Tax liens to be issued

LIVERMORE – Tax Collector Kurt Schaub was busy Wednesday signing tax liens on 109 properties before they're sent to property owners.

Since Monday, the number of notices had dropped from 111.

The outstanding taxes owed on the properties is $94,586, not factoring in interest and filing costs, he said.

There were 187 tax lien notices sent in August that represented $157,000 in taxes owed. That compares to 166 notices sent out last year, valued at $122,000 in taxes, he said.

By the time tax liens were issued, Schaub said the $122,000 was reduced to $78,000 in taxes owed.

Schaub said he reported the information to selectpersons Monday.

During the board meeting that evening, selectpersons approved giving Highway Department employee Randy Tirrell a 50-cent per hour raise, he said.

Tirrell has been with the Department full-time for three months and is eligible for the increase and insurance benefits, Schaub said. He had worked at the town's transfer station and did some work for the Highway Department. The increase brought his hourly wage to $13.25.

Schaub also told the board that bids are being solicited for the roof replacement of the Fire Department section of the municipal building. Bids are due at the town office no later than 4 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 21.

Code Enforcement Officer Richard Marble will review the bids and make a recommendation during the Monday, Sept. 26, meeting, Schaub said.

Ads are running in the local papers.

The roof over the town office portion of the building was replaced about five years ago, he said. The shingles on the Fire Station are the originals put on in 1984.

Highway foreman Roger Ferland told the select board that all the summer paving projects should be wrapped up this week, Schaub said. Those roads are Tessier, Norlands, gravel portion of Schoolhouse Hill Road, and Old Leavitt Road, he said.

If there is any pavement left from the Old Leavitt Road project, Schaub said, there is a possibility that a small strip would be laid down at the Transfer Station in front of the building and trash compactor.

Ferland also reported that the only damage to the town during Tropical Storm Irene were downed trees and tree limbs.

Schaub also said Wednesday that the town received a $2,030 settlement, which represents two years of taxes 2008-09 and 2009-10 and a portion of legal fees, on the River Road property that the town had foreclosed on earlier in the year. The town followed its procedures and put the property out to bid and sold it for $51,917 to a Turner company.

The owner of the property, Stephen O’Neill of Massachusetts, legally challenged the foreclosure on the 89.5 acres on the River Road.

Selectpersons voted 4-1 in July to propose a settlement agreement with the owner on the advice of the town's attorney.

Town officials previously said they made every attempt to contact O’Neill through the last known address they had on town records. However, O’Neill maintained in court that he requested his address to be changed to a new address in previous years while visiting the town office to make a payment.

The total taxes, interest and fees the town foreclosed on was $596, Schaub said.

Schaub has since implemented a new office process that if someone comes in to change an address, it will be done on a form with the taxpayer signing it and the person taking the information signing it.

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Town of Livermore at it again.... Always trying to get something for nothing. I wasnt surprised to see the same people running the town since I have moved away....


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