Go without the raise

The twice-rejected RSU 16 budget is up for a third try on Sept. 13. There is a district meeting at the Poland Regional High School on Sept. 7.

The budget figure ($17,847,765) is not much lower than the one voted down in June. The only difference is that $100,000 has been taken from the emergency fund to help lower the amount taxpayers will pay. For every $100,000 in property assessment, Mechanic Falls homeowners' tax bills drop 39 cents; Poland will increase by $9.49; and Minot, an increase of $34.94.

Does that mean Minot's children will get a better education?

In addition, a new preschool class will be added at more expense (to staff those children).

There is nothing that will improve education, but the budget gives raises to administration.

We are told that federal money will help with the preschool costs and increase the number of free lunches, but the federal government is broke. Taxpayers are paying billions in interest on borrowed money, and officials want to add more, so that the children may be further burdened? Children will have to pay that debt.

In this economy, there are many families who cannot pay their taxes, feed their children and heat their homes, yet school administrators feel they deserve a raise?

Until things turn around economically, let's go back to the 2010-11 budget; keep the emergency fund for what it was designed; and administrators could go without a raise this year, like the rest of the people. And forget the preschool.

Bernice Fraser, Minot

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Get your facts straight!

These are not raises for the sake of getting raises - these are raises to make the three towns equal - as mandated by becoming an RSU and as agreed to when you decided to BECOME and RSU three years ago! RSU 16's teachers are underpaid as it is! If you want to keep quality educators for your children, you need to make them WANT to be here - the lack of support and the ability to make a significant amount more in the surrounding towns will leave your towns without the cream of the crop in education.

The pre-school and a great addition! Not only does it save money in the budget in the long run with less special education costs, etc., it also generates money!!! If you all can look in your crystal ball and tell me how much the economy is going to suck in the upcoming years, I can too - and tell you that it's a FACT we get money back from the program... more than we put in.... that's not my idea or guess in the crystal ball - that's a fact!

The lack of support for education in this RSU makes me sad! I used to be a part of it, and I am almost relieved I am not this year... I would feel so uncomfortable dealing with people that think I'm being selfish, conniving, and trying to self-gain - when all I would be trying to do is put food on my table, have medical benefits for my kids, and do my very best every minute of every day for YOUR children! Where's the fairness in that?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

AARRGHH!!!!That IS funny....

AARRGHH!!!!That IS funny....

Bernice Fraser's picture

send them to mill

You missed the point, I have nothing against teachers, or education. And in the many years I have been voting I have voted for teachers to get their raises. But during these hard economic times I feel that it is not feasible. The across the board raises is a slap in the face of those struggling to make ends meet. No one went without education last year and no one will go without this year if this budget is brought back to the level of last year.
If we were fortunate enough to have mills I can assure you many, even your college graduate, would be standing in line for a job applications, but instead they will work at a call center. Our politicians BOTH parties and the labor unions have made it impossible for mills and other companies to work in this country, so they are shipped of overseas. People are struggling to keep their homes and feed their children, to those on fixed income every penny counts,(and to have a member of the school board tell the voters to stop buying their DUNKIN DONUTS COFFEE, so they can pay for this increase in taxes is as offensive as Marie Antoinette telling the citizens to eat cake, when they complained they couln't afford the bread.)
All summer long the school provided lunches for ove 100 families, are these people able to pay their taxes? You apparently have a good job and can afford to pay this increase in taxes, which is wonderful and I'm very happy for you. So you will go into the voting booth and vote YES. I on the other hand am against this year's budgetwill go into the voting booth and vote No. Isn't America great that we are able to do this?
As for the 4 year old classes, these children belong at home with their parents learning family values, if this is impossible, and both parents are working, there are many good day cares in all towns that will provide this care. The tax payers should not have to pay for babysitting services, or what will it be next year 3 year olds? Yes many mill workers in the pass provided for their families and we should be greatful to them for they are the ones who made this country great.

 's picture

how much do you think that

how much do you think that day care costs? especially one that includes a pre-school criteria? it's usually $100 plus dollars a week, even if the center is closed while the workers are on vacation, you still have to pay to keep them enrolled. where do you think that money comes from? a familie's food budget or unpaid bills. with 2 working parents you don't qualify for help. or are you one of those "stay at home parent" people? 4year old classes are great for those kids whose parents "don't qualify", they help identify and intervene early on behavioral and acedemic problems like adhd or dislexia which even "stay at home parents" might not identify on their own. they set in place classroom and social skills that come into play in kindergarten. it is well worth it.

Bernice Fraser's picture

how much it cost

Yes, I am aware of the price of day care, since I worked in one. I also voulenteered 20 hours a week at my children's school. So I know what is involved with these children. I sent my children to nursery school, when they were younger at my own expense. Was it easy? No, did we do without? Yes. We didn't go on vacations, grew our own food made our own clothes and the interest rate on mortgages back then was 15%. I know what hard times are , same as my parents who went through the depression of the 1930's. We learned to do with little and was careful where the money went. I never asked the taxed payers to pay for my children's day care since that was my choice as to wether or not I wanted them to go. And you mention learning disabilities, I have a son with dislexia,( he just finished his masters in college) it was suggested in pre school that he be checked. Day Care are staffed by educated people who are on the look out for these problems. So yes I do know it is difficult parenting children, but these are things you should be aware of before you decide to have children. Since this preschool is only 1/2 day will you not have to pay for the care after they leave school? My husband worked 72 hour a week I worked part time cleaning other people houses, cleaning schools in the summer time, worked in nursing homes taking care of the personal needs of the elderly. I worked nights so not to have to pay a babysitter. Yes, I was home with my children during the day because that was important to me as a mother. I imagine you might have a cell phone, cable t.v. , computer connections all things you could do without if the need was there. I still do not feel that tax payers should pay for babysitting services. Every generation feels that their's is the hardest, we have to learn to cope.


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