Quimby buys more than 11K acres in Maine

OLD TOWN, Maine (AP) — Roxanne Quimby has purchased 11,291 acres of forestland east of Maine's Baxter State Park near the land she wants to transform into a national park.

Located east of the Penobscot River's East Branch, the land includes forestland, a flood plain with significant wetlands, the Seboeis River, and Peaked Mountain.

Traditional uses such as snowmobiling and hunting will continue for one year.

Elliotsville Plantation Inc., Quimby's foundation, says the long-term plan is to allow motorized recreation, hunting and logging on the land to offset her proposal to donate more than 70,000 acres for a national park, where hunting and snowmobiling would be off limits.

Quimby also envisions setting aside another 30,000 acres of woodlands north of Dover-Foxcroft to be managed like a state park, with hunting and snowmobiling allowed.

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 's picture

Don't like it?

Then stop whining and pony up the cash. I'm so tired of listening to people complain because she's trying to make the world a better place. Go live in New York or Las Vegas where there isn't a tree in site. She has the money and the willingness to share that is so obviously missing from a lot of people these days. I hope to get to some of these terrible state parks you all are slamming. Since so many are complaining about them I guess you won't be going there. they should be nice and peaceful.

Roger Moulton's picture

Jan the treehugging democrat is wrong

Nobody complained about our state parks. But if you wanna go there they are beautiful and I think we have enough of them already. Baxter State park is big enough for all of you treehuggers to visit all at the same time so why do we need more? He was talking about national parks and I think it's downright stupid to give our Maine land over to federal control. Plus think about it the majority of the people that will visit this proposed national park will be from New York, New Jersey and other places that I consider the armpits of our country. They can't keep there cities clean how much respect do you think they will have for a park in Maine? And when you're reading this remember I don't hunt or own a snowmobile or 4 wheeler but this is the way of life in northern Maine and has been for as long as we all can remember. Just cuz she has all of this money she shouldn't be able to give all of our land away to federal control. There are a lof of people in that area that make their money as guides or loggers and some that feed there family hunting there. And remember I don't hunt and wouldn't even consider it unless it was the difference between my family eating or not, I am too much of an animal lover and deer look too much like my dog for me to kill one lol. Just because I don't necessarily agree with hunting and wouldn't do it doesn't mean that I think everybody that does should have to stop. It is not a good move for Maine's economy. A lot of Northern Maine already gets there electricity from Canada cuz treehuggers like you make it so difficult for powerplants in the area to stay running. But you go ahead and defend this Florida resident. I just don't wanna hear you whine when your Maine taxes skyrocket because of all the people out of work that used to make a living in that area. You have no grip on the actual reality of life all you think is save the trees and help all the minorities and give all our hard earned money to the lazy folks that don't wanna work. People like you drive me nuts. If this countries decisions were up to you we would all starve to death And just so you know I'm sure a lot of her reasoning for making this a National Park is so she doesn't have to pay taxes on all that land but will still have a good amount of say in what goes on there. To Ms. Quimby I say pound sand all the way back to Florida and leave us all the heck alone. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

KRIS KUCERA's picture

Have you ever been to a national park?

They're lovely, man. (Yellow Stone et al. are federal blasphemies?) They're not some Hades like you imagine them to be. Or maybe you like looking at all the wastelands up north from clear cutting and the like. I do not. Maybe read about Teddy Roosevelt, one of America's first conservationist politicians?

GARY SAVARD's picture

Roxanne Quimby and her plan

Roxanne Quimby and her plan to turn the North Maine Woods over to the federal government is like a bad dream. If she doesn't want it and has no use for it, she shouldn't buy it. Just because she has a ton of money doesn't put her in a position to dictate how other folks in northern Maine should live. She can twist arms over access all she wants, but I don't think the majority of the folks affected by her actions or our DC delegation are ready to cry uncle.

Jim Cyr's picture

Ms. Quimby

May just want to turn Maine into the likes of Utah. There is more land in the Fed coffers in Utah then there are State land! She should go back to Florida and leave property rights alone here in Maine !! We need another Park like a hole in the head !!


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