Cat blamed for crash

Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Lewiston police officer Jane Huffman searches a vehicle for a stray cat that caused a crash on Pond Road in Lewiston at 9:45 a.m. Tuesday morning. According to Huffman, the driver, Penny L. Lessard, 48, of Lewiston, was distracted while feeding the cat in the back seat and went off the road, hitting a utility pole. Lessard had just picked up the stray cat from her father. The cat jumped out of the car and could not be located. Damage to Lessard's 1997 Ford four-door was estimated at $4,500; to the telephone pole she hit that was owned by Central Maine Power Co., $5,000. No charges had been filed against the Lewiston woman as of Tuesday night, although the Lewiston Police Department confirmed that had the accident happened a week later, she could have been charged under a new state law set to take effect Sept. 12 that will charge drivers who get into accidents because of distractions.

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I would say that "distracted

I would say that "distracted while feeding the cat in the back seat" while trying to drive a car would be a "duh" moment that would be a good reason for enforcing the new law.


Our legislators Love to make

Our legislators Love to make Maine the top dog on new laws to show the country we are not hicks....well lets start to be the first state to TAX CAMPAIN CONTRIBUTIONS Hey that would really cause the country to say hey they are taking control of the corrupt goverment....Then lets follow that with a no nonsence law that gives a manadory 5-10 year sentence for reciving any bribe NO EXECPTION Oh Man that would be the day huh I mean 25% OF OUR STATE EMPOLYEES IN JAIL AND 60% OF OUR ELECTED CROOKS!!! Lets BE THE FIRST....These yoyos in Augusta would rant NO NO NO not us dont do this to us what we do to you, your not supposed to fight back your supposed to take stupid laws that only generate cash flow for us and bring much more to the insurance industy which will increase your premiums because after all they are one of the largest contributors (bribes) to us , your not supposed to notice that we take bribes at your cost....NO NO NO you cant fight back and we will take this to the supreme court at your cost hehe You cant take back your constitutional right to fight a goverment of corruption YOU CANT FIGHT US!!! That is exactly what they would say! WANT TO BRING DOWN HEALTH INSURANCE TO THE TUNE OF 1-3 BILLION SIMPLE STOP ALLOWING THE MEDICAL, LAW, & ENERGY FIELDS FROM BEING ABLE TO CONTRIBUTE TO POLITICANS !!!

 's picture

thats gonna be a new state

thats gonna be a new state law? who voted for that?? yeah, i know... pay attention to the road.... but driving is full of distractions.... Can the SJ please print some sort of clarification about this "new law"??? does it just cover things like cell phones and hot coffee and radio dials??? i havent heard anything about this before now.....


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