Expedite passage

I believe that prompt passage and implementation of the common sense American Jobs Act is an essential step to saving working families, renewing the belief that responsibility and hard work will be rewarded, and prioritizing the well-being of families to lead a balanced rebuilding of the American economy.

President Barack Obama's plan will create jobs as soon as the bill is passed. It is based on long-shared and supported ideas. There is no reason to delay the urgent relief that the bill can provide.

I urge elected officials to expedite passage of the American Jobs Act and, further, urge all Mainers to join in getting this great country moving in the right direction: working.

Perhaps this is the moment to renew a sense of fairness and responsibility in this wonderful country.

The American Jobs Act should be passed — now.

Michael K. Broderick, Bethel

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Jason Theriault's picture

You're all wrong

The jobs bills(all three of them; The presidents, the republicans and the democrats) are all BS political moves.

Unlike the debt ceiling, the universe will not implode if nothing passes. I think the reason companies are skittish is due to European default worries putting downward pressure on the markets. Our economy is recovering, albeit slowly. Really, I think the best thing the government can do is nothing.

And I think they agree, but damned if they miss an opportunity to make the other guys look bad, especially with elections coming up. So here comes everyone's bill to "fix" the sluggish job growth. Of course, non will pass both houses, and everyone can point fingers.

Yea democracy!

KRIS KUCERA's picture


I voted for the jobs bill before I voted against it. Or, ah, er, I never said anything about the bill. However, we should have a two trillion dollar infrastructure bill that would not only produce jobs, fix our rapidly decaying infrastructure, help commerce, generate payroll, and create more taxes locally, as in communities across the country.

Hebert Hoover tried the austerity method. How'd that work out? FDR used government as stimulus -- Keynesian Economics. In today's world, Ireland's dismal situation has gotten worse due to more government austerity. Destroy the village in order to save it?

It is counter-intuitive, but you can't turn this economy around by not spending. Government, consumers, financial institutions -- spending creates growth. Growth creates jobs. Jobs results in more tax revenues to pay off the borrowed stimuli. Capitalism is hardly cash-only. Example: Who buys a house in cash?!? You LOAN the money, and pay it back over 30 YEARS or so.

Or just lock it all away for the Apocalypse. "Three riders were approaching, and the wind began to howl."

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Kris, Let’s explore your

Let’s explore your assertion (government spending creates growth) in more detail. If this is truly a viable solution, then we can extrapolate that the government can increase spending to full employment. Correct?
It is ostensible that the Government cannot spend enough to achieve full employment. Where does the money come from? It either comes from the private sector or off the printing press. In either case, the government is simply moving money and therefore cannot grow the economic pie.

Moreover, Keynesian economics assumes that the government is working from a balanced budget – tax to keep inflation in check during upward swings in the business cycle, re-inject money into the economy during downward swings – analogous to a mechanical dampener.

That said, our Government increases spending in economic down cycles and accelerates spending in economic up cycles. Thus we have structural deficits and an ever increasing debt. Spending alone does not create growth. If it did, we could simply print money and grow the economy without bounds. Like a mechanical dampener, when energy is removed from the system (increased spending) it must be replenished (with surpluses) in order to reuse that energy.

That is where the US departs form Keynesian economics. Moreover, that is why Governments, such as Ireland, have no choice but austerity measures – it has failed to allow economic surpluses and spend all economic elasticity on both sides to the business cycle. America too, if not already, will eventually have one choice only – austerity.



Dysfunction junction

You see! Everybody hates this bill! Democrats hate it because it is full of Republican ideas and Republicans hate it because it consists of Republican ideas presented by a Democrat. Congress now enjoys a 12% approval rating. That's Republicans as well as Democrats! And they deseverve every bit of it. They are not governing they are campaigning. And they are all bought off by the same people who gave us $4.99 a gallon gas, the housing crisis, the dot.com bubble, the securities scams and the meltdown of the economy. In the meantime instead of government we get a slugfest on Fox news and CNBC to keep our simple minds occupied.


