A better 'jobs plan'

My 9-year-old twin granddaughters could have written a better "jobs plan" than President Barack Obama.

First off, the twins would know that spending $450 billion that the nation does not have is insanity, considering that the $870 billion already being spent has left the country with unemployment still more than 9 percent.

The twins would know that an employer who would hire employees at a cost of $50,000 to take advantage of a $5,000 tax credit would soon be among the unemployed.

The twins would propose three plans to do the "job" that Obama has promised for three years.

First, take the capital gains tax down to zero. That would free up billions of dollars for investment and spending.

Second, they would offer a plan to cut corporate taxes and offer incentives to bring back profits and jobs to U.S. shores.

Third, the twins would say drill for oil and gas here, and drill now to take advantage of the world's largest reserves of oil and natural gas. Gasoline prices would almost immediately drop to pre-Obama prices ($1.80 per gallon) on the announcement that the oil and gas companies would be" turned loose" to use their vast resources to drill with environmentally safe techniques.

The twins would not have to beg 18 times for congressional support, nor would they need another 12 days to draw up their plans.

George Jones, Otisfield

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Jason Theriault's picture

Really, what it all comes down to...

When you boil both sides down, it comes down to being naive or heartless.
Democrats are naive. Republicans are heartless.
Democrats will throw money at problems, and thinking that they can make it better. Republicans know that success is earned, and that a government that thinks it can solve every problem is stupid.

Neither is 100% wrong or right.

Bob Woodbury's picture


Show me.

Jason Theriault's picture



Bob Woodbury's picture

Show me

your grand daughters plan.

Jason Theriault's picture


I have no granddaughter

Jason Theriault's picture

Just let it be known.....

Hear ye, Hear ye. On this fourteenth day of September in the year of our lord two thousand and eleven, I, Jason Theriault, have slain the pirate.

Defeated is he, as he has posted elsewhere on this site. Yet he could not come up with any of the President's policies that he found to be "lame policies".

Victory is mine!

MARK GRAVE's picture

Green Energy Policy

Five hundred million dollars in tax payers money gone up in smoke!


With policy results like these, one and only, one example is necessary.


Mark Gravel

 's picture

that loan was started by the

that loan was started by the bush administration, and continued under President Obama, or did you forget that?

MARK GRAVE's picture

Set the Bush/Obama crap aside

The concept started under Bush, but loans where approved under Obama. That said, set the Bush/Obama crap aside.

The takeaway here should be that Government (which includes republicans and Democrats) has no business squandering tax payer money. It is the tax payer that got screwed over here.

Mark Gravel


All Obama's policies are lame ...

... including the latest "jobs" scam. The only jobs it will create it has already created - some temporary ones involved with the destruction of a small forest to provide paper to print this stupidity on.

Jason, you have not caused the pirate even a slight twinge. He will return soon to smite your turban with his might cutlass.

 's picture

he'll try,using tired

he'll try,using tired cliches. He's never had an original idea.

Mark Elliott's picture

I believe you've used the

I believe you've used the term "tired cliches" quite a few times in the last 24 hours. Is that a new "cliche" for you?

Jason Theriault's picture


First of all, unless you have brainwashed your kids, and 9 year old jobs plan would involve candy and toys.

Maybe a pony

Where to begin.. Ah, well, first of all, the reason you offer a tax cut to higher new people is that the businesses would tax a general tax cut and sit on it. Your twin daughters said these are uncertain times, and that a company that hired people just because of a tax break would soon be out of business. Businesses are a bit freaked out even though our economy is far more solid than 2008. So this tax cut is to give them a nudge to get off the bench and into the game.

BTW – How do your twin daughters plan on paying for the capital gains tax cut? It’s one thing to disagree with how to stimulate job growth, but if you complain that we can afford it, and then cut taxes, your just being a hypocrite. Tell their English teach to show them that word in the dictionary.

And as for cutting tax rates so companies bring profit back onshore, I would only agree with that if the very same legislation made keeping future profits offshore impossible. I mean, the loopholes kill small business as they can’t afford to take advantage of them. So they need to be closed so we can cut the overall rate.

And more drilling isn’t going to reduce the price of oil. One; it will take a decade for new fields to come online. Two; OPEC will just cut production as they like oil right about where it is. Three; We need to get off oil. Now for some sort of save the environment BS. As a matter of national security, we need to have more secure fuel sources. We need to invest in Natural Gas, Nuclear and Green sources of power generation and Hydrogen fuel cells for cars.

Joe Morin's picture

You have merit on..

