Creating jobs

Why is it the only jobs elected officials want to concentrate on are construction jobs? Also, of course, they want to spend another $400 billion of taxpayers' hard earned money. I wonder if most of those jobs are union jobs?

Instead of getting out of the way, President Barack Obama and the current Congress think they can create jobs. Everybody knows, we are the ones who create jobs.

The people have seen the spending that the president has done in the past three years. Guess what? It didn't work. And instead of learning from past failures, they just keep on doing the same spending.

I say, make it easier, not harder, for small businesses. They are the backbone of this country. Give them a tax break, not more taxes. That goes for any business, for that matter. Stop throwing money at businesses that go bankrupt and give jobs to workers in Mexico.

We need the jobs here. I would think the president would know that by now.

Clem Bechard, Lewiston

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 's picture

Been there, done that, didn't work.

Simple answers don't always come up with good solutions. Mr Bechard, you need to look at the history of tax rates. Go back a few decades, you'll see that the corporate tax rate, and tax rates for wealthy americans (those job creators) are lower now than at anytime during our lives. And those businesses have taken advantage of that, cash holdings by businesses today are higher than ever. All the while these same corporations are throwing money at candidates, and at special interest groups like the US Chamber of Commerce to lobby for even lower taxes and eased regulations.
In essence we've given business, and the wealthy, all the tax breaks they wanted and we've received in return a struggling economy and unemployment over 9%. Thee have been a number of surveys about job cuts, and very few, single digit percentages of companies have reported that hight axes or government regulations have resulted in those layoffs.
We built the businesses of this country. Without the american workers, and the hard spending of the american consumers these corporations would not exist. Time for business to recognize that, and realize that if they hire more people, it puts more money on people's pockets, people will spend more money and businesses will be rewarded financially.

Mark Elliott's picture

Clem, you would think.....but

Clem, you would think.....but Obama has other motives that will no go away until we fire his ass.

KRIS KUCERA's picture

And the China currency bill?!?

You obviously don't pay attention:

Let me guess: the CSM is a liberal rag. Sure.

Mark Elliott's picture

I do pay attention. Nobody

I do pay attention. Nobody wants a trade war right now, not republicans or democrats. It could devastate the US economy. China has us by the balls financially and if you are listening, most republicans (and most Americans) do believe something should be done in the way of China's unfair practices. It is a delicate matter that could easily turn into an "act of war" if we are not calculated in our the bill off first, then piss of the lender if need be.

KRIS KUCERA's picture

We're already in a trade war! Bueller? Bueller? . . .

1) China's "owns" 8% of our debt. 92% is elsewhere. Your point?

And before you yell "Communist Channel News" the compiled data above comes from Business Insider, hardly a liberal souce.

2) We are getting frickin' killed in the trade war -- hundreds of billions every year lost to China. Why be spineless with 'em? And an 'act of war'? Puh-lease. They need us -- to sell to -- as bad as we need them. So much for Republican toughness. Cue Fox News even:

Yeah, it's all Obama's fault. Sure.


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