The secret bill

The interesting thing to me about this American Jobs Act, that apparently no one here can read because Obama is keeping it a secret??, is that nearly all of it is composed of ideas that Republicans supported until it was proposed by a Democrat. This current bunch of Republicans is so schizophrenic that they cannot even support Republican ideas. Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, Ford, and Bush Senior would all be crucified by this bunch for the programs they proposed. I believe in compromise and cross-party negotiating but you can't negotiate with lunatics who can't even agree with themselves.

Joe Morin's picture

That's a big pill to swallow...

I believe in compromise and cross-party negotiating but you can't negotiate with lunatics who can't even agree with themselves. Yah, that compromise starts immediatley after the name calling and slander. Moments after the Rep. agree that they are lunatics and that Dem. were right the whole time...The crucification wouldn't happen Claire. The sight of bleeding, writhing bodies nailed up would be okay but having those abominable crosses in public is too much to swallow.

 's picture

The president proposes and

The president proposes and congress disposes. Any tax increase(that is what obama is proposing everytime he opens his mouth) must first be written in crongress and passed by both houses. So far no democrat has submitted any bill, although a couple of days ago a member of congress did submit a bill called the American Jobs Act. so obama has to come up with another name because he is to stupid and slow. Here is a copy of the bill. http://gohmert.house.gov/UploadedFiles/Gohmert_American_Jobs_Act.pdf

 's picture


KRIS KUCERA's picture

It's "too" not "to" -- duh.

When you call someone stupid, John, you might want to use the correct word usage in the sentence. Not doing so makes one look, well, er, ah . . . not smart.

Why again could Reagan raise taxes 11 times and yet he's a god to you right-wingers? Taxes are significantly LOWER now than they were under Reagan, yet taxes are too high? Cripes, Reagan couldn't even win the nomination these days, let alone be called anything but a RINO. The man used to regularly have lunch with Tip O'Neil. Remember?!? No, no you don't.

I was watching All in the Family last night, and it's clear that Archie Bunker is alive and well in the right-wing. A very instructive show for today's America -- still.

Yes, it's all Obama's fault -- the European debt crisis, credit default swaps, collateralized debt obligations, two wars (that barely get mentioned in the R-debates), the housing crisis, the Great Recession he inherited, and the BP disaster. All Obama's fault. Or is it my "boy"? Dan actually is spot on with calling a spade a spade, no pun intended. You people that use "boy" are racist, and saying you're not doesn't make you any less of one. Most racists deny their racism. How 'bout you call any black friends you might (probably not) have "boy." See how they respond. (Yes, those will be your teeth in on the ground.)

Joe Morin's picture

Do yourself a favor

"Or is it my "boy"? Dan actually is spot on with calling a spade a spade, no pun intended. You people that use "boy" are racist, and saying you're not doesn't make you any less of one. Most racists deny their racism. How 'bout you call any black friends you might (probably not) have "boy." " What do you mean "You people"!! JK. It's not the context or the timing, racism is all about intention. Referring to someone as "My Boy" can be endearing. Note,we are in Maine and not Alabama. Since, from your testimony those that are racist will deny it then things get tricky. Kind of like the Devil, the lack of proof is the proof he exists. So that leaves us to rationally discern when things are truly racist and be responsible in that evaluation. You do yourself and yor argument a disservice when aligning with Dan. Dan uses the" racism" tag as a tool to serve his goals. He uses it irresponsibley. It's easy for people to call someone a racist on the computer... it is something you tread lighter with in public because it is sooooo insulting and disrespectfull to accuse someone of being a racist when they are not. See how they respond. (Yes, those will be your teeth in on the ground.)

