Sheriff's office arrests man in alleged West Paris dog theft

WEST PARIS — A West Paris man has been arrested in connection with the theft of a missing dog.

Oxford County Sheriff's Office

Nicholas P. Libby

The Oxford County Sheriff's Office announced Wednesday that Nicholas P. Libby, 24, was charged with theft after Detective Thomas Harriman found him in possession of Scarlett, an American bulldog who was reported stolen Monday.

Scarlett's owner, Louisa Westleigh, said she's “happy to have her home.”

According to Westleigh, Scarlett's dew claws had been removed and a laceration on her chin, and it appears someone had tried to breed her. Scarlett is going to the vet Thursday morning, Westleigh said.

Scarlett was the latest of about 20 dogs, mostly pit bulls and other large, muscular breeds, gone missing from Western Maine in recent months. According to a release from the Sheriff's Office, investigators don't know whether the incident is connected with other recent dog thefts.

The suspect, Libby, was charged with theft and violation of conditions of release. He is not eligible for bail, and is expected to be arraigned Friday in South Paris District Court.

NOTE: A previous version of this story incorrectly described Scarlett's breed. It has been corrected.

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 's picture

dog thieves.

Anyone caught stealing a dog should be locked up. Especially if they intend to use the dogs they steal for fighting. They should be used as targets for hunting lessons. Not real bullets or guns but don't tell them that. That's what they make the dogs do, fight for their lives. See how the people who steal dogs feel like when they are running trying to stay away from getting hurt or shot. not with real guns though. or force them to fight for their lives Maybe then they will learn. But hitting an 11 week old child, there is no excuse at all. Babies cry. That's what they do get used to it.

 's picture

Pitt Bulls

Pitt Bulls are probably stolen so they can be use for fighting...This is so wrong and whoever gets caught using them for that should be severely punished...They are good dogs and make good pets...

John Moro's picture

they should put the people

they should put the people responsable for the dog fights in a cage with the dogs and walk away!!!!

 's picture

It might be more helpful in

It might be more helpful in solving this case of a possible dogfighting ring if people who know this guy called the Sheriff's office and gave them the names of his friends and where he hangs out etc. I believe you can leave information anonymously. And I do hope the Animal Control Officer is able to thoroughly investigate the situation.

 's picture

If he is guilty....

He shouldn't be shot. C'mon now. For someone to put that out there is ridiculous, and for another to agree is absurd. Incarceration seems like an appropriate punishment. Unfortunately, I can see probation and a fine in his future. I hope they catch anyone involved in this.

Dan, I think the "air quotes" belong inside the punctuation...just sayin' . Does anyone know what "Sarcasm?" is

 's picture

Probabtion and Fine

The suspect, Libby, was charged with theft and violation of conditions of release. He is not eligible for bail, and is expected to be arraigned Friday in South Paris District Court.
I think he will end up in jail...

thank god

I really hope that they can get some info out of this person. I am glad to see the police are taking this problem serious maybe things can turn around

Amanda Stevens's picture

So sad

To Dan Breton, a Laceration is a cut or a slice on their body which requires stitches or staples to be shut.

I am glad Scarlett made it back home safe. Those poor dogs having to deal with something like that. They must of been so scared. Not knowing who or what was next. I agree this guy should be used for bait for those dogs.

 's picture

The typo has been corrected.

The typo has been corrected.

Dorothea Witham's picture

He Should be used worst than the dogs

I agree with what everyone is saying. I think he needs to be used as an example what will happen to people who want to steal dogs. He should also be made to give up the other people involved with this. Find out what he was actually going to do with this dog. Apparently something did happen to this poor dog. He needs to spill his guts and tell on the others. I am really happy that he can not get bail. He should stay in jail for a very long time.
It is true that our animals are like our children. They are a very important part of the family. They are missed very much and they need to be returned.

 's picture

I totally agree with Cathy

I totally agree with Cathy Bryant.....this guy should be used for dog bait.....the guys has no morals whatsoever!!! Thank goodness he's not up for bail! Keep him behind bars where he belongs!!!

 's picture

dog theft

[This comment has been removed by the administrator]

 's picture



 's picture

thank god she made it back

thank god she made it back home!!! i hope they can find all the people who are responsible for this. good work pd for this one life-saving story. i just wish that the rest of the kidnappings (dog and child no different in my eyes) have as much as a happy ending.


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