BEP puts industry before people

This summer, the Board of Environmental Protection held a hearing in response to a citizens’ petition requesting substantive changes to sound-level standards for wind energy developments.

Mainers are being harmed by the high, low and ultra-low frequency noises emitted by these massive wind turbines.

During the technical portion of the hearing, experts in medicine and acoustics testified for Mainers. The testimonies were based on actual, on-the-ground studies of wind turbines’ unique noises and the effects they have on humans.

In contrast, the wind lobby quoted industry-funded studies and used computer modeling.

Mainers traveled to Augusta at their own expense. Those testifying were reminded that the hearing was about sound, not about the controversial pros and cons of wind. Citizens stood up to testify about how turbine noise was harming their health and quality of life.

Officials from the wind lobby also spoke. Instead of about turbine noise, or concerns about the health and well-being of Mainers, these paid lobbyists talked about jobs.

The BEP’s response to the testimonies is available on its website. Sadly, it seems the government has given the wind industry preferential treatment over citizens. The "environment" that the board is supposed to protect, in this instance, consists of the people of Maine. Instead, the BEP has ensured that Mainers don’t become roadblocks to wind development.

It seems the powerful corporate wind lobby has triumphed again.

The formal decision will be made at the Augusta Civic Center on Sept. 15.

BEP? Or Board of Industry Protection?

Karen Bessey Pease, Lexington Township

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Jason Theriault's picture

How about this

We scrap the wind turbine and build a nuclear reactor on Mars Hill.

We cool?

Dan McKay's picture

Is this the same DEP that

Is this the same DEP that mandated the paper mills to come up with the technology to cut emissions that polluted the air and waters of Maine. They didn't seem meek about challenging the mills to clean up their act, why do they quiver at the thought of adopting the same mentality towards the wind machines. The mills mitigated pollution with advanced technology designed by the " highly skilled engineering community " . The windies roared at the DEP about how they have created work for " highly skilled engineers " . Now it's time for the DEP to roar back and put these engineers to work mitigating unwanted noise pollution. Is counting bats all that is expected from the engineering professionals nowadays ?


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