Gov. LePage to tour western Maine damage by helicopter

AUGUSTA — Gov. Paul LePage will visit areas damaged by Tropical Storm Irene by helicopter Monday morning and was planning stops in Carrabassett Valley and Rumford, according to a release issued by his office.

Gov. Paul LePage, seen in April, will deliver the commencement address at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at his alma mater, Husson University.

LePage was planning to leave Augusta for an aerial view of the damage at 9 a.m.

In the Carrabassett Valley area, two bridges remain closed indefinitely on Route 27; in Phillips and Rumford roads are closed due to major flooding.

LePage was at the state's Emergency Operations Center at the Maine Emergency Management Agency early Monday as state officials briefed him about damage and discussed potential safety and economic issues related to Tropical Storm Irene.

Power outages continue to leave Mainers without power, and shelters have opened in communities across the state, the release stated.

Citizens seeking alternate shelter should call 2-1-1 for information on the facility nearest to them. As of 6 a.m. approximately 170,347 Central Maine Power meter outages and 28,113 Bangor Hydro outages were reported, the release stated.

LePage also urged residents to avoid unnecessary travel and to check for road closures before heading out Monday.

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David  Cote's picture

Thanks, but no thanks.

Your opinion has been noted, Dan.

Sharon Dudley's picture

How else would you expect the

How else would you expect the Governor to survey the damage? It is a mess up here in the Phillips/Carrabassett Valley area. I hear the Rumford area, too. People can not even get to work because some of the roads are not passable. Trapped. School starts this week and the busses will be unable to get the kids. What about supplies? Food? Fuel?
It usually takes a Governor's declaration to get help to those that need it.

David  Cote's picture

The correct response

Gov. LePage is doing what a leader is supposed to do during a difficulty such as weathering a bad storm. This is not a waste and anyone who believes it is misses the point. This is about supporting those he serves and he is doing so by seeing for himself the havoc created by this storm. Several months ago President Obama toured Joplin, MO. after the catastophic tornado that struck their town. I saw his reaction on news reports. He was genuinelyshaken and shocked by the mass destruction he saw. His words were very emotional and sincere. He offered comfort to victims and was adament in his promise to help those folks back on their feet. He showed he cared. That is what LePage isdoing today. No campaigning, no photo ops. Let's give the man credit for doing the right thing. That shouldn't be that difficult to do.

Joe Morin's picture

Oh Dan( Take 14) you must have crossed some wires Dan...

For starters, a natural disaster and a helicopter ride to tax cuts... kinda wierd. More importantly the President doesn't have Free money Dan. The government does not generate revenue Dan!!! That's my money and the money of U.S. Citizens all across the country GUY! Thank you for allowing a peek through the looking glass... beg the Prez. for free money, Enough already.

 's picture

gotta through the BS Flag again

Dan, you know that is BS! The tax cuts are for those making over $30K a year. Since when is earning $30K wealthy?

Route 27 has two bridges out which is a major through way to Quebec and to Sugarloaf. That road need to be fixed before winter.

Again, you are simply showing for your HATRED of anything Republican!

Joe Morin's picture

30 or 13???

The question is Ray, what's better? Make 13,000 or less and experience all the creature comforts society has to offer through a subsidezed lifestyle...or... work your but off for 30,000 or more have the govt. take 1/3rd of it and have guys like Dan label you greedy and self-serving. I make more than 30,000 pay my income taxes, property taxes, food & fuel, electricity etc.. none of which is subsidized, no kids in the Auburn school department, no food stamps, no heating assistance no EIC... I pay the most receive, receive the least am told I don't pay my fair share and that I'm the jerk. Guys like Dan are dillusional as a defense mechanism. Any critical thinker who is honest with themselves knows the garbage he spews doesn't jive.

Joe Morin's picture

Your sauce is weak

Despite the rhetoric used to polarize his base most of the taxes being considered by the president's admin. fall squarely on the middle know what the funny thing is Dan? I would be willing to contribute more taxes to the government if I thought that it had a snowball's chance in hell to pay down our debt. We all know that wouldn't happen though...but why??? Because in D.C. people set their future plans in 4 year blocks and folks like you will sell your vote to the one who promises to tuck you into bed at night. I HAD a friend that sounded a lot like you, problem was, he was focused on saving the world but he couldn't even take care of himself.

 's picture


Dan, I noticed you did complain when a Governor Baldacci did it in Acadia.

See no comment from you. Double standard Dan!!!!

The roads are washed out, 2 bridges out. Not the case for Governor Baldacci. What could possible be the difference? Oh, Governor Baldacci was a Democrat and that made it okay!

 's picture

throwing the BS flag on this

Dan, you did not complain. Follow the link and you did not complain.

Again, PROVE IT! Copy and paste a link to your complaint. I'm not expecting one because it does exist! Saying you did is not PROOF. You've been wrong sooooo, soooo, sooooooo many times that you need back up what you say!

 's picture

it was a typo

Hey, Dan you have typos all the time. Besides, you answered as though I said DID NOT.

Still no proof! You NEVER COMPLAINED when the Democrat did it. You have two set of standards one for the Democrats and one for Republicans!

 's picture


Dan, yes that would be complaint but show me the proof you said that about Governor Baldacci! GIVE ME A LINK TO IT! Otherwise you are just making up guano!

My education is find and did include reading comprehension. It is you who appears to have the comprehension problem. When we ask you to prove something you simple don't.

 's picture


Okay, I'll admit you were correct this ONE time. You were critical of Governor Baldacci.


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