West Paris man charged with stealing dog

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

"I regret leaving them out, but I thought I was doing what was best for them," Louisa Westleigh of West Paris said of her American bulldog, Scarlett, that was taken and returned within the past two days. Westleigh and her son, Jensen Griffin, 14, stand next to the pen where Scarlett and Diesel, a bull mastiff, were housed during the day. "The pen is going," Westleigh said. "They may go the bathroom on the floor and rip into the garbage, but that can be cleaned up. She cannot be replaced."

WEST PARIS — Police arrested a local man at his home Wednesday afternoon in the theft of a missing dog.

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

"We'll know more tomorrow after she sees the vet," Louisa Westleigh of West Paris said of the markings on her American bull dog's neck, muzzle and tail. The dog was reported stolen from Westleigh's yard this week and returned Wednesday by the Oxford County Sheriff's Department. A West Paris man is charged with stealing the dog.

Nicholas P. Libby

Nicholas P. Libby, 24, was found in possession of Scarlett, an American bulldog reported stolen Monday, the Oxford County Sheriff's Office said Wednesday.

Oxford County Detective Thomas Harriman said he didn't know whether Libby was connected to any of the thefts in the region in recent months. He said the only other dog in the residence was Libby's.

“There's no big explosion here of information,” Harriman said.

Scarlett's owner, Louisa Westleigh, said she was happy to have her dog home.

Westleigh said when she got Scarlett back, her dew claws had been removed, she had a cut on her chin and it appeared someone had tried to breed her. Scarlett is going to the vet Thursday morning, she said.

Westleigh said the Sheriff's Office called her Wednesday with news that they may have found her dog. At about 2 p.m., they returned Scarlett to her house.

Scarlett was the latest of about 20 dogs, mostly pit bulls and other large, muscular breeds, that have been reported missing from Western Maine in recent months. Several were reported stolen, including instances in which dogs were seen being picked up from yards by people in passing trucks or vans.

Animal Control Officer Ozzie Hart has said he believes a dogfighting ring might be responsible for the missing or stolen dogs in Woodstock, Sumner, West Paris and Hartford.

A Facebook group called “Stop the stealing of local dogs,” which addresses the missing dogs in Western Maine, was formed Tuesday and had more than 1,200 members by Wednesday evening.

Harriman said Libby was cooperative when deputies came to his door. He told them he had the dog.

Libby was charged with theft and violation of conditions of release. He was charged last year with assault on his 11-week-old daughter. He pleaded guilty and was given a deferred disposition, which means the case was filed and would be dismissed if he stayed out of trouble with the law for a certain period of time.

According to a report by Lt. Michael Dailey of the Paris Police Department, the infant's grandmother picked her up and saw bruising near her eye and bloody mucus in her nose.

Libby had called the woman and asked her to pick up the infant because he was getting frustrated with her crying. Libby told police he had anger management issues and initially denied hitting his daughter, saying she may have fallen on a toy, Dailey's report said.

Libby is expected to be arraigned Friday in South Paris District Court.


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Roger Moulton's picture

While I agree with Tom

While I agree with Tom completely that Nick Libby will never amount to anything and just cost this state money and he should have his parental rights revoked it does not sound like he is responsible for any more dog thefts. I believe what he did is wrong and really mean and hurtful to the dogs owners but he's just a loser, child abuser and a single dog theif. It doesn't look like he wanted to fight this dog. By him removing the dew claws I assume he was going to keep it. Again he's a loser and doesn't deserve kids but I think we need to look elsewhere for the other dog thieves.

 's picture

dog thief

Another sick person. Those who steal dogs and enjoy watching animals fight for their lives, then hits their own child needs to be locked away. There is no help for these cases. Although not all cases are the same. This has got to stop. People who like to see violence most times relate to that as feeling like they are in control. Is just saddens me that these people get pleasure watching someone or someone else get hurt.

Mike Miles's picture

Facebook group?

I am interested in the Facebook Group referred to in the text above (Stop the stealing of local dogs), but there is none listed on Facebook. I wonder if the reporter can follow up and get the actual name of the group.

Its because it was set up as

Its because it was set up as an event, not a page. If you search the event you should be able to click 'attending' and have access to all the information. The reporter has the name correct.

 's picture

Facebook group


Technically, it's listed as an event.

Tom Rodrigue's picture

Stop these guttersnipe for good.

[This comment has been removed by the administrator]


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