Auburn's Main Street Art Wall debuts Saturday

AUBURN — Local artists and city officials are hoping a newly designed art wall along Main Street, connecting Auburn's downtown and New Auburn, will add a touch of class and beauty.

Scott Thistle/Sun Journal

Steve Burnell of Burr Signs in Yarmouth ponders a photo hung on Auburn's Art Wall on Thursday morning. Burnell and two other workers from the sign compnay were installing the art in advance of a special unveiling scheduled for 10 a.m. Saturday at the corner of Main Street and Laurel Avenue, followed by a reception and celebration at Festival Plaza.

Artists featured on the Main Street Art Wall

Duncan Slade, Norway

Gary Cooper, Fayette

Lois Strickland, Pownal

Penny Hood, Farmington

Denis LeBlanc, Auburn

Ellen Rawding, South Paris

Kristin Malin, Georgetown

Steve Traficonte, Oxford

"I don't think there's really anything like it," Auburn Community Development Director Reine Mynahan said. "It's going to be very interesting to see if this idea gets picked up somewhere else."

Crews should begin installing aluminum frames and large aluminum panels along the wall Wednesday, between Newbury Street and Laurel Avenue.

Other crews will go along right behind them, covering the panels with black plastic to hide the art.

A special unveiling is scheduled at 10 a.m. Saturday at the corner of Main Street and Laurel Avenue, followed by a reception and celebration at Festival Plaza.

When it's done, the wall will feature huge samples of work from eight Maine artists. Original pieces range from graphic designs to oil paintings, pastels, watercolors and photographs.

Each piece has been transferred to a vinyl-coated aluminum panel four feet tall. In all, the artwork will cover the 770-foot-long wall with nine 4-by-24-foot panels and five 4-foot square panels.

The pieces all contain a nature theme, some depicting forests or turtles or hummingbirds. They were selected by a team of city officials and volunteers from L/A Arts.

In all, 38 artists submitted pieces.

"We needed to find a group of artists that fit together," Robyn Holman, curator at the Atrium Art Gallery at LA College, said. "The quality of the light changes throughout the year there. So there will be certain pieces you notice more, if you walk or drive there, at different times of the year. There is a lot of variety there for people to see."

Crews removed an old mural last summer that had been drawn by school students in 2001. Area schoolchildren had worked with a local artist to design scenes for individual sections of the wall. 

"But almost from the start, it looked bad," Mynahan said. "It was a couple of years old and the walls were already cracking and peeling."

This latest project is designed to last. The city has a five-year warranty on the panels. Individual pieces can be remade if they are damaged. The work is the final part of overall street-scape improvements for Main Street. 

It's an important step to improving the downtown, Odelle Bowman, executive director of L/A Arts, said.

"It makes a difference whether people will want to move here or not," Bowman said. "Both the cities of Lewiston and Auburn are all about the creative economy, about making both more desirable to visit."

The entire project, from the paving and granite curbing to the art wall, was paid for with Community Development Block grants and stimulus money. The entire Main Street improvement project cost $705,000, according to Mynahan. The art wall work accounted for $36,000 of that.

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Tizz Crowley's picture

More Auburn Artists should be featured

Good Morning:

I'm looking forward to Saturday's event. I am disappointed that only one Auburn artist will be featured. I recognize our region has many talented individuals, but this particular location should showcase Auburn and its residents.

I agree with the previous letter. The closest park would have been a great location. I also enjoyed the mural done by Auburn students and haven't been sure why the change. I thought the new display was going to have a significant number of Auburn residents' work.

Come and enjoy Saturday and celebrate the works.

Tizz E. H. Crowley

 's picture

why is the reception and

why is the reception and celebration at Auburn Hall? I think Bonney Park would be more appropriate, with the Community Little Theater building as a back up in case of rain. The neighborhood should be incorporated into this, we're the ones that have to live with this. Still think student drawings recreated would have given more of a community feel, proud ownership of the wall, and given students reason to be proud of their work. Now one artist from Auburn will be featured, and the cost is astronomical compared to the children drawings.


It's fine

It's only a couple of blocks away, Dan, and it's their own space so nobody will incur extra costs for setting up and cleanup. The Dempsey Challenge 5K route goes right by the Wall. It'll be fun to run past it. Now stay away, you stupid graffiti losers!


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