How difficult is it?

Why is it that people plan months and years to take that dream vacation? The same holds true when buying a home, a car, planning a wedding or purchasing that must-see theater ticket.

Can it be so difficult to plan at least two days ahead to register to vote?

I certainly don't feel that it is.

It is a privilege, in this free country, to cast a ballot on Election Day. If it means fewer voters at the polls on Election Day, then so be it.

Let the true love-my-country votes be the ones counted. I am proud to have that privilege. I am proud to be an American.

Doris Meservier, Lewiston

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Jason Theriault's picture


Why should you make it harder to vote? If you want to deny people the vote, such as students, come out and say it. Don't hide behind BS and say "We're trying to prevent voter fraud". You're not. You saw your political opponent found a group of voters that they could register and get in. If you don't like it, then attack it. Go after the democrats registering and getting students to vote.

 's picture


As soon as I turn old enough to vote I registered.I was proud to do it. People just don't think that way any more. Your so right Doris ,hi.

 's picture

Democrats or Republicans

I don't think the mess this state and country are in can be blamed on just one party or the other. All parties have managed to make a disaster of this wonderful country. Each party who thinks that theres someone that would vote for them is not registered they are gonna push it. There is plenty of blame to spread around and if anyone can't register then they don't vote. If you don't go get your drivers license on time you don't drive(well shouldn't anyway). There are many things in life that you have to do on time so why not register. If you can't be responsible enough to register whatever party you belong then you are not responsible enough to give an honest vote. To bad we don't have the choice of giving an honest vote to an honest person.

RONALD RIML's picture

Doris Meservier is certainly "Out of it"

As she has no idea that voting is a right; she is obviously intellectually ill-equipped to state when the limitations should be on registration.

And what's this "Let the true love-my-country votes be the ones counted" she's talking about?? Is she going to sift through the ballot box and throw out ones she doesn't believe qualify??

Give me a freaking break, Lady.

 's picture

Not out of it

I have read many of your(Ronald) comments and I am beginning to question your love for this country and if you have been an American for as long as it seems you are I don't know why you can't see this country is going to hell in a hand basket with all the stupid things being done in the name of progress. If you can't go register to vote like we all have done then don't vote. It might be best for the country in the long run anyway. If you can't be responsible enough to register then I don't think your vote would be in the best interests anyway. You don't have to sift through them. If you go in to get your ballot and you didn't register then goodbye. Make sure you do it next year. Time for a little responsibility. It is your God-given right to vote IF YOUR A REGISTERED VOTER. People have always managed in the past and this country sure ran better then it is now. Go back under your rock and close your eyes like you apparently been doing.

RONALD RIML's picture

Of course you would question my (or anybody's)

"Love for this Country" - Wilma.

Because you've set yourself up as the sole 'Judge' as to what's right and what's wrong the Country. And who gave you that power? Nobody but yourself. My, what a grandiose feeling of superiority! The proper term for that is "Megalomania"

Perhaps you've had a 'loss' in your life? Like you 'want your country back?' "Megalomania is a mental behavior that can be used by any individual as a way of coping with distress linked to frustration, abandonment, loss, or disappearance of the 'object' in everyday life. In this sense, we may see megalomania as an extreme form of manic defense...against the anxiety resulting from separation from the 'object'."

 's picture

My opinion

I am giving my opinion which you do so often and so far its my God-given right to or do you think you are him and your the only opinion that matters? So far the rest of us do have a right to our opinion. Fortunately there aren't as many that agree with your outlook on this country but those that do are unfortunately in Washington. If you see everything thats going on as your bed of roses I hope you watch out for the thorns. I do love my country sir but I sure wish it was the way it used to be and not becoming what the egotistical minds like yours are turning it into before our very eyes for the future generations to deal with.

RONALD RIML's picture

Obviously you weren't in the Military, Wilma

Because one of the first things one learns there is this:

"Opinions are like azz-holes - everyone has one!"

And frankly, Wilma. What makes you think yours doesn't stink????

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Forego Responsibility and Forfeit the Right!

I fully agree with your thoughts. Voting is a right, but like with all rights, it has responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is registering to participate in a timely manner.

If you forego the responsibility, then you forfeit the right.


Mark Gravel

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Bingo....Hat trick by Mr.

Bingo....Hat trick by Mr. Gravel.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

What is my trick?

Dear Paul,
I would kindly respond to your comment, but I’m not sure what you’re attempting to say.

Hat Trick Gravel

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Haha...guess the Pirate got a

Haha...guess the Pirate got a little too metaphorical on that one. I was just referring to your post about, "when you give up the responsibility, you give up the right". That was spot on; right on target.
So many of us, today, want every right imaginable, but few are willing to accept the responsibilities that accompany those rights. And, many of us consider to be rights what are actually privileges.The difference seems to be really blurred for some.
Great post, Hat Trick..

 's picture

So am I, Doris.

But I am curious. Why?

 's picture

you all do that knee jerk

you all do that knee jerk reaction about the elderly and poor. it is everyones right to vote. but do you want a college kid form massachesetts, who is only here for a few months for a few years then goes "home" to work, voting on a local issue whose consequences you and the elderly and the children and the poor will have to live with? let them vote in national elections here, they can vote absentee in their home state elections if voting really means that much to them. and that goes for part time (vacationing) residents too. leave maine issues to maine residents who have to live with the consequences year round and their whole lives. that may sound horrible to some, but it is logical.

