Toddler needs 64 stitches after pit bull attack

WINDHAM, Maine (AP) — A father says his 1½-year-old son needed 64 stitches to close wounds caused by a mauling by a pit bull while at the home of the boy's grandfather in Windham, Maine.

Henry Irish says his son Devin is home from the hospital but wakes up at night crying out in pain. He says the boy suffered puncture wounds and a broken nose on Tuesday.

He tells WGME-TV ( ) that he blames the boy's grandfather and the breed of dog for the attack.

But veterinarians say all pit bulls aren't bad. Bennett Wilson, a veterinarian in Portland, says any dog, regardless of breed, is capable of injuring another animal or a person under the right circumstances.

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KRIS KUCERA's picture

The French woman . . .

. . . who had her face eaten off by her dog while she was passed out on drugs and booze . . . her dog was a golden retriever.

However, the real problem is too many macho meat heads own dogs like pit bulls and dobermans, and those dogs, along with a other dogs bred for fighting in the past, can't help but go full tilt if and when they attack, because they were bred specifically for that trait -- killing the opposition.

Still, I've known some wonderful "fighting" dogs, and boxers are some of the biggest lovable lugs around.

Personally, anyone that owns a dog that doesn't welcome guests and friends like a loving pet is beyond my comprehension. (Unfriendly German shepherds come to mind.) I'll take my obsequious and gregarious border collie any day.

David  Cote's picture

Yet another case

A few days ago a young girl in Massachusetts was sitting on her porch waiting for a taxi when a group of teens were walking by with a pit bull in tow, Do I have to even say what happened next. The dog got loose, attacked the girl and she was left with gaping puncture wounds to her mid section. Not to mention the fear she felt and the nightmares she'll have to endure for who knows how long. A person's got to be mighty dense to believe that particular breed of dog is not aggresive without provocation.

Roger Moulton's picture

I guess I'm dense

I own a pitbull and have had her for ten years while I won't say that they can't be aggressive without provacation I will say one that is raised properly will not be aggressive without provaction. I'm sure that dog in Mass was either trained to be aggressive or is punished by physical abuse when it misbehaves. When my pitbull misbehaves I send her to my bedroom and shut the door and leave her there for a few minutes. I've never hit her for her misbehaving and I believe that has a lot to do with her wonderful calm demeanor. Dogs are similar to children, if they see you act a certain way they think that they need to act that way also. I don't care what anyone says any pitbull that has ever attacked someone has been mistreated and not trained properly along the way. You also have to show them love. I believe my dog is so loving because of the love that she has always gotten. To say that all dogs of a particular breed are capable of this is the most dense minded thing I've ever heard. Unfortunately for pitbulls a lot of dumb people that think they are tough own the breed and the dog ends up having the same attitude as that person only with the ability to do a lot more damage than the cowards that own them. I have a three year old daughter and have no fear that she will ever hurt my child or any person for that matter. I've caught my daughter pulling her tail once, she's stepped on her accidently before and my dogs only reaction is to get away from my daughter and find me for comfort. Of course I scold my daughter when this happens and it doesn't happen again.

AL PELLETIER's picture

The Vet is wrong.

Not all Pit Bulls are bad? Why is it that every story you hear or read about a dog mauling involves a Pit Bull or a bread with Pit Bull mix?
In my life time I've never read a story about a Golden Retriever or a Beagle mauling a child.

Roger Moulton's picture

Al is wrong

Al I would have to say the Vet has far more experience dealing with dogs and different breeds than you do. Read above where a golden retriever ate a womans face. My niece was attacked by a boxer and boxers are actually rated as one of the top dogs to have with a family and children. It's the people that own these dogs that are to blame not the breed of the dog. You only hear about these pitbull attacks because slow people like you want to villify pitbulls and also because of the immense power in the jaw and the damage that they are capable of doing. Other breeds of dog don't do as much damage so it's not "paper worthy". If you met my pitbull I assure you within minutes you would agree that she isn't capable of attacking anything. She's afraid of cats and wouldn't even harm a mouse I was trying to catch in a house I used to rent.

AL PELLETIER's picture

kind of lopsided Roger

Golden Retriever 1-----Pitt Bull-----20 Boxer----2 Pitt Bull wins!!!
No thanks, Roger, I don't care to make nice nice with your loving dog and my cats catch and eat mice everyday. That's what they do and were bred for.

Roger Moulton's picture

oh poor slow al

Again Al the reason you see those numbers is the amount of damage a pitbull does when it attacks. Pitbulls were actually bred for chasing down large rats in england and also as herders originally. It was losers here in the US that started breeding them to be bigger and be security or fighting dogs. My pitbull only weighs 42lbs and I bet if your cats met her they would attack her without her bothering them but my pitbull is the bad one right? You are a cat yourself and I'm sure you know what i mean.

KRIS KUCERA's picture

So many cats . . .

. . . so few recipes.


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