Wales attack: Police, family differ on what happened

WALES — Robert Goucher told police on Wednesday he was attacked by two men who broke into his Centre Road home.

But a day later, it was Goucher who was in trouble, accused of making up the story and causing his own injuries.

Maine State Police investigators issued a court summons to the 36-year-old for making a false report.

"He admitted it was a hoax," said Lt. Walter Grzyb.

Goucher's family, though, disputes that claim. The attack was real, his sister said Thursday night, and Robert Goucher never admitted to any such thing.

"He never said that," Heidi Goucher said. "He's really upset by this."

Goucher had told police — and a Sun Journal editor — that he came home Wednesday morning to discover two men burglarizing his home. One of the men struck him in the head while the other slashed him with a knife, Goucher said.

"I got cuts all over me," he said in a late-night interview with the Sun Journal.

Goucher, who said his German shepherd chased away the attackers away, was treated at a Lewiston hospital for his injuries.

Grzyb said the detectives who interviewed Goucher found holes in his story. When they asked him further questions on Thursday, he confessed to making up the story and to cutting himself, Grzyb said.

Robert's sister disagreed vehemently. She believes her brother was attacked exactly as he described.

"If I didn't believe him, I wouldn't be talking to the newspaper," Heidi Goucher said.

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Licia Kuenning's picture

We need more facts

This is a strange story. I hope Sun Journal reporters will dig for the needed facts to enable readers to make sense of it. Why would anyone make up a story like Goucher's?--let alone injure himself to support it? What are the "holes" the police claim to have discovered? and what was Goucher's answer to them? (And Kris Kucera--do you have some facts the public hasn't been given access to? If so, what are they? And if not, why have you jumped to the conclusion that it was Goucher who was in the wrong?) I hope Robert Goucher will write up his story in detail, including his experiences with the police, and send the account to the Sun Journal.

KRIS KUCERA's picture

Boy: "Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!"

I hope he gets a bill from the police. And maybe some time for wasting theirs. To think cops have to deal with knuckleheads like this much of the time.


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