Sensible law needed

Cheers to the National Transportation Safety Board. "No cell phones while driving." Period. That's the rule the NTSB wants for millions of truckers and bus drivers. Some states now ban everyone from using hand-held cell phones while driving — a most needed and sensible law to protect the lives of all who travel by motor vehicles.

As a professional driver covering a good portion of the state of Maine daily, it is a rare day when I don't have to take evasive measures to prevent a collision with another driver because he or she is engrossed in a cell phone conversation. It's almost like they think they are the only car on the road. Sometimes, the driver of the car in front of me and the one behind are both on cell phones.


So, I wonder when members of the Maine Legislature will find some backbone and pass a law to prevent a driver of a moving motor vehicle the use of a cell phone or similar device. The law now in effect about distractions is not worth the paper it's written on.

Before cell phones, people used landlines.

What's so difficult about pulling over to make that call? To do so just might save your life and that of others.

Richard Jensen, Minot

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Sensible law needed

Pardon my French.

I suggest that all driving be banned.

If you doubt my honesty, sincerity and patriotism by being silly on this forum, please read all about spending trillions of dollars on foreign wars. The foreign wars must have one, plain, simple reason.

"Are we being in danger of being attacked by one of our enemies, perhaps, a nation who hates us? Gone are the days of cold war, communist hegemony, British empire and Herr Hitler and Japan's emperor, Hirohito."

We, Americans, not the people, the government, goes in frenzy protecting our interests. I love that part. The question is, "What are our interests?"

The answer is, "OIL"

America, the country and the philosophy has been bad. They want to attack a perfectly ordinary country, like Iraq, minding her own business. Doing it in a normal way that all countries do. Taking care of their internal problems. Keeping their country together. Stop her from being broken in pieces by anarchists and separatists with rebellion.

President Saddam Hussein wanted to tame Kuwait. Kuwait was a part of Iraq. Separated only by the king/prince of Kuwait, who declared that small territory as independent and severed all relations from Iraq.

Suppose, Rick Perry, the GOP presidential candidate and self proclaimed, front-runner, decides to cede from the USA and have a little island country called Perry, how would Uncle Sam react?

Attack and destroy Rick Perry? Attack California, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction, WMD and going after Rick Perry hiding somewhere in those states? When found, hanging him, for good justice?

Trillions of dollars were spent searching for Osama bin Laden. Was he really responsible for 9/11? Can a legal trial held in America prove it?

Oil, oil, oil and more oil is the cause of this US sovereign debt crisis, Himalaya size.

Stop pretending. Stop driving. All problems of America would vanish in a second. I do my share. Have stopped driving for good seven years. Didn't stop me from being more patriotic than bunch of commentators talking rubbish.

...and I am Sid

Jason Theriault's picture

Awesome trolling!

::Golf Clap::

Jason Theriault's picture

The Best solution

Screw banning it. Then you only get to punish more harshly those who cause accidents while playing with their phone.

Phones have GPS and accelerometers and whatnot. Make it a law that a cell phone must disable itself while it is traveling faster than 15 mph


Funny thing is that there is already software to do this. So it wouldn't be that hard to get into play.

As the saying goes - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Mark Elliott's picture

What your basically saying

What your basically saying Jason is instead of punishing the person driving irresponsibly you'd rather put the responsibility upon the manufacturer?

Jason Theriault's picture


The way I look at it, would you be against a gun that knew you were about to murder someone and was able to stop you?

Mark Elliott's picture

That's a silly comparison

That's a silly comparison Jason! The last thing I'd want is for a gun manufacturer to "lock up" my gun at the very moment I need it most.

AL PELLETIER's picture


All great comments and all in agreement,how refreshing. Let me jump on this band wagon with you. Banning texting and our laughable distracted driver law only scratch the surface in preventing injury and death caused by idiots using a cell while driving. I too have almost been creamed several times by people in la la land while driving. And Mark is so right. Laws are introduced by legislatures with back bone and, so far, they're all tip toeing around the real problem and not addressing it head on. When one is killed by a cell driving idiot perhaps they might act. You know, the old "closing the barn door after".

