Wind test tower OK'd for Peru

PERU — Selectmen on Monday approved a permit from EDP Renewables North America LLC to erect a meteorological test tower off Black Mountain Road close to the Sumner town line.

A hearing for an industrial wind power ordinance is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 27, at Dirigo Elementary School off Route 108.

The board also signed an order for a 9- by 16-foot box concrete culvert to replace the Cummings Bridge which washed away in rains from Tropical Storm Irene. Road Commissioner Joe Roach said he didn’t have a bid yet on construction, but the order for the parts needed to be in immediately so they could be made before winter. Roach said he didn’t want to see the temporary bridge used this winter.

Federal Emergency Management Agency funds have been applied for to help pay for the bridge. If more money is needed beyond the $100,000 voted for by the town, a special town meeting will be needed to approve more funds.

Selectmen said they would feel more comfortable seeing the whole package, including construction, but realizing the need to act on the order they voted to put in the order.

In other business, Animal Control Officer Sue Milligan brought attention to a growing feral cat population on Route 108. Cats are getting into homes and Milligan said she was bitten trying to trap one. She said she's concerned for neighbors in the area of East Peru.

Asked by the board for an estimated on the number of wild cats, Milligan said there were probably 10, but it was hard to say. She said over five years, one cat can have as many as 11,000 kittens.

The board advised her to keep them informed of the cost, capture the felines and have them euthanized by a veterinarian.

Dwight Hines suggested four possible petitions that could be circulated before the next town meeting. They have to do with developing ordinances for: Board of Appeals, meeting minutes' integrity and accuracy, reduction in town office hours and costs, and sealed bids required for professional services and supplies.

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Gary Steinberg's picture

THe Maine Wind FARCE!

Maine’s statutory goal is 2700 megawatts of wind power on land

- As many as 1800 turbines, 400 feet tall

- 360 miles of developed wilderness ridges

- Thousands of new clearcuts for transmission corridors

- At a 25% capacity factor, this actually produces only 675 megawatts. This small amount of power could be produced at one medium-sized conventional natural gas power plant.

Gary Steinberg's picture

Wind Scoundrels in Your Backyard!

The Associatred Wind Developers like Matt Damon, Angus King and son and First Wind are mostly cynical profiteers out to make a buck, who pull the necessary strings and grease the necessary palms to win their approvals.

They are opportunists who travel to rural areas of Maine and entice unsuspecting residents and rural folks to sign their lease agreements which neuter their rights to their own land.Most of the others are ill-informed and idealistic-and maybe a bit impulsive-who have no idea what they are in for once the blades of the industrial energy generator begin to spin.

They reassure energy committees and town fathers that everything will be fine. They bribe with other half baked schemes. Talk is cheap!

Matt Damon and his subsidy sucking wind Associates live off of the backs of Mainers and US taxpayers and scam our taxes and desecrate our environment. They portray themselves as green ; they are greenback lovers only.

They are this decade's despicable snake oil salesmen, never telling the whole truth about Industrial Wind Complexex to the public.

The more that is exposed by factual questions (you will never get factual answers) , the more his Enronesque and Solyndraesque scam divulges itself.

It is simple, JUST KICK THEM OUT!

 's picture

EDP Renewables

EDP Renewables also operates as Horizon Wind. This is the North American entity of a Spanish wind developer. EDP & Iberdrola (also a large wind developer from Spain and the parent company to Maine's CMP) have publically stated that they would stop investing in Europe and put their investment money into the USA because THE SUBSIDIES ