Another dog missing from West Paris

WEST PARIS — Another pit bull-type dog is missing as an investigation into the disappearance of a number of dogs in Oxford County continues.

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Scarlett, a 40-pound American bulldog, has been missing from her home on High Street in West Paris since Monday. Her owner fears Scarlett's disappearance may be connected to recent dog thefts.

Louisa Westleigh, owner of the Secret Garden flower and gift shop, said her dog Scarlett went missing Monday while she was out.

Westleigh said that because pit bull-type dogs and other large breeds have been disappearing in recent months, she has had friends drive by during the day to check on Scarlett and her bull mastiff, which were chained up in her yard. Scarlett is an American bulldog.

“Yesterday was just a day where nobody had a chance to go by,” Westleigh said. When she returned home, she said, both dogs were missing. She said the found the mastiff in the house. The dog had entered through the downstairs door and had somehow injured his leg. “We don't know how,” Westleigh said.

About 20 dogs have been reported missing in the area of West Paris, Woodstock, Hebron and Sumner in recent months. Most have been pit bull-type dogs, although labs and a Doberman have been reported missing. In a few cases, someone reported seeing people driving a truck or a minivan stopping and taking dogs from yards.

One dog taken from West Paris last month was found dead a week later in Sumner wrapped in a tarp.

Animal Control Officer Ozzie Hart has said he suspects dog fighting in the area, and that the stolen dogs are being used as “bait dogs,” used to train fighting dogs.

The Oxford County Sheriff's Office has been investigating the case since last week. Sheriff Wayne Gallant said the investigator, Detective Thomas Harriman, has been out sick this week but is expected to return to work Wednesday.

“I'm hoping she's just scared and lost,” Westleigh said. “I'm hoping, with all this stuff going on, that's not what it is.”

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 's picture

Pitt Bulls

They are probably being stolen by people that want to fight them...I hope these dogs are found alive and well...Someone needs to come up with a tracking device to see where they go and perhaps catch the scumbags that are taking them...

 's picture

Yet Another Dog Goes Missing

I just do NOT understand what goes thru some peoples heads. How can you be so cruel and evil minded to steal dogs! A dog is a mans best friend. Dog owners love their dogs just like their own children. Who ever is doing this....I plead with you.....PLEASE STOP!! Think about what you are doing and how many families and children you are hurting. You will eventually be caught and I hope the criminal justice system throws the book at you. No slap on the wrist with a mere fine and probation. I pray they lock the individuals up in State Prison...maybe there you can be used as "Bait" just like you are doing with these dogs!


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