Mark Elliott's picture

You're right Al. Our

You're right Al. Our "distracted while driving" law is a perfect example of how subjectivity can turn a well meaning bill into a bad law. Everyone's definition of "distracted" is different and if you get stopped by an officer that didn't make it to DD before the Boston Cremes are gone, then his definition might differ slightly than the days when he is in a better mood. Subjectivity in a law causes anger and frustration for both sides of the issue. To pass a "no cellphone use" bill it must have support of legislators and law enforcement. Now a sneaky legislator could possibly push one through as a "health bill" with emergency status and possibly avoid the transportation committee but that is a far stretch.

 's picture

I am in favor ...

... of a bill that addresses the larger problem, of which celling while driving is only a part. The legislature should pass, LEOs should vigorously enforce, and judges should give stiff penalties for violating, a law prohibiting driving while stupid.

After passage, it would have the extra benefit of keeping most legislators away from Augusta.

Mark Elliott's picture

believe it or not, "stupid"

believe it or not, "stupid" is too subjective and using that term would lead to a bad bill and possibly a bad law. Legislators like real numbers and black and white.....unless of course, they are pushing a bill through, that they want, quietly without wanting any of the public to know about it. Then they do it quickly without much thought and use subjectivity to their advantage.

Mark Elliott's picture

Part of passing a motor

Part of passing a motor vehicle law is it has to be reviewed by the transportation committee and that includes the state police.......who, by the way, use their cell phones for communicating quite frequently. I see it firsthand all the time and they'll be speeding to boot.

For you argumentative liberals, and you know who you are. I am NOT justifying the use of cell phones while driving. Do not even attempt to spin my words. I am an active participant in motorcycle rights issues and cell phones are indeed my enemy. I am saying, it is tough to enforce any law when law enforcement ignores it themselves. The old expression: "do as I say, not as I do" does not apply. For a cell phone ban to truly be effective, law enforcement and our legislators (and their hired help) has to hang up as well. If you were one of those, would you support a bill that made your job tougher? Will those that we are asking to pass a bill be willing to support it as well?

RONALD RIML's picture


It's a motor vehicle - capable of causing bodily injury, damage, or death...

Not a......

David  Cote's picture

Stupidity on the roadways

Dan, I am constantly on the road, mostly in southern Maine and you would be shocked at some of the things I witness while driving. If I see a car in front of me weaving I automatically believe a cell phone is being used in some capacity. As I pass the driver in question I am usually proved correct. Banning all cell phone usage while driving is a good idea whose time has come. Now if we can only stop the fools who apply make up, are reading the newspaper or are wolfing down their 3,000 calorie delicacy from the local drive thru while driving then we will have made even more progress.

RONALD RIML's picture

You'de be shocked???

I've watched as people drive while receiving oral sex.... It's a real hoot pulling them over then - 'Lights & Siren'

Until cell phones came along, the biggest distractor was driving while putting on 'Make-up' Reading reports, etc was a close second.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The parrot sez putting on

The parrot sez putting on "Make-up" while driving is called farding. He loves the term because it sounds differently over the telephone.

Jim Cyr's picture

"Big Brother" and

Jethro at it again! And if you break down in a strange city, rain/snow storm and then what? Will "Big Brother" be there to help and protect you then?

RONALD RIML's picture

Obviously, Jim

You are not the Brightest Star in the Sky

If you are broke down - you are certainly not driving.

Way to think that one through, Little Brother!!!!

Jim Cyr's picture

Again the King of "Spin"

Is back. The "MAN" said the auto people could come up with a blocking device. No specificity was incurred with the auto in movement or not, just a block from the auto techs! With all your constant negatives to make you appear the "Brightest Star", maybe you should head back to "Capone" town with all the high and mighty!


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