...a few things here Jason but I disagree with you on oil. Securing a domestic supply of would allow us to bring troops home. Despite what anyone may believe, we have had a standing army in the middle east for it seems like decades now, primarily as a quick responder for situations that affect our national interests.
Aka(OIL). Also, the infrastructure for drilling would be provided by private industry. While creating this infrastuctre and during the fuel production you would create millions of jobs. The jobs and the indsutry would flood washington's coffers with *revenue. And as far as the argument that it would take too long??? They've been saying that since 1973, almost fourty years ago we started this ugly cycle. Now imaginge as a stipulation the government cap the price of oil like they do with other things. If you want to drill U.S. oil then you will be forced to pay a set price deomestically...say $2.00. Imagine if on federal lands where oil was found the government drilled the oil itself??? Gas-yes/ nuclear-yes/ research towards a PRACTICAL alternative-yes

note:*revenue= Democrat secret word for taxes

Jason Theriault's picture

Oil isn't the solution

You absolutely right that domestic oil production would create jobs and help the economy. However, Accidents happen. Look at the Gulf. It may not be on the news anymore, but the destruction of the BP spill is still there. Yes, the beaches are mostly clean, but the fishing industry down there has been decimated. Imagine if they used dispersants in the Gulf of Maine, sinking all that oil to the ocean floor. Bye bye lobster industry.

I have no problem with other parts of the oil plan, like the pipeline from Canada. But my bigger concern is that we need to work on other things now. That needs to be the focus. Building pipelines and what not will help, but if we are still using gasoline predominantly by 2030, I bet we’ll be looking at $10 a gallon. We need to invest in the future, which means getting us off of oil.

Mark Wrenn's picture


You're not proposing a jobs plan. All you're doing is parroting rabid right wing talking points. If tax cuts for the people and corporations who don't need them were the answer, the Bush tax cuts would have generated more than enough new jobs. But, just the opposite has happened. Corporations are sitting on record amounts of cash right now, so how is giving them more going to work? And, repatriation of foreign profits has been proven to actually cut jobs. Also too, did you know domestic drilling and production are at the highest levels in more than 10 years? So much so that the refineries are exporting more and more American produced gasoline?

Mark Wrenn's picture

here you go...

"U.S. exports of motor gasoline (including finished motor gasoline and motor gasoline blending components) hit a record level in November 2010 of 457 thousand barrels per day. The last time gasoline exports exceeded 400 thousand barrels per day was April 1945 when they were 419 thousand barrels per day."

Mark Wrenn's picture

here's more...

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The parrot sez he's never met

The parrot sez he's never met a "right wing" talking point that had rabies.

"Corporations are sitting on record amounts of cash right now".

Abolish oBAMaCare, abolish cap and trade, get oBAMa and his lame policies out of the way, and watch the cash flow and the jobs come.

Jason Theriault's picture

I'm calling you on this.

Yes, I get it, ObamaCare is to blame for everything.
Economy's crashing? ObamaCare
Medicare Fraud? Obamacare?
Bridges and Infrastructure? ObamaCare
China's human rights record? ObamaCare
9/11? ObamaCare

Anywho, abolish cap and trade? Well, cap and trade would have to be a law, and the only bill I know of was the American Clean Energy and Security Act (H.R. 2454) in 2009, which died in the Senate. So what are you talking about?

And what other "Lame policies" are you talking about?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Why must you be so combative

Why must you be so combative and argumentative? O.k., it's all Bush's fault. Feel better? Be nice and I might play your silly game, otherwise, I'm going back to sleep.

Jason Theriault's picture

You misinterpreted my message

I'm not trying to be combative, and I certainly don't subscribe to the blame Bush philosophy. Buy your just taking the opposite side, and blaming "oBAMa".

"Abolish oBAMaCare, abolish cap and trade, get oBAMa and his lame policies out of the way, and watch the cash flow and the jobs come."

What I'm trying to get at is for you to be less vague. There is no Cap and Trade law on the books. So other the the Health Care reform act("oBAMaCare"), you haven't named one law passed by the president, or one policy in place that you want to repeal. Cause I don't think you have any.

I play this same silly game with my father, and it pisses him off too, cause I make him tell me exactly what Obama has done that angers him. And it has lead to more informative debates because it eliminates the rhetoric and forces debate on the actual issues.

Jim Cyr's picture

Obama has

angered a lot of people because of his violation "to protect and defend the Constitution"!

 's picture

This will be good, exactly

This will be good, exactly when has President Obama failed to protect and defend the Constitution? You cannot make a statement like that without backing it up.

Joe Morin's picture

Hey Dan

Yes he can. You do it all the time. I bet I could come up 10 direct claims that you have made in the past three days that you provide no supporting evidence for.

 's picture

then I should be able to

then I should be able to claim someone is a child molester all the time without repercussion? Patti would be down my throat instantly.

 's picture

notice he just parrots what's

notice he just parrots what's on FOX News, and doesn't have a clue what's he's talking about. That is what is wrong that side of the population, they don't care about America, they just want get that non-white guy out of office.

Joe Morin's picture


Here's one!!!

Joe Morin's picture

That's not true

Do you truly think that fiscal conservatives don't care about America Dan? Or is it that they have a different idea of what will provide prosperity in the future? Of course if you can say that and truly believe it then this is a righteous crusade...I see why you want that to be true. Unfortunately it is not. I like Herman Cain alot. I don't judge a president by the color of his skin but by the quality of his policies. I believe in State sovereignty, smaller federal govt and free market solutions to solve our problems. All of which are espoused by Mr. Herman Cain. Pres. Barak Obama believes in a more centrally run govt. and the redistribution of wealth through regulation and taxes. I don't think he is evil just really wrong. P.s. You want a sample of bias??? How about 96% of the African American vote going to the current Pres. Dan, surprise me with perspective here. If last election John McCain recieved 96% of the white vote while running against an African American Pres. what conclusions would you draw from that.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Great post, Joe. Excellent

Great post, Joe. Excellent perspective.

