Maine gas pumps found to be overcharging motorists

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Maine officials say a gas station that was charging motorists up to 61 cents a gallon over the stated price represents an extreme case of pumps being out of whack, but they don't suspect the station was overcharging on purpose.

While performing routine tests at a station in southern Maine last month, a Department of Agriculture inspector ordered six fuel nozzles at a 12-nozzle station shut down because the pumps were giving inaccurate readings.

In a weekly report to Gov. Paul LePage, Commissioner Walter Whitcomb said four of the inaccurate pumps resulted in consumers paying 51 to 61 cents a gallon too much — or up to $12.20 for a 20-gallon fill-up.

Two of the pumps were over-delivering gasoline, resulting in savings for consumers and a loss for the station.

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The State of Maine Department of Agriculture need to do the job and not sit on there ass . ROUTINE TEST IS JUST THAT ... Now how are the motorists going to get back the money back from the over charging ???? OH I FORGOT Maine folks have that kind of money to let it just go away YA RIGHT . Let's see $12.20 x 4 = $48.80 if not x 6 or 8 $$$$$$$ add's up fast. ALSO HOW LONG WAS THIS GOING ON .. ALL SUMMER ....... ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Nick Gagnon's picture

If two of their pumps were

If two of their pumps were undercharging, i'm sure it was a malfunction in the pumps, not the station trying to rip people off. It's no wonder the state and the country is the way it is. Everyone's so negative and they always think people are out to get them. Why can't this be a simple error instead of someone trying to get one over on you?

 's picture


I bet some gas stations knew they were overcharging...


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