Woman found dead in car after apparently driving into ocean

LAMOINE, Maine (AP) — Maine State Police say a Florida woman was found dead in a rental car that was submerged in the ocean in the town of Lamoine.

Police say someone reported the car in the ocean at about 6:45 a.m. Sunday.

Investigators believe 48-year-old Joann Boardman of Palm Coast, Fla., drove her vehicle off Route 184 and into the ocean after a family wedding reception. Police say she was headed to her hotel but drove in the wrong direction.

WMTW-TV says Boardman was not familiar with the area where the paved road ends at the ocean's edge.


Information from: WMTW-TV, http://www.wmtw.com

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Kara Rowe's picture

Rest in Sweet Heavenly Peace My Dear Friend

Joann, Jojo or Jo'Ma'Ma, was my dearest friend for many years. She was a bright light in the lives of those she loved and of those that loved her! Jojo was devoted 1000% to her husband - the absolute Love of her life and to her four sons!! She was an incredible friend as well. She was always there to guide and protect me. She was a hero to me, a shoulder when I needed one and she always made me laugh. She had a great sense of humor!!

Jojo Loved life more than most! All she ever wanted was a family. She worked hard at everything she did and played hard too. She was a true inspiration for how to just simply enjoy the life that's yours.

My dear friend really enjoyed cooking and made the best crab stuffed mushrooms - hands down! She could throw a Frisbee at "warp speed", she loved the beach, she loved music, dancing and having as much fun as possible.

People, on other sites, have suggested my dear friend must have been speeding or that this (needless) tragedy must somehow have been her fault. Well, let me tell you - Jojo would NEVER be reckless with her life ever!! she would have never done anything to put herself in danger! Even if she was lost, Jojo has always been someone that thrives under pressure and dealt with things as they came. This needless tragedy happened because of a LACK of PROPER SIGNAGE!! The speed of the road is far too fast for a road that comes to an abrupt end and the lack of gate is so mind boggling to me that I don't know what to say.

People, please write to your elected officials and don't ask but demand that this matter be fixed as soon as possible!! Tell the town to put up proper signage, a gate to the boat ramp, a high tide warning, fog warning, lights and to LOWER the speed rate!! Please, do not let this happen to an other family or let my dear ole friend die in vain!! Thank you!! I love you so much my dear ole friend!! May you rest in sweet heavenly peace. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Audrey Alcala's picture

And why isn't there

And why isn't there guardrails or some type of fencing blocking the end of the road???? If the road ends at the waters edge, there should be cement barriers or something.......why wait till this type or horrible tragedy to put something up?? What a horrible death for this poor woman!

Kara Rowe's picture

Thank you for your post!!

Dear Audrey, thank you for leaving a post about this awful and needless tragedy. Indeed a barrier should have been put into place long before now. It goes from a road into a boat ramp!! So, that is why they have not placed a protective barrier between the road and the water! Why they cannot put in a gate like one in a parking garage is beyond me.

Please write to your elected officials and tell them how you feel. From what I understand this is not the first time there has been a tragedy like this at the end of 184.


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