 's picture


Well I am not crazy about some Middle Eastern student over here at our expense with no good intentions and that we have somehow managed to lose track of getting the chance to register to vote. If this country continues the way it is now we will be adding cutting off fingers for stealing and stoning women to death for adultery among other things. If it don't scare you to death well it should. I truly wish I could afford to go homestead long enough to vote in alot of those states as they have congressman that are the biggest crooks bringing things into their states that I have to help pay for while my congress people are trying to do whats best of the country and not just their own little neck of the woods. I don't want to pay for airplanes built in Mississippi that the Navy don't even want cause a Senator wants to look good for his constituents and get voted back into office. Nor a bridge to nowhere or a state of the art airport in the middle of Penn. that no one uses but him and tax dollars.


Vacations, a home, a car?

Many of the folks forced by age or disability to ask a neighbor or friend for a ride to the polls may be loathe to ask twice just so Charlie WEbster and his sycophants can pretend to be protecting democracy.

A vacation, what's that?

A home is where they live and doesn't have granite countertops in the kitchen three baths, three bedrooms and a two car garage.

Many who take advantage of same day registration don't have, can't afford, a car.

The real problem here is, there is no problem. Just more mean spiritedness by the right.

 's picture

spilled the beans

The real GOP thinking on voting:
"Registering them to vote is like handing out burglary tools to criminals."
"Encouraging those who burden society to participate in elections isn't about helping the poor."

 's picture

so wrong, Doris

Driving is a privilege, voting is a RIGHT. Since there are few or no known cases of same-day registrant vote fraud, the only possible explanation for limiting registration is to limit and erode the rights of legally entitled voters exercising their right to vote because some may not like the way they vote. Or, another possible explanation is the GOP is so afraid of rumors, innuendo, and something they cannot prove exists that they can each be found looking in the closet, checking under the bed, and sleeping with the lights on because the "same-day" boogie man is out to get them.


Who's lazy?

People who sit on their fat asses all day doing nothing, contributing nothing, sucking the life out of the economy, corrupting our political process, waiting for their check which was earned by someone else's labor sounds more like your billionaire investor's club living off inherited wealth, stolen wealth, government favors, and crooked speculative deals than the folks living off that $600 mo. check that they get because they are too old,too young,too sick, too stupid,too emotionally disturbed, too unskilled, too addicted or too burdened with sick relatives or children to go out and get a job. And by the way, no one is guaranteed tomorrow. If you have a job and can support yourself you are one of the lucky ones but you are not promised that forever. An accident, an illness, a bad turn of the economy can quickly make all that you have vanish. In that case which lazy bum are you likely to be the billionaire or the one who needs the safety net?

David  Cote's picture

Cleaning toilets? Flipping burgers?

Democrats don't want Americans performing these functions. Hell, they want Americans to stay on the entitlement bonanza. These jobs are earmarked for illegal aliens with the Democrats promise of Shangri-La and the American dream, all the while pandering for votes. So one one side are Republicans, who are slugs, and on the other side we have the Democrats, who are immoral. Either way the political pie is sliced, the filling has spoiled.

 's picture

actually, all you have to do

actually, all you have to do is pick up that little green card, fill it out, and mail it back at your convience. i've done it quite a few times, and it really isn't that burdensome.

 's picture

Dan, This is off subject

but you started it with the Republican slam. The USA is a REPUBLIC and while today's Republicans may not be up to the standards of yesteryear's Republicans, They've at least held true to their standards. Democrat's can't say the same.
The Republicans of old were the ones who fought to abolished slavery while the Democrats fought to keep it. The Republicans were the ones who instituted many of the social service programs that people enjoy today. Democrats were against them at first but were quick to hop on the band wagon once the programs were instituted and found popular with the common man. Democrats were also the ones to start raising taxes to support the programs in order to support people who had never paid into the system. Today's Democrats are Socialists who just happen to let people vote.
Social Security was never meant to be used as a sole means of support after retirement. Nor was it meant to be used to support people who had never earned an income. Medicare was meant for people who had paid in their fair share to the system to support it, not for people who paid in little or nothing and then planned to live on it for the rest of their natural lives.
Back when these programs were instituted, family support was supposed to take care of the rest of a persons needs and, as a rule, social security was rarely collected because most people died before they were eligible to collect. Then along come the liberals and they say "let's give it to anybody with a half assed need" and within 30 years the social security system, which I have paid into for 35 years, and planned to use to SUPPLEMENT my retirement income, is going bankrupt. This is because liberals decided that you shouldn't have to pay in order to get paid back, we'll just give you the money that somebody else paid in and kick the can down the road for the future to deal with.
I don't care if the rich have more than I do. They were either smarter of luckier than I was and as long as they pay in what the government's convoluted tax code say they should, I happy. What I don't want is the government giving out the money that I paid in faithfully, every year that I WORKED, to people who are able to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING, besides sit on their asses and collect a check, but don't. Clean toilets, pick up trash, flip burgers, walk dogs, pick fruits or vegetables, shovel manure, dig ditches. or any thing else that amount to something that doesn't make that person a burden to the rest of us. Republicans want people to be responsible for themselves and the Democrats want people to rely on their government. I see a difference there, do you???
Personally, I consider myself a Libertarian and feel that the less government involvement there is in my life, the better. That goes for Republicans or Democrats.

 's picture

Who pays

for you to live every month, Dan? You collect from the system. Are you the spouse of a primary wage earner?

Joe Morin's picture

funny things is..

With the amount of time he spends on the internet posting comments it obvious that he has the abilities needed for many jobs. I would laugh if it was carpal tunnel that put him out of work. Problem is that one needs the willingness to work. Anyone can get disability if they're persistent enough.


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