Pair charged in dog attack

LEWISTON — A pair of local women have been ordered to appear in court on charges stemming from a dog attack in Kennedy Park last month.

Marilyn Pinkham, 29, of Lewiston, was summoned on a charge of allowing a dog to roam at large. Her sister, 36-year-old Carrie Landry, of Auburn, was charged with failure to get her dog licensed and vaccinated.

Landry is the owner of the dog, police said. On Aug. 17, Pinkham took the animal, a pit bull mix, to Kennedy Park where it slipped off its leash.

While the dog was loose, police said, it attacked an 11-year-old girl, biting her on the legs. The dog was eventually pulled off the girl, who was taken to Central Maine Medical Center where she received 10 stitches to close a wound.

According to Animal Control Officer Wendell Strout, the dog was placed under observation. It has since been returned to Landry, who has agreed to have her pet licensed and vaccinated, Strout said.

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Kim Berry's picture

teaching dogs right from wrong is important too, agreed

I have two large dogs, not pits, but wieghing more... I have had to keep strict protocol with my dogs, because of having a small child in my home.. They KNOW their place without question. I cannot speak for other dog owners.

But, a couple of times, in the beginnng, when my dog got out of line, I did the same thing, I pinned his but to the floor, held him there, and waited till he knew to knock it the hell off. He only got aggitated. I do not allow even that. So, animals will be animals, always unpredictable. But, honestly, I like to know my odds with my animals.

I reduce the risk. But, again, not every one can or knows how, or even wants to bother. Most times, if a dog shows agression, it is returned upon the animal. In other words, the dog will be beaten or whatever for it. Guess what THAT results in? More aggession. Tickng bom..

Well, I hope that the dog will be trained some more, and people will also become more aware of the warning signs on either side of the bite.

Pamela Belanger's picture

I have said many times that

I have said many times that it's not the breed of the dog but how the dog is raised and the owner of the dog was working at the time her sister is the one who took the dog out for a walk and lied to her sister bout what happened she made it look like the girl was teasing the dog. But that is the only reason why the owner is getting charged with not having the dog licensed or upto date on the shots. I know for a fact that not all pits are vicious. My daughter who was 6 at the time took my first pit I had put her in a headlock and slammed her to the floor an all my pit did was get up an lap my daughters face. And I'm sorry but I do not agree with the whole dogs should only be aloud to bite once....I believe it depends on the situation...dogs deserve another chance just like humans do.....

Kim Berry's picture

A growing form of predjudice

......... I have seen some one doing this: Where a dog owner was teaching their dog to not like black people. This couple gets their dog all cranked up whenever they see a black person going by. A few times, I was in the area, and saw them deliberately let their dog loose, and said "get em get em!" Like that... Then they all laugh as the dog chases down the passerby....

Are people so intolerant now of the newest immigrants, that they cannot at least offer common respect and safety to let others pass by?. Just because we do not all think allike doesnt mean cruetlty and predjudice is accpetable.

A big banner hung proudly on a church in Auburn says something like this : "we may not all think alike, but we can love alike" WELL SAID! tolerance, freedom, accpetance needs to grow more around here.

 's picture

It took a little girl getting

It took a little girl getting bit to be vaccinated and liscensed???

Kim Berry's picture

Where is the info on the charges filed against the dog owners?

** re reads back the article now **

I dont understand. Ok, so what if a person's dog in their home or friend;s home, attacks a kid. The parent of the kid would be charged with something no doubt! Like cruetly or oh I dont know! ahhh am frustrated now.

So, if animal attack happens in a public place, out doors, it does not have any charges available?

Ok, I know I may be taking a risk by saying this, but here goes : I personally have met many people who own dangerous pit bulls. They are some what abusive or totally abusive to their dogs, in turn the dogs are viscous or unpredictable! So, now, none of them, have ever registered their or vaccinated their dogs. They did not ever take any responsiblity for the dog, except to walk around town looking all tough and everything. Thinking they are a bad-ass or something.

It's the owner's mentality that leads to dog attacks. Regardless of breed, but most of the time the ones who are viscous have owners, who, like I said, do not take responsibility for their dogs! Hey people! Go to PETQUARTERS! They have rabies vaccination clinics! No office charge... Keep safe And be nice to your dogs, so they will be nice to people, while u r in public... my dog is NOT a bad-ass, he is a lovable poochie, who is vacinated! :)

 's picture


I can't believe they returned this dog to the owner!
This is a dangerous animal and obviously is in the hands of irresponsible owners.

The family will now have to go through suing them for the damage to their little girl. Go for the Max in small claims

 's picture


The owners of this dog should be more than charged, they should be made to pay full restitution for the little girls injuries and pay full restitution for the trauma she received. Plus they should not be allowed to have nother vicious dog ever.

 's picture


The owners of this dog should be more than charged, they should be made to pay full restitution for the little girls injuries and pay full restitution for the trauma she received. Plus they should not be allowed to have nother vicious dog ever.


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