10-year-old Leeds boy sees Canton man fall 20 feet, alerts adults

CANTON — A 10-year-old Leeds boy was credited Wednesday with alerting adults that a man fell off a ladder next door and was laying on the ground seriously injured.

Terry Karkos/Sun Journal

Ten-year-old Jeremy Record, left, of Leeds holds Daniel Waite's intravenous bottle while Canton Fire Department Assistant Chief Mark Blanchette, behind Record, Canton firefighter Bob Rundstrom, center, and Med-Care Ambulance paramedic Greg Coniff wheel Waite into the ambulance Wednesday afternoon at 18 Hayford Court in Canton. Waite fell 20 feet off a ladder, broke his hip and suffered internal injuries, Blanchette said.

Terry Karkos/Sun Journal

Ten-year-old Jeremy Record points toward the second-floor wall where Daniel Waite, 51, of Canton was 20 feet off the ground on a ladder applying siding when Record said he saw the ladder in the foreground suddenly slide off the side of the house, dumping Waite to the ground.

Daniel Waite, 51, of 18 Hayford Court, suffered a broken hip and internal injuries in the 20-foot fall, his brother-in-law, Mark Blanchette of Canton, said on scene.

Waite was taken by Med-Care Ambulance to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston after two medical helicopters were unavailable.

A CMMC nursing supervisor said Waite was in stable condition at 5:10 p.m.

“Thank God for Jeremy,” Blanchette, who is Canton's assistant fire chief, said of Jeremy Record who was visiting his grandmother, Nancy Stevens.

Record said he was in his grandmother's front yard shortly before 1:30 p.m. when he heard the ladder Waite was using make wiggling sounds.

Waite was installing siding on the second-floor wall on the backside of his house.

“I saw the ladder wiggling, and then I saw Danny fall,” Record said. “I heard the ladder wiggling, and then, boom, he just fell right down.”

“I ran in the house and told my grammy that Danny just fell off the ladder,” he said. “I know that what matters is seconds.”

Record, Stevens and Record's aunt, Michelle Stevens, ran next door to help Waite.

“He rolled over, and we put a pillow under his head and tried to keep the sun out of his face and called 911,” Record said.

“He was just in so much pain that he was groaning. It was really crazy. Another inch and he would have hit the pile of wood when he fell.”

Blanchette, who just got out of work, heard the emergency dispatch call to Med-Care at 1:30 p.m. and quickly drove to the scene.

“He was conscious but was having difficulty breathing,” Blanchette said. “I think it knocked the wind out of him, but he had internal injuries, too.”

Canton firefighter Bob Rundstrom arrived to help the Med-Care Ambulance crew and Blanchette get Waite into the ambulance.

Walking alongside the ambulance gurney, Record held Waite's intravenous bottle.

Blanchette said that about 10 years ago in Turner, Waite was involved in a head-on collision and broke the same hip in the car accident.

“He has about six pins in his rebuilt hip, and he just had back surgery last month, so he's in rough shape,” Blanchette said.

“He doesn't ask for help. He does everything by himself.”

Blanchette said that had Record not seen Waite fall, the injured man could have lain behind his house for hours before anyone came to check on him.

“It could have been worse,” he said. “He could have landed on something that done him in.”

“I'm so glad Jeremy was paying attention,” Michelle Stevens said.


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Marjorie Grover's picture

Canton man falls

Jeremy you are a very kind child and you deserve to be praised for what you did for Danny Waite. I am sorry to hear about Danny and hope he will be okay. It will be a long road to recovery but Danny is a fighter and will make it. My prayers go out to Danny and his family. Also Jeremy you are a brave,kind and considerate ten year old. I do not know Jeremy but do know the Stevens and the Waites as well as the Blanchettes. My family and I used to live in Canton and most of these kids went to school with mine. Get well soon Danny and take it easy and do not overdue.

KRIS KUCERA's picture

Ummm . . .

The man fell 20 feet from a ladder and was seriously injured. Why does god get the credit for the boy's fine actions, yet no blame for the fall? Simply defies any and all logic. The boy alone should get sole credit -- he's the one who used his head and saved the day.

A decade ago, my dad fell 20 feet off a ladder breaking his hip as well. Knowing what he went through, I wish this gentleman a speedy recovery.

This just in: Ladders are extremely dangerous. Gravity never takes a moment off.

Randall Pond's picture

10-year-old Leeds boy sees Canton man fall 20 feet, alerts adult

Bravo! This Young Man Deserves a Medal as well a Recognition for what he's done. I hope he gets it. Thank God he was there! Well done, Jeremy!~


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