals out of my son’s bedroom, after all, we don’t object to what you do behind your closed doors.

Barbara G.Underwood, Lisbon

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 's picture

come on

even an 80 year old man is someones child. your reaching on that one.

Jim Cyr's picture

Equality for

our gay or lesbian "children"? Where do you come from by advocating any type of sexual orientation with "children"?

 's picture

Get an education.

Get an education.


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