SUV lands nose-first in canal beside Lisbon Street; driver escapes with minor injuries

LEWISTON — Traffic was detained on Lisbon Street at around 9:15 a.m. Tuesday when a woman driving a white SUV toward the downtown lost control of her vehicle and it nose-dived into the canal next to Grimmel's Auto Body shop.

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

Lewiston public safety workers prepare to remove an SUV from a downtown canal Tuesday.

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

Lewiston public safety workers prepare to remove an SUV from a downtown canal Tuesday.

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

Lewiston public safety workers prepare to remove an SUV from a downtown canal Tuesday.

According to a witness, the SUV driver was trying to avoid another vehicle that was stopped in the road.

The driver, Stacie Farrell, 24, of Auburn escaped from the vehicle with minor injuries, Lewiston Fire Capt. Paul Fournier said.

Lewiston police Sgt. David St. Pierre said Farrell was westbound on Lisbon Street, traveling downhill, when she encountered backed-up traffic at the body shop. She likely swerved, then over-corrected and lost control of her vehicle, according to witness statements.

Witnesses said speed could have been a contributing factor, St. Pierre said.

Scott Smith said he saw Farrell's car swerve and leave Lisbon Street. He jumped out of the van he was in, climbed over a fence and ran out to a pier next to Farrell's vehicle.

He had stripped off his hoodie and hat, thinking he'd have to dive into the canal. But when he got to her vehicle, Farrell's passenger window was open and he could see she was trying to climb out. Water was about one foot below her window, Smith said. The driver's side had filled with water. As she climbed out and stood balancing on the open window, Smith and another man pulled her up to the pier, he said.

Smith said he could tell Farrell was starting to go into shock. She was shaking and appeared dazed, he said. He helped her onto land where a passing EMT and a nurse waited to assist.

Smith said he recognized Farrell as someone he'd gone to high school with. Although he hadn't seen her in a few years, he knew she had a couple of children. He checked the back seat of the car to make sure there was no one else in the vehicle, he said.

Farrell was treated and released from Central Maine Medical Center, a nursing supervisor said.

Police and fire rescue crews were on the scene directing traffic for more than an hour after the accident. A crane was called to remove the vehicle from the canal.

That operation took place without complications, police Lt. Mark Watson said. The incident remained under investigation.

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Stacie Farrell's picture

For everyones information....

This is the driver from the crash, I was paying very close attention how can anyone assume anything I was doing? You were not in my vehicle, you had no idea what was going on....and telling me to slow down??? How dare you even think that all I was doing was not paying attention and speeding. I was driving a very heavy truck and the breaks didnt work after it started swerving out of control....for someone to even comment like that about something so serious who was not even there, is rude and incosiderate. I know you think my age has almost everything to do with it but not all us twenty year olds text and drive. Thank god no one was hurt and thank god I'm not dead, paying attention was all that I was doing. Next time when you comment why don't you make sure you have all your information.


That stretch of lisbon street is only 25/30 mph. People cruise along at 50. No wonder she had to swerve. If people would look further ahead at traffic they would be able to counter for any distractions. I drive busses for lewiston schools. A friend of my nieces was killed while she was on the phone talking to my niece when she lost control and hit a tree. Slow down. Even if she was doing the speed limit, this could have been avoided by just paying attention. So slow down! Especially in school Zones!! the speed limit is 15 mph and people go through at 45. What if it's your kid crossing or getting off the bus and gets hit? Is that what it's going to take to slow down!! I'm glad she's ok hopefully she'll pay more attention next time.

Libby St Pierre's picture

bad scene

I came upon that scene. How she got into that canal took skill! Glad she's ok, but seeing that ass end of her SUV sticking out of the canal was a sight I will never forget. I guess that fence wasn't long enough, she just skidded in. Wow is all I can say.


I am glad that she is okay...


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