KRIS KUCERA's picture

*Rationalization Alert*

Anyone who doesn't clearly see that you don't call a grown black man, especially our president, "boy" in any circumstance is obviously a sad apologist -- and utterly clueless and lacking any tact. The rabid right-wing media has been running plays right out of the John Birch Society playbook for the last three+ years -- sure, Obama's a Muslim Kenyan without an American birth certificate. "But we're not racist!" I can read the right's code just fine, thanks. Very lawyerly try, though.

I have lovely teeth. And will keep 'em. My very clear point was: call a black man -- any black man -- "boy" and see what happens. Try it today. The teeth part was hyperbole, but I doubt uber-right-wing Know-Nothings even know what that word means. I must be an elitist just for using it.

Slavery and Jim Crow may be (technically) gone, but they are not forgotten, although the GOP, TEA Party, and other Utopian anrchists (i.e., Libertarians) would like the past disregarded. As William Faulkner wrote, "The past is never dead. It's not even past."

Now, why again is Reagan a god when he raised taxes 11 times? And why did Reagan enjoy a liberal's company for lunch on on a weekly basis for years? (E pluribus unum, RIP.)

Joe Morin's picture

Hyperbole is the intentional

Hyperbole is the intentional use of exageration to prove your point but not to taken literally is my understanding. My point was that Dan's a mud slinger and a little off the deep end and I thought I could appeal to your sensibilities... Apparently not. You know the irony that really strikes me is that conservatives, and I mean average people, not the glamourizing polarity machine that is the media these days, are supposed be the hatefull ones. I consistently see Democrats, liberals if you will, come on here and call people racists, bigots, terrorists, lunatics etc.... It like someone screaming in your face to calm down. Most of this garbage is really just a distraction to the real issues. The economy, jobs etc...Oh well... It will continue to get nastier the closer we get to 2012. The Democrats will lose the white house and maybe the senate and it's going to be ugly. For the record, I think each president deals with a unique set of issues during their presidency. They do what they feel is the best course of action giving the circumstances. I disagree with the decisions that our president has made and thats why I probably won't vote for him. Pretty simple. The one difference with Obama was that he wasn't just trying to fix our immediate problems, he was trying to deliver fundamental change. Most people didn't really know what that meant because hope & change isn't very specific and sounds pretty good. Well now they know.

KRIS KUCERA's picture

Last I checked . . .

I've not coauthored any policy position papers with Dan. I am referring specifically to the "boy" nonsense -- I believe David A. Gagnoncocktosen (Fletch, anyone?) started that very regrettable usage here a week or more back -- that you are so quick to defend from an ostensibly "reasonable" stance. What's more insulting than calling someone (who is a racist a) racist? Using "boy" towards black men and/or defending it.

I am also not a Democrat and have voiced some serious disappointment in Obama. Just not enough to vote for an anti-science Reublican candidate for president. *barf* (This just in: I voted for Dole in '96.)

Pirate and I have a gentlemanly wager riding on the election. The loser eats parrot, er, crow. Care to join in?

Read my lips: No New Texans. (Yet his HPV stance was admirable, even though now he's inexplicably getting heat for it.)

Joe Morin's picture

Let's take a step back. I am

Let's take a step back. I am not defending the use of "boy" in the context but only referencing your assertion that it is always racist. Dan came up because you brought him up and your argument strengthens when you stand alone. Lol, I just had a vision of Bob Dole falling off stage. One of those moments where I'm supposed to pretend I don't find it funny. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWib8GbrIlA just to re-live the moment if you wanted. Did he really think that railing was legit? But I digress. What is the wager?

KRIS KUCERA's picture

Castro and Jimmy Buffett . . .

. . . have taken some serious diggers too. Buffett's lucky he lived with the header he took last year. But the Dole mishap, well, good memory there. I just kinda felt, with all he had done in his life, that he deserved the presidency. And then Clinton "took it out." "He took what out?" "It."

