Norway man takes plea deal on morning before sexual assault trial

PARIS — A Norway man pleaded guilty to a sex charge Monday morning just before his trial was scheduled to begin.

David W. McDaniels, 51, faced four charges of gross sexual assault. In a plea bargain, the charges were dismissed and McDaniels pleaded guilty to one charge of unlawful sexual contact, a Class D offense. He entered a no contest plea and was sentenced to 364 days, all suspended, plus a year of probation.

McDaniels must also spend 10 years on Maine's sex offender registry.

The charges alleged that McDaniels assaulted a girl four times in late 2005 and early 2006. The girl was under 12 years old at the time. McDaniels was indicted in December 2010 and pleaded not guilty to the charges in January.

The office of the District Attorney and McDaniels' lawyer, Amanda Doherty, reached a plea agreement Monday morning, when the trial was about to begin. Jurors were dismissed at around 9:15 a.m.

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 's picture

I Will Try To Make This Easy For you

Notice the date of this and there are just two so far. NONE of which are the judge in this trial.

Now that was easy enough wasn't it?!

Kristina Gailloux's picture

just silly

It is just absolutely silly that he is not serving any jail time, if I were her parents I would be wild! Too many sickos out there.

 's picture

When all else fails blame the Gov

I am as tired as anyone seeing these offenders get out of the jail time we all feel they should serve. However along with LePage can we also blame Bush too?!!

This judge was sitting on that bench before LePage took office or do you think that the judges change careers every election?

Hows that hope and change working for YOU so far?!!

 's picture


It seems wrong that they would allow this man to plead out. This is part of the reason why these people continue to offend.

 's picture

Just let him go. Hope that he

Just let him go.
Hope that he has learned his lesson.

Shouldn't there be some restitution or therapy for the victim that he must pay.
I say he needs a civil law suit.

Nathan Schultz's picture

There is no reasonable explanation for this

Sexually assault a child and no jailtime? At the same time people are in jail for driving cars (without the states permission), and for non-violent drug offenses. This child will be dealing with the repercussions for the rest of their life while the offender get's to move on with their life after one year of probation The prosecutor should be proud.

GARY SAVARD's picture

"The judges appointed by

"The judges appointed by Taliban Paul"? Even for you, this is incoherent babble, and that Dan, isn't saying much!


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