Kindness appreciated

Two recent, joyous events compel me to share my gratitude.

While traveling by air and in their military garb, my two grandsons were offered first class seats by fellow passengers. These acts of kindness to two servicemen (both 19 years old) touched me deeply.

Whoever those people are and wherever, deep appreciation comes their way from the heart of a grateful grandmother.

Jeanne Beliveau, Lewiston

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AL PELLETIER's picture


Jeanne, please disregard all the crap discussed in this post.
Please continue to be proud of your two grandsons and kudos to the kindness and generosity to this fellow passenger.
When I came back from Vietnam if someone would have done something nice like that for me it would stick in my mind till the day I died.
God bless you grateful grandmother.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Good post, Sweetfern

Good post, Sweetfern

David  Cote's picture

Face value

I don't believe Mrs. Beliveau would neglect mentioning the airline if she was privy to that information. Therefore, the corporate aspect of these events, if there is any, would escape her. Sometimes people will perform acts of kindness, such as these, with no expectation of reward or noteriety, but would gladly accept a simple "thank you". Count me as a member of that crowd.

ERNEST LABBE's picture

No Dan

I would imagine they were republicans that appreciate the sacrafice they young men are making so that people who have never served can reap in the benefits of freedom.

ERNEST LABBE's picture

Now your

presuming that they were fat cat republicans. The last time I looked there were quite a few fat cat democrats.

Joe Morin's picture

Hey!! Look who it is...

Nothing like tainting a simple feel good story with your pesence Dan. P.S. you're the one with fantsies, you've created a narrative in your head based on nothing and have taken this nothing and used it as a platform to smear your ignorance. You really are discipable.

Joe Morin's picture

Well, funny that you stand out so much!

Check your own typo in your previous post. Dispicable, my guess is to anyone who knows you. It is rare to find anyone as snide and as antagonistic as you. What do you do all day? Eat cheetos, watch General Hospital and Blog insults to the individual that get out there and make something of their day? I'm sure that this lifestyle is very gratifying to someone as self-important as your self but to the majority of society it is pathetic. I bet your a real peach as barbecues and family gatherings.

Mark Elliott's picture

Naa....peaches are too cute

Naa....peaches are too cute and fuzzy! I'm thinking prune.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Amen to that, Brother

Amen to that, Brother


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