My final assertion here: Using "boy" to describe any black man is, in fact, racist, or at least portends to some sort of latent, unmitigated racism in someone's heart. Especially within the contents of this highly political and partisan blog, where "boy" is assigned to the president Obama.

Seems like you're more upset I mentioned that apparently blasphemous word "Dan." I guess there are more than a few anti-Danites here in the filthy sewers of Bloggerville, and I'm not here to argue for or against the race of "Dan." However, I do hope there are no C.H.U.D.s down in here, because they're VERY unreasonable. Yet so misunderstood. *sigh*

Joe Morin's picture


You missed the premise Dan. Or just decided to alter it to fit this post. I think your a lunatic but I don't feel it is necessary to call you one as a cornerstone to all my arguments.

 's picture

That's what a bill should look like.

Both sides of one sheet of paper. One side would be even better. If you can't fit it in that size, you shouldn't submit it and Congress for sure shouldn't pass it.

RONALD RIML's picture

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

Simple Bills for Simple People

Well, life ain't all tomato patches and 'eight pagers' there. Roscoe.

 's picture

Even more obscure than usual.

It's been so long since Ron has seen a clear, short bill, his automatic reaction is to put it down: It's different so it must be bad. Riml has eaten too many of his rare books and now believes that quantity of pages equals quality of thought, all evidence to the contrary.

I'm saving some spicy marinara, Rimmie, just for you, to make palatable your Kibbles N Bits - it's going to be a long winter.

RONALD RIML's picture

Low Expectations

Frostproof is so used to seeing short ones with his every visit to the 'loo'

RONALD RIML's picture

Dont' fear - Riml's gonna eat....

Check out October's "Down East" magazine.....

They showcase a newly constructed 'Cottage by the Sea' where $$ was no object - someone you love to screw with was tasked with filling the book shelves in the 'Study'

David  Cote's picture

Obama swings and misses...again

Bless him for his heart is in the right place. But this latest idea stinks. C'mon. We've seen this movie before. Lots of promise and tease and non factoring results. I actually expected him to roll out a plan I could be encouraged by and get behind. When he unveiled this wreck of a plan I lost whatever faith I had left that this man may have some positive answers. Why do politicians believe the more money you throw at a problem the more it will help the situation? It doesn't work. So how do we fix the mess? Both sides need to start playing nice with each other for starters. That involves swallowing a lot of pride and checking multiple egos at the door. And that has as much of a chance of happening as does this latest plan from Obama to work.

RONALD RIML's picture

Why do Politicians???

David Cote writes: "Why do politicians believe the more money you throw at a problem the more it will help the situation?"

- Easy - look at all the $$$ Lobbyists throw at Politicians and all the help they then receive from the Politicos.

 's picture

It has already created jobs ...

... in forestry. Like all other "accomplishments" of the Obama regime, it can be measured in inches of paper. Wow, Mr. Broderick, for a pretty short letter you crammed in just about all known liberal code phrases.

common sense = liberals represent the voice of reason
working families = union families
responsibility and hard work will be rewarded = more welfare
balanced rebuilding = redistribution of wealth
long-shared and supported ideas = among liberals
fairness and responsibility = dissent will not be tolerated

Like Pelosi, you're correct only in the sense that it must be passed so we can see what's in it. Then the buyer's remorse kicks in.

Good job, Breton! Three complete sentences without accusing someone of racism.

Joe Morin's picture

Actually Dan...

..I bet if we looked Dan we could find bills passed in the house that got the kibosh from Harry Reed... think so?

Joe Morin's picture


How many bills has Harry Reid put on the shelf???? This is more indicative of a majority in the senate. My point being that you are not as pure as the white driven snow, despite what you may claim.

Joe Morin's picture


Hyperbole!!!!! Bam, you stepped right in it. Hey have a fabulous weekend! Getting together with some friends, two of which are of African descent. One of them is a friend from 1st grade. It's been the hardest thing in my life, to hide my disdain for him because of his color.


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