Meeting to approve wind ordinance scheduled

RUMFORD — A special selectmen's meeting is scheduled for Thursday at 6 p.m. to approve a proposed wind energy ordinance.

Voters rejected an ordinance in June by a 696-582.

The board has until Thursday to sign an ordinance in order for it to go before voters in November.

Selectman Jeremy Volkernick said at an ordinance workshop Sept. 21 that he believed the board was rushing completion of the ordinance.

“I will take my time, and I will do it right,” Volkernick said then.

Volkernick has been absent from the wind workshops since he made the statement.

Wind power projects and a wind ordinance have been a controversial topic since First Wind proposed building a $60 million project, asking for the construction of 12 turbines, on sections of Black Mountain.

Also on the agenda is signing filing certificates for a charter amendment. The change would allow selectmen to hire an attorney who lives outside Rumford.

Volkernick and Selectman Jolene Lovejoy said they would like to look for an attorney who was experienced with Maine municipalities and TIF programs.

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 's picture

No jobs, no TIF. That's what

No jobs, no TIF. That's what TIF's are all about, the LOCAL jobs a company will bring into town. Wind brings no local jobs. If you're going to lose your mountains to industrial development with no JOB development, tax the developers for the fair value of their development.

 's picture

tough economic times?

Denmark's electrical rate is 35 cents a kw. USA? about 10 cents...
Denmark's unemployment?

Any way. These are tough economic times and the WIND industry is hoping you fall for your tax payers money they offer.
These turbines depreciate in 5 years and then your new plow trucks will need repairs.
Turbines have devalued, properties with-in sight of the turbines have devalued.
There really is not much capacity in WIND not depend on them to run your schools..look at UMPI.

Rumford needs sustainable growth. Look to the recreation of the area. Do not ruin it.

Mark Belanger's picture

This is just another

This is just another anti-wind, anti-land owner wind ordinance. It is sad to think that the few people that have held this town back for years are doing it again. Rumford tax payers should realize that there are millions of dollars at stake here, dispite what this small goup says. We should vote this down and adopt the evolving DEP standards with local control.

 's picture

The millions of dollars at

The millions of dollars at stake have nothing to do with the long term prosperity of Rumford. The millions of dollars is about investors seeking short term gains of 25% returns in a matter of five years, then it's the hell with these throw away energy things. Well established and time proven ventures are what Rumford should be aiming for. The labor force is skilled and are World Class Producers. Rumford has transportation infrastructure to move goods. It is traditionally industrial.
Not be so impatient, Mr. Belanger, and clutch for offers from "government welfare" , nonproductive, consumer crushing, idealistic invented fallacy called wind power.

Mark Belanger's picture

You Should get the real facts

You Should get the real facts Mr McKay.

 's picture


can you state some facts the citizens do not know about?

Mark Belanger's picture

Will do in a LTE.... Vote

Will do in a LTE.... Vote this down.

 's picture


I will read LTEs this week.

 's picture

it's about time

Just get it over with and out of the way. There is so much more on which our board and town manager need to be concentrating. When your town is facing tough economic times, it is not a golden opportunity to spend two years bantering over a single issue. :(


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