Two arrested in Lewiston stabbing

Jose Leiva/Sun Journal

A man is taken into custody by Lewiston police following an incident on Walnut Street Monday.

LEWISTON — A Brooklyn, N.Y., man was in custody Monday night in connection with a multiple stabbing on Walnut Street.

Lewiston Police Lt. Michael McGonagle reported that Randall Wilson, 19, was arrested Monday at 106 Walnut St. and charged with elevated aggravated assault. He remained in the Androscoggin County Jail Monday night and bail was set at $10,060 bail.

The stabbing victim, Randy Doggett, 20, was taken to Central Maine Medical Center for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries, police said. According to McGonagle, Doggett suffered multiple stab wounds to his upper body. He was listed in stable condition Monday night.

Police said Doggett was walking along Walnut Street with Wilson and another man when he was stabbed. Wilson and that man fled to a friend's apartment 106 Walnut St., where they were later taken into custody.

According to McGonagle, the stabbing appears to be the result of a verbal argument between the two. The name of the second man taken into custody was not released Monday night.

After putting the two suspects into police cruisers, officers who had been in the building emerged shortly before 11:30 a.m. with a shield and shotguns.

Police said they don't believe the stabbing was drug-related.

They took three people, two men and a woman, from the apartment building to the police station on Park Street, possibly as witnesses.

Police had closed the section of Walnut Street between Howard and Shawmut streets, where the apartment building was. Another section of Walnut Street, between Horton and Bartlett streets, several blocks away, also was closed apparently to aid police in evidence collection in the area where the victim had been stabbed.

Police could be seen collecting evidence, including clothing from the porch of 56 Walnut St. Later, the section between Howard and Shawmut was reopened.

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Kim Berry's picture


OK, While I understand how people are feeling economic hardship, this has turned into a venting thread about the down town area being what , well down urban areas ARE! Filled with people fighting about drugs, alcohol, cigarrettes, girl friends.... unwanted kids, dogs... the whole pile of bull shit.

Here's MY Gripe the safety of the children wondering the streets
I will admit, I hate it down there. I do not live there. I have a relative who does, and the things I have seen are rediculous. I saw a little girl maybe 3 yrs old, walking around a parking lot, on knox street, with her little brother. She has no shoes on, no shirt on, just diaper and pants. She was beautiful! No parent, sitting on the steps, observing. NO ONE I looked up and down the street, not one human in sight! NOBODY!

*P* go cruise up and down the streets looking for young children all alone. There seems to be a nice selection too, while their parents are inside drinking or druggin it up. They do not care who watches their kids, even if it IS a *P* ! At least they are not buggin them. I am sickened. The kids were gone 15 minutes later. I did not know what to do, to call police? go over to the unmanned police station?

What I DID do, is pray for the little girl and boy.

Kim Berry's picture


is a replacement for a certain word that may be unmentionable in this forum, due to sensative viewers

 's picture

in the middle

First off I didn't put myself in this situation. I can't afford much. My landlord is a friend of the family and he's working with me on my rent. I don't want to live in a low income apt complex with everyone else. I work as a bus driver for Hudson bus lines, But believe me as soon as I can we're thinking of going back to Texas in the future. We only came back because my mothers health wasn't good and we lost her last nov. I basically just stay in my apt and my daughter plays in the small fenced in backyard we do have or I take her to pettingill park in auburn.

David  Cote's picture

Changing times

Walnut St. was my old neighborhood back in the mid 70's. I'll drive down there occasionally and I marvel about how the area has changed so much. Back in the day it the old neighborhood was filled with blue collar families, the parents working in the local mills and kids like me hanging out in Kennedy Park or scrounging for quarters to play the pinball machine at Mamarosa's. There was a lot of pride in the residents of that neighborhood back then. Good work ethics and not much in the way of trouble. It's hard to believe that neighborhood has decayed to what it has become. Very sad indeed.

