Stolen pit bull puppy found Sunday night

LEWISTON — A pit bull reported stolen over the weekend from the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society turned up Sunday night in a garage on Main Street.

Marcy, a pit bull stolen from the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society on Sunday, was found later that same day in a Main Street garage, wet and scared.

Animal Control Officer Wendell Strout said multiple people reported the dog in the area of Main Street near the shelter throughout the day on Sunday. A man at 632 Main St. contacted police Sunday evening to report that the animal had somehow made its way into his garage.

Officials at the shelter reported early Sunday morning that the pit bull puppy had been stolen from the shelter overnight. Shelter Manager Zachary Black said staff arrived at the shelter Sunday morning to find that the building had been broken into and one animal missing — Marcy, a female pit bull mix. Black said that the facility does have an alarm system, but thieves were able to bypass the system.

Strout said it appears the dog might have escaped its would-be kidnapper and spent the day roaming around the Main Street neighborhood near the shelter. He said the animal was cold, wet and scared when he arrived at the garage. It was also growling at anyone who tried to get near it.

By Sunday evening, Marcy's story had taken Facebook by storm as hundreds re-posted information to their personal sites and left comments on the GAHS site in search of the missing 10-month-old female.

Black said staff were in the process of reviewing applicants wanting to adopt Marcy, and a final decision was pending. He said the dog has been at the shelter for quite some time after being dropped off there after hours.

Black reported the theft to the Lewiston Police Department at 9:15 a.m. Sunday.

Hundreds of Facebook friends of the GAHS re-posted the information on their sites with pleas for the public to help find the missing dog. By Sunday evening, nearly 340 people shared the original post on their Facebook pages and more than 75 people commented it.

"I hope she is OK," Darcy Tardiff wrote. "Some people make me sick, what do they get out of stealing innocent animals. They are brought into this world for one thing LOVE!!!"

Darcy Pabst, on the other hand, encouraged people to provide the police with any details about the missing dog. She further encouraged authorities to enact tougher laws for people involved in these types of crimes.

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I hope Marcy will get adopted into a family that will give her a lot of TLC...She is a beauty...


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