Cut off foreign aid

I am far from being an economic genius, but in all the public discussions about the severe and critical economic woes of the United States, it strikes me as idiotic that this country is still giving foreign aid. Are we insane or merely crazy?

At the very least, it strikes me that the public should be telling senators and representatives in Congress to cut all foreign aid.

But wait. Maybe foreign aid should just be reversed. Isn’t it time for other nations that the U.S. has aided in the past to return the favor and give us foreign aid now?

Oh, I forgot. When "foreign aid" comes to the U.S. from foreign countries, it is called “buying the U.S. debt;” as in China buying up U.S. debts (and the nation), aided by NAFTA and CAFTA, which prohibit their companies from paying tariffs so U.S. companies need to move overseas to stay competitive. NAFTA and CAFTA should be abolished. And does China need “favored nation” trading status anymore? Did it ever?

While we’re at it, why not draft all illegal aliens to earn their citizenship by serving in Iraq for four years while they study for citizenship. And have welfare recipients serve on jury duty instead of those who work for a living.

The U.S. is being reduced to Third World status by globalism. We should withdraw from the United Nations, abolish the Federal Reserve and return to the prosperity we once knew when Congress and the Treasury ran the economy.

Robert Bruce Acheson, Dixfield

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Steve  Dosh's picture

Cut off foreign aid

. . Cutting off forn aid is like cutting off your nose despite your face Senator Jesse Helms [ r i p ] { R } no. car.
We need to get out of the 1 2 years war in Afghanistan . Now
There were no W M D's , We got Saddam and Osama bin forgotten , the heathcare system is fixed ( for those who can afford health care in these Unites States and who go not go to la Canada for their heath care ) , the Man-cession drags on and on
N e one remember how Viet Nam bankrupted this nation under Nixon ? We do
Nobody ( no-one ) has ever won a war in Afghanistan . Cheghis Khan ? A; Nope . The Russians ? A; Nope . US nope . Coalition forces ? nope .
Those who forget †his story are - d o o m e d - to repaat it
Who wants to be the last u s soldier shot in .af ?
Nobody does
posted 11.09.27 17:17 ? hst • b t w - We lost friends in the stinger wars there , Dar es Saleem , and Nairobi if you know n e thing about them •

Steve  Dosh's picture

Cut off foreign aid

Cut off foreign aid ? As if diplomacy is more expensive than war . ..
D O D spends ? US$660Billion / year . U S forn aid is ? US$20billion
and - hooray - for 50 years of the u s peace corps
Volunteer t o d a y :) /s, dr. dosh r p c v micro '78 F S O ( ret. ) & e.g., foreign aid •
Yeah , we served in Africa , Micronesia , Maine , and Guatemala :)

Steve  Dosh's picture

. . b t w - with a last name

. . b t w - with a last name like " Acheson , " one might have thought you would have known better ref : /s, Dr. Dosh , Hawai'i , u s a , birthstate of our president , the good former Senator from Illinois :D 11.09.27 5 pm hst •

Joe Morin's picture

No sense

We are borrowing money to give away. I wonder if we give aid to China??? Then we would effectively be borrowing money from China with interest and donating it back. I'll have to look into this.

Jason Theriault's picture

$27 Million went to China last year. But remember, we don't just back a moneytruck up to the Bank of China and push the money out. It's for programs like preventing pandemics and promoting human rights. Can it be cut? Sure.

But the amount saved is really rather small. The big amounts are in countries we need to be spending in. Afghanistan. Iraq. Egypt. ect...

Glen Lee's picture

Foreign Aid

Agree I have personally called my representatives. Now we have congress wanting to build a new UN building in a play ground in Manhatten, What are our representatives thinking or are they drinking the Obama kool aid?
Call your representatives today and just say no!

Jason Theriault's picture

Whoo whoo, next stop: Crazytown

First of all, may I ask, what does the United Nations have to do with foreign aid?

Secondly, why is the UN buying some land and building a building a big deal? Would it make you feel better that they are consolidating many offices that are scattered throughout the city into one building, lowering costs?

Third - Unless you live in New York State, our representatives have nothing to do with all this. This is a matter for the NY state assemble and the City of New York.

Jason Theriault's picture

Not that simple.

Yup, we send foriegn aide out there, and dictators use it to burn American flags and buy luxury automobiles from Germany. We should so cut it.

I mean none of it goes towards safeguarding Russian nukes and keeping the nuclear material off the black market.

Or fighting the drug war in latin and central America.

Or fighting terrorism in the middle east.

Oh, wait, it does all those things. But hey, lets cut it. I mean, terrorist and drug criminals can't cross boarders without a valid visa, and you can't get a visa for criminal activities. I bet everything will be fine.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Jason , you are wrong . We

Jason , you are wrong . We give no foreign aid to communist countries unless , of course , you purchase items at Wal-Mart ® and visit Cuba :)
Do the Chinese purchase Boeing aircraft ? A ; Yes Can they make them ? A; No
hth - xtra credit L name the chinese currency someone _____________ <- /s, dr. dosh hawai'i

MARK GRAVEL's picture

That is Crazy

Robert’s general premise – continuation of giving billions of dollars in foreign aid while the country is effectively broke – is, in fact, spot on.

All foreign aid should be eliminated in any budget year in which there is a budget deficit. In 2011, Government spending will reach almost 40% of GDP with tax revenue being only about 27% of GDP according to the 2011 Index of Economic Freedom written by The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal.

That is crazy.

Mark Gravel


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