Destroying the mountains

In reading literature by Native Americans, I like their philosophy of life. We could learn a lot by reading from their perspective. The air, earth and mountains are sacred to them.

Already, we are seeing the reckless cementing, endangerment and destruction to the mountains. Those are mistakes that have been made because people were unwilling to delay until tomorrow.

It is amazing, the ingenuity that developers use concocting explanations that gave them operational licenses to destroy and erase what many have always cared about.

Not having the right to vote on those decisions, people should march in protest against the destruction and sue those people who damage the environment. This is a democracy, after all.

What an inheritance to leave to the children.

I believe that the future generation will turn to this one with a look of pride for what we have done.

Katherine Lawler, Mexico

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Edward Bulger's picture

Don’t be naïve she is speaking of...

the terrible towers. If the greedy rich people from away were going to build wind turbines in Sabbatus or Winslow, that would be your business. Do you really believe ski areas or snowmobile trails damage our mountains the way that wind turbines do. Or are you just trolls trying to get an argument started.
The facts are obvious that wind turbines are being built out of greed and ignorance. These mountain areas where WE live are being threatened by people from away. They want wind turbines built because of funding that will line their pockets not because it’s green energy. At the maximum wind turbines are 27% efficient. They are built in Vietnam and Europe and would employ one person per 4 turbines and I believe that number would be slashed in the future. The energy would be sent out of state. Why are they being made here when the wind blows in the states that would be getting the power?
The ski areas and recreation created by snowmobiling and ATV riding have a positive economic impact on the western mountains. Wind turbines economic impact will be minimal in the long term. WE who live here in the Western mountains and foot hills will have these eye sores ruin our most precious resource.
Thank you Katherine for taking a stand againt industrial wind turbines.

 's picture

You're speaking of... areas, right?

 's picture


golf courses and atv/snowmobile trails


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