Joseph Morin's picture

theres allways going to be drugs and crime in a city

But putting yourself in the middle of the worst section of the crime and drugs is just asking for trouble! I think you should try your best to find a better neiborhood.for your safety and your childs! Thats no place for a child to grow up. Just thinking of the things thay see makes me shudder! I don't blame you for being scared that section of the city is getting worse all the time and now their are gangs establishing a foothold in that area.Hence the rise in crime and in the drug trade! but i'm sure you see it more than i do.

AL PELLETIER's picture

And here we go again.

These pant challenged idiots come to Maine and commit a crime that will earn them some serious jail time. Who pays for their incarceration, their legal defense, their trial. Yup, we Maine taxpayers.
IDEA ! Why can't these idiots be tried in Maine and but sent to New York to serve their sentence? Why can't every convicted criminal, here in Maine, be deported to where they came from instead of us paying for their incarceration? If we don't smarten up, we're going to fill our jails with every other countries garbage and we'll be supporting them.
Bring us your poor ,etc. today has a new meaning. It's bring us your human garbage, we'll house them, feed them, support them, and pay their legal fees and incarceration. God this pisses me off!!

 's picture


Im glad my daughter was in school. I live right at horton and walnut street and didn't hear a thing except a siren. I have been here almost 5 months and there has been, three stabbings, gun shots, drug crimes, assault robbery, someone got hit by a car, another accident where a little 4 yr old boy was just barely missed by a car. Police need more manpower, not downsizing. The more patrols the less crime. Something needs to be done. I don't even dare to walk to the store across the street to my house at night, because I'm afraid something might happen to me or my daughter. It's sad when you can't even sit on your porch or walk down the street without getting attacked.

Nick Adams's picture

The other problem a lot of

The other problem a lot of people nowadays are running into, is the cost of housing is getting expensive for even the people trying to make something and earn a living wage. The only way most people can afford to live right now is in those areas. My wife and I make a respectable wage, but nowadays what we make is just barely scraping by, and according to "the maine care system", (which I won't get into right now) supposedly we can support five or six kids... The cost of living is too high for what wages are in this state and city and you wonder why "the blue collars" have to live in areas we don't want to in order to support and put a roof over our kids head.

 's picture

re: the problem

Tell me about it. Right now even with a new job, Im juggling, buying new school clothes, putting gas in the car, paying rent, and how I'm going to pay both cable and cell phone. It's about to be shut off and I need cable because I'm in the middle of college classes for my bachelor's degree. They don't raise pay they just raise the cost of everything else. The politicians are going on nice tropical vacations and we're paying for it!!

AL PELLETIER's picture

Maine, The way life should be.

Cathy, I,m so sorry for what you and your family are going through. Many years ago people moved to L.A for employment and a better life. Now they move there for a free ride at tax payers expense. Norway Maine has it,s problems but our crime level is very low so get a job in our area (if that's possible) and get out of L.A and come here before you lose a love one in a stupid drug related crime.

 's picture


I just moved here from Monmouth. After my dad had his stroke, my brother moved him into his house. I couldn't find anything I could afford in Monmouth. Now I'm a bus driver here in lewiston. I can't afford to move because I can barely pay my rent and bills. I grew up in Poland when I was a kid. You could leave your house unlocked and everything would be the way it was when you left. We need to stop inviting people from other countries and places to come over here. We need to take care of our own first and foremost. This is way out of hand!!

Hey, you can't run to fast

Hey, you can't run to fast with your pants hanging off your knees. Cops should be happy these idiots wear their pants like this.

Hope they got belts for him

Hope they got belts for him in prison.

GARY SAVARD's picture

It's the darn jobs...they

It's the darn jobs...they move here for the ever available, well paying jobs.

 's picture

well paying jobs

Where are these well paying jobs anyway? If there were enough well paying jobs, those who move here wouldn't have any jobs because the people already from here would have them all filled.

 's picture

taken into custody

The guy in the picture that was taken into custody should pull his darn pants up...Disgusting...

 's picture

gotta love

these wonderful stories about dirty ole lew


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