Why change the law?

I have used same-day voter registration twice in my life. The first time was when I turned 18; the second time was in 2008 after I unexpectedly moved to Lewiston.

Working in industrial construction away from home doesn’t give me much time to go to City Hall to conduct normal business. I always take a day off to vote and enjoy participating in the process.

I think many people don’t realize some town offices have restricted hours, from being open only one day a week to as little as one day a year.

We all have busy lives, but if people want to do their civic duty and vote, why should anyone discourage what has been working for 38 years, placing Maine among the top states for voter participation?

I support a “yes” on Question 1, while practicing my civic duty.

Ira Bittues, Lewiston

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David  Cote's picture

The practice of being civil minded

Whenever I have moved from one address to another there were always two things I put at the top of my to do list...Stop in at the Post Office to make out a change of address form and visit the town hall or city building to register to vote. Rather basic steps to me. I don't care who you are or what you do for work, no one is that busy not to get those things done upon moving.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The democrats don't care how

The democrats don't care how you do it, as long as you vote early and vote often.

Jason Theriault's picture

If by often.....

You mean every two years, then by all means, vote often.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

HaHaHa---Look who's thumping

HaHaHa---Look who's thumping his chest with erudition...the spelling bee champ.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

P.S. The Pirate will continue

The Pirate will continue to repeat the cliches as long as you keep distorting and misrepresenting the truth.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You would censor the Pirate

You would censor the Pirate merely on the premise that you disagree with him? How shallow.

 's picture

Sumner who?

Sumner who?


Poor Ira, When growing up I had been trained that one of the first things you do when moving to a different community is to go and register to vote. I guess that somewhere along the way it stopped being instilled into your head that is a responsibility of yours to do. Shame on society for allowing it to stop being taught in schools. You have become lazy along with those who can't accept a positive change. So maybe the liberals in this state and country should be given a new name "THE LAZY PARTY".

 's picture

Yeah! Like these guys:

"AUGUSTA — A coalition group hoping to restore Election Day voter registration says many of top conservative officials employed the very practice they support abolishing.

Voting records reveal Gov. Paul LePage, at least two state senators and seven state representatives have at one time registered to vote on Election Day or during the two business days preceding it. That practice is banned under the new law they all supported." http://goo.gl/GS7NG

Cris Johnson's picture

Why eliminate Election Day Registration?

The movement to suppress voting isn't a Maine thing nor a regional thing.

It began somewhere in an ultra-conservative think-tank and various iterations of proposed legislation, like Voter ID laws and the elimination of Election Day Registration wherever it's permitted, have circulated throughout the nation.

The campaign for these laws is always the same: Promote irrational and unsubstantiated fear of the "possibility of election fraud."

The notion appeals to folks who are terrified of "others." Generally, "others" loosely translates to "foreigners," "people from Away," or anyone else who is "lazy" or "unpatriotic" and has the audacity to complain that they have to jump through yet another hoop before they are allowed to exercise their right to lawfully participate in our democracy.

I'm pretty conservative about a lot of things, but not this. This isn't conservatism. It's obstructionism.

The great horror of this campaign of fear is that it is absolutely baseless and it affects everybody, regardless of their political persuasions.

Ira  Bittues's picture

Maine ranks high thanks to same day registration !

Robert, maybe Maine has 96% registered already but that high number is contributed to the same day voter registration that has been in effect for the past 38 years.
Young voter turn voting age every day, people move sometimes on the weekend before election day and what about the homeless that move often, would you tell a homeless Veteran that fought for our country "sorry you should of walked to the town that you are registered in or got here 4 days earlier"

A "YES" vote would allow them to do there civic duty and vote

Steve  Dosh's picture

Why change the law?

Ira , Q : Why change the law ? A; Who knows ?
My guess is that the Republicans don't want illegal immigrants from MA Canada or the United States of Mexico to get quick , one stop service ( No one knows why . It's simply change for change sake . Let's make processes more complicated again to give state employees more to do ?
I would support a “yes” on Question 1, while practicing my civic duty , i fi voted in ME , also
The Republicans will preach , ' smaller government , ' whilst overseeing the largest buildup of the U S Federal Government ( under President Reagan ) in U S history. Facts are facts .
The last balanced U S federal budget was under Billery [ sic. ]
who knows why simWytons want to make things more complicated ?
" Simplify ." - Thoreau . . " Any third rate engineer can make some thing more complicated . It takes a first rate engineer to make something simple again . " - E . F . Schumacher , " Small Is Beautiful , 1 9 7 8 and r i p steve jobs /s, Dr. Dosh and ohana , hawai'i



I do too


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