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I am a summer resident of Maine. I am appalled by the tone of bigotry and narrow-mindedness that is present in many of the Sun Journal's published letters to the editor.

I don't see the federal, state and local governments as the incarnation of evil.

Perhaps the time has come to work together and to look beyond polarized name calling.

Before anyone dismisses that idea as the product of someone who is an "away" person, give it some thought.

Bruce Morse, Waterford

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I'll bet Bruce can't wait to

I'll bet Bruce can't wait to get back to 'away' (CT, MA, NY, NJ); no bigots, no racists, no hatred, cookies and warm milk every night before bedtime. Yes, life must be good, 'away'.



I think the media contributes heavily to the aggravation of polarization that is crippling our political dialogue today. Years ago we all had access to the same information and based our opinions on those facts. Today we choose the facts or opinions we want to listen to. As a result most of us are in an echo chamber of opinions that reflect our existing biases. What we lose is the nugget of real concern at the center of all the bluster. Until both sides of all the issues see that the other side has legitimate concerns and that both sides need to work together to solve those problems nothing will be resolved and all you will get is pointless,dumb piling on and shrieking out of talking points thrown out by the media and political action committees. The solution, if there is one, is that people need to communicate, in a civil way, in mixed forums and to learn to listen to new ideas.

David  Cote's picture

Well said

Claire, I present to you the "Written Word Gold Star of the Day." Dynamite letter. Right to the point and 100% spot on. Thanks for sharing. Best read of the day.

Mark Elliott's picture

Yep...I second that

Yep...I second that David.....

David  Cote's picture

Lead by example

Maybe if both parties would learn how not to be so polarizing then, perhaps your wish would come true. As an undeclared voter I find it disheartening the two sides can't get along. And talk show pundits exacerbate the condition. We elect these people to display integrity and leadership. That's hard to deliver when neither side shows no interest in reaching across the aisle. As voters, we have the right to criticize since we all pay their salaries. Show us it's about working for the all the people and not about the power and then the mood will soften. Lead by example and prove to all of us Washimgton isn't a glorified daycare.

 's picture

How is it bigotry, Bruce, ...

... to criticize our politicians at any level? Unless, of course, you have swallowed the hogwash that Obama is perfect in every way, thus any criticism must be rooted in racism. If you have, you'll have plenty of company here.

I can think of maybe a half dozen politicians who I consider truly evil. The vast majority has good intentions, but we all should remember the destination of any road paved with them. Unfortunately the corrupt few command a large audience willing to be led down that road.

"work together" and "polarized name calling". These are just two current code phrases used to sugar-coat an underlying message: You in the opposition must sit down, shut up, and do what you're told, or we'll teach you all about evil and bigotry.

 's picture


It is more important for Republicans to vote for Republican things and Democrats to vote for Democratic things rather than do what's right for the people. The people are only lemmings, to be allowed to fall over the cliff. The privileged shall inherit the earth.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I thought the 'meek' were

I thought the 'meek' were going to do that.


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