Vandals rampage at Dirigo

DIXFIELD — A local man was charged Sunday in connection with a break-in at the Regional School Unit 10 central office where combined losses in damaged and stolen equipment came to $38,000.

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A skylight structure on top of the RSU 10 central office building in Dixfield was sprayed with graffiti over the weekend. Police say the building was burglarized and $38,000 in damage done. Computers and other equipment were stolen.


Joshua Moore, 19, of Dixfield.

Dixfield police Sgt. Jeffery Howe said Joshua Moore, 19, of Dixfield, was arrested Sunday on charges of burglary and receiving stolen property. He was released from Oxford County Jail on Monday morning on his own recognizance. His court date and location were not immediately available.

Howe said the central office building at 33 Nash St. was broken into Friday night and four iPad tablet computers, two iPod Touches, 11 old cellphones, spare keys to the building, a video projector and an external hard drive were taken. Multiple computer screens were smashed and a Tandberg video conferencing camera valued at between $10,000 and $15,000 was damaged.

Officials said there were no broken windows or unlocked doors found when the break-in was discovered Saturday.

Police Chief Richard A. Pickett said Monday that the cellphones were recovered in a catch basin, with assistance from a Public Works employee.

Graffiti was written on a skylight structure on top of the office building and on the football field snack shack and announcement tower. Pickett said he believes graffiti found around town over the weekend — the numbers 666 were written in red paint on the Dixfield Congregational Church — could be related to the break-in at the school offices.

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Roger  Cyr's picture


he does alot of damage and gets out on pr and 2 girls take a sign and get $3,000 bail whats wrong with this?

 's picture

I'm sure there was at least

I'm sure there was at least one more involved in this one.... Unfortunately my family has had a legal 'run in' with this kid. Some people never learn any lessons. This person chooses to NOT be a productive member of this society.

Thomas Hamilton's picture


Looks likes someone has serious anger issues and needs lots of help.


What a contrast

Two stories out of Dixfield about young people. In the first, a promising young life cut short in an accident. It was a tragedy, all the more because Dani Ranger was everything we want our kids to be. The second of mindless destruction and theft. The young man involved may have lost much of the opportunity ahead of him. A felony conviction will close many doors he could have walked through to a better life. At this point he is everything we'd rather our kids not be.

WHAT !!!!!!

Released on his own recognizance !!!!! what is wrong with this picture?
No wonder crimes get committed over and over again. The justice system is in the toilet.


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