PHOTO: Roxbury wind farm turbines going up fast

Terry Karkos/Sun Journal

Drivers traveling Route 120 to Mine Notch Road in Roxbury will see these two wind turbines towering above the forest atop Partridge Peak. The towers, which didn't yet have blades attached on Thursday afternoon, are two of 22 turbines for the Record Hill wind farm. It is expected to be operational by November or December.

Terry Karkos/Sun Journal

A Record Hill Wind LLC wind turbine tower dwarfs a forest atop Partridge Peak in Roxbury. The turbine and another nearby lacked blades when viewed Thursday afternoon from Route 120.

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This area deserved better than to be a playground for the construction outfits. They should be rebuilding Maine's bridges and keep away from places they obviously do not comprehend. Angus and Rob, the pseudo greenies, must be laughing all the way to the bank.

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Monuments to greed

These do not belong here. What is not shown is the tremendous devastation of three mountain peaks from blasting and leveling for the turbine pads and the permanent gash of the road to haul in huge components. These are a monument to greed, as they would never be going in except for the huge taxpayer subsidies, the mandates and special treatment given the wind industry, and selling Enron-inspired RECs based not on actual output but on the nameplate rating of the turbines. It is a financial scam perpetrated by strong special interests that will ruin rural Maine. If someone had wanted to build a modest mountain-top camp, DEP would have scrutinized that application far more than the wind industry is treated thanks to the criminal and unconstitutional Expedited Wind Permitting statute. It is a crime against the natural resources of this state and an unconstitutional granting of privilege to an industry that wouldn't exist without it. The greatest travesty I have seen in my lifetime!

 's picture

Virgil Cain, one Maine's

Virgil Cain, one Maine's extremely rare, endangered and federally protected golden eagles, will have quite a deadly welcoming committee waiting for her along her mountain ridges when she comes back from her trip to Labrador. Her air space now belongs to Angus King.

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Took a ride through the area on Saturday, already an eyesore.
Now picture this after all 22 are installed!


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