 's picture

I absolutely think that

I absolutely think that conservatives don't care about America, and here's why. I will grant you that conservative believe that spending should be cut, and if they want to achieve that goal and work for it, fine. But pay for what we're spending now. Conservatives REFUSE to pay for what we're spending, and they've done this since 2001, actually it started during the Reagan administration. The one premise that these tax cuts were based on was that they would generate extra income from all the investments that cutting taxes would allow. IT DOESN'T WORK!! Never during either the Reagan or Bush administration did revenues ever come close to equaling expenditures. But conservative REFUSE to increase revenues to meet expenditures, despite claiming that deficits are bad. The last president who realize that you must pay for what you spend was Johnson during the height of the Vietnam War. The had passed legislation to put a surcharge on income taxes, because he realized that money was needed to fight the war. Republicans, and even more so, conservative don't get it. The chime cut spending, cut spending, cut spending without ever paying for what we do spend. They don't care about America, just themselves.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The tax cuts you reference

The tax cuts you reference have almost always been linked to concomitant spending cuts, but the spending cuts never took place, causing the tax cuts to appear to fail. YOU CAN'T MAKE TAX CUTS WORK WITHOUT REDUCING SPENDING!!!

 's picture

the cliche king strikes

the cliche king strikes again!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Your non-responses speak

Your non-responses speak volumes as to what's really in your heart. Took a while, but you've been figured out, Hoss.

Joe Morin's picture


How does that wash? 96%???? Me loving Cain????? Wierd

Joe Morin's picture

You are confused Dan.

I know it's easier if you can fit all the "bad guys" in one box but it's just not reality. I left the Republican party because they weren't fiscally conservative and also because part of their social agenda really irks me. I don't think you care about America Dan, furthermore you are typically insulting, condascending and hypocritical. Every time we spar you try to characterize me in a way that fits your argument but you never attempt to characterize in the light that I truly am. I assume that you act the same towards others. You typically don't present a convincing argument because your arguments are typicall weak and loaded with insults and frankly your not that convincing. In my opinion you are not looking for a discussion but only a fight. You do not look to convince but to attack. You would fail high school debate, critical thinking and interpersonal communication. Once again over 50% of the country identifies themselves as conservative. Like me, I consider myself independent Conservative. Thats over 150,000,000 people that you have evaluated and determined to be haters of the country in which they live. Also Dan, we get it. You will never be able to tax enough to satisfy your appetites. Those of us who are working hard everyday to make a life for us and our families have put our foot down. Move fool! Get out of the way...2012

Jason Theriault's picture

50% Conservative?

From what I've seen, polls have said about 25% of Americans are Conservative.

50% could be said to be economically conservative(being either socially conservative or liberal).

Joe Morin's picture

You are correct

I should have defined the context. Obviously, given the current political climate fiscal issues are takin precendent.

 's picture

well isn't that typical. You

well isn't that typical. You challenged me as to my belief that conservative don't love their country, and I provided my reasons, without mentioning you or calling anyone names. You, naturally, ignored all of that to launch into a tirade which doesn't address anything I spoke of. You, sir, don't want a rational discussion, just an excuse to spout your dogma. I would be appreciated if you would comment on the posts of those of your clan, and leave the rest of us alone.

Joe Morin's picture

The powers you posses

Dan, it's the clairvoyant nature in which you peak into a man's soul and determine his motivations that I find pompous. Even worse you try to frame your opinions as irrefutable facts... When someone cracks the mold thats when you really make sense... jk. that was sarcasm

Joe Morin's picture

You are confused Dan

Fiscal conservative is not synonimis with Republican. It is the media that draws a line in the sand and polarizes issues for ratings and of course you, when you perceive it to stengthen your view. You, nor the media dictate my world view. Also, I just posted a comment with refutes to several of your blanket statements that you went silent on.... Your a cherrypicker...let someone else run the court while you sit under the hoop. That was an analogy.

Joe Morin's picture


Conservatives REFUSE to pay for what we're spending... Then do Democrats continue to increase spending. I can hit your moving target, atleast I know the direction it is headed UP

 's picture

spending cannot and does not

spending cannot and does not increase without republican agreement.

Joe Morin's picture

Not True

Obama's health care plan.

 's picture

the Affordable Health Care

the Affordable Health Care Act has not added to the federal deficit, it doesn't increase government spending. Of course you know that, you just wanted to throw in a program that helps people that you hate. Typical.

Joe Morin's picture

You're tiresome..

Reference the C.B.O. and see where the revenue comes from


Do you feel OK?

Usually you post an accusation of racism just after midnight. Today there was a delay of almost 12 hours. Stick to your med schedule.


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