Domestic violence

Domestic violence has become an epidemic that cannot be controlled or cured. The laws governing domestic violence must be amended to allow the courts to impose longer prison terms for those who think that they are real macho and cowardly beat on the wives, girlfriends and children.

Several weeks ago, I read a story in the newspaper about domestic violence and about a single parent with four children — a victim of domestic violence twice divorced because both husbands cowardly beat her and her children. What was most disturbing to read was that when she told her father about the beatings, he literally told her "You must have asked for it." That caused my temperature to rise.

Housewives and women who are victims of domestic violence should take courses in self defense, get in touch with their elected representatives, alert local law enforcement, attend group meetings of women against domestic violence or get a restraining order if necessary. They should not allow themselves to become victimized. They have to find the courage to protect themselves and their children against the cowards; it could mean saving lives, of themselves and their children.

Victims of domestic violence should not prolong the agony; do whatever is necessary to get those cowards off the streets and confined.

Robert LaCombe, Sabattus

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David  Cote's picture

Wrong, Jason

According to the Domestic Violence Resource Center an estimated 6,000,000 women and 3,000,000 men are victims of domestic violence here in the U.S. Those numbers are staggering. I consider that grotesque and an epidemic. At what point do you consider it an epidemic? 20,000,000? 40,000,000? And your "assessment" that existing penalties are sufficent is complete garbage. Penalties that exist today are slaps on the wrist because many first offenders repeat the crime. And they repeat because they knowingly understand the punishment is not all that hard to weather. If the offenders aren't drunk on substances that turn them into the creeps that lash out then they are drunk on the power of domination and the need to assert their authority in any manner they see fit. Unless you've been a victim or know a victim of domestic violence you cannot comprehend the havoc it can wrought or the permanent damage, physically, mentally or spiritually it creates. And how many times does an initial case develop into something far worse? Cavilier attitudes toward the subject, such as yours, exacerbate the perception that it's not as big a deal as it's being made out to be. Mr. Lacombe's letter is spot on. The perps are cowards and mandatory sentences should be in the books to deter would be offenders. It is an epidemic, pal. Anyone who disagrees insults the victims of these crimes.

Jason Theriault's picture

Ok, calm down.

"Domestic violence has become an epidemic that cannot be controlled or cured. The laws governing domestic violence must be amended to allow the courts to impose longer prison terms for those who think that they are real macho and cowardly beat on the wives, girlfriends and children."

1. You first sentence is pure hyperbole.
2. Violence against children already carries a stiffer punishment.
3. There is no need for stiffer punishments. That's what judges are for.
Under Maine law, there are multiple levels of prison time. Elevated Aggravated Assault carries a maximum of 40 years. So stiffer penalties are not needed.

Denisa Laflamme's picture

Not calming down

Mr. Theriault, I agree that the courts have the ability to sentence someone properly for the crime committed. The problem is they are not sentenced properly. The courts tend to be very lenient and give them slaps on the hand. Maybe if the courts took domestic violence a bit more seriously, the mother and 2 children that have died at the hands of the abuser recently may still be alive(family near Bangor area). That isn't the only case but its a more recent case.

The problem lies within the judges who do not hand out the sentences they could be handing out. Kill an adult you can get 60 to life, kill a child you can get up to 20 years. Beat your family daily and you get a slap on the hand.

Any parent who says to the victim "you must of deserved it", should have to feel first hand how it feels to be beat on. That is just ignorant and disrespectful and shows the lack of love in this household.

Jim Cyr's picture

Domestic violence is

truly an epidemic Robert, and the big hang-up is the Liberal Judiciary decisions that are too lenient on these cases and especially the repeats. Throwing more rules and regulations will not deter. But the death penalty may help if a death is caused!

RONALD RIML's picture

So what

Do you know about 'Domestic Violence' out there in the Tomato Patch, Mr Cyr???

And how much time have you spent in court to assess the 'liberal' judiciary.

Inquiring minds want to know......

Jim Cyr's picture

Inquiring minds

don't live on "Denial Street"

RONALD RIML's picture

Just as I thought

You couldn't answer the question.

Jim Cyr's picture

Is being in court

the only means of assessing the system that is moving away from our Constitutional principals of our Founders? I don't think so! And as for Domestic abuse, I was born at night, but not last night. As I have plenty of first hand experience with the epidemic. And you are pretty good at answering the questions you hand pick. As I recall several of mine you dropped the ball on, so you are in no position to "Preach". And if you truly believe the judiciary has not taken a sharp "LEFT", then you my friend are among the enemies of the Constitution! "Just as I thought"!!

RONALD RIML's picture

Obviously, Jim

You haven't paid attention.

The Constitution IS a sharp left compared to what we had before.

God save US from you Reich-Wingerz.....

RONALD RIML's picture

Show your 'True Colors'

Ask a Question - then answer it yourself.

Hardly a discussion; unless you're the one singular person you most enjoy speaking to. Dialectic masturbation.


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