Oil leaks into Androscoggin River after illegal dumping in Livermore Falls

LIVERMORE FALLS — About 30 to 50 gallons of what investigators believe is oil was illegally dumped in a parking lot off Depot Street, triggering an emergency cleanup response Tuesday morning, fire Chief Gerry Pineau said.

Emergency crews, including members of an area hazardous material team, arrived after there was a report of a black substance coming from a Dumpster in a lot between the offices of Group Adams Propane Services and Livermore Falls Water District, he said.

“What we're assuming was the trash Dumpster was dumped (Tuesday) morning,” Pineau said, and the oil leaked out onto the ground and storm drains in the parking lot and street.

The rain spread the oil quickly, he said.

Livermore Falls police Sgt. Steve Allen is investigating to try to determine who dumped the oil, Pineau said.

The town highway crew and firefighters from Livermore Falls, Jay and Farmington, including HazMat Team Chief Terry Bell and Franklin County Emergency Management Director Tim Hardy and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, were working on the cleanup.

The parking lot was cordoned off and dikes were made to pool up oil in the water and absorbent pads were used to soak up the oil, Pineau said.

Booms were also placed in the Androscoggin River to contain the oil spill at the storm drain, Pineau said.

The DEP was still working to clean up the riverbank late Tuesday afternoon, he said.

The Dumpster is owned by the Chuck Wagon Restaurant but the substance did not come from the restaurant, Pineau said. It was illegally put in the Dumpster, he said.

A DEP representative on the scene was unavailable for comment late Tuesday afternoon.


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Why is it we NEVER see a good

Why is it we NEVER see a good headline that includes Livermore? I'm going to have to stop busting on Lewiston if this keeps up.

 's picture

Got a map?

The area known as Livermore was settled in the 1770's as Port Royal, and derived its name from Deacon Elijah Livermore, one of the first settlers in the area. The town of Livermore was incorporated in 1795, with a county line running through the middle based on the Androscoggin River. West of the river was part of Oxford County and east of the river was part of Kennebec County. The town of East Livermore was incorporated March 1, 1844, was set off from Kennebec county on March 31, 1854, to create Androscoggin County, and eventually came to be known as Livermore Falls Village. Source: http://www.lfme.org/history.html

 's picture

same thing

A dirty bum's boxers are still hugging the dirty bum's arse.

Matt White's picture

Read mine

Read my comment on the article about a break-in monday on pleasant street in livermore falls. You should find it today if you click the franklin section link.

 's picture

Guess you didn't read...

...about the fantastically smooth transition between two arch rivals into a single unit - Livermore Falls and Jay High Schools into Spruce Mountain High School. Just one example, but I thing folks see what they want to see and don't see what they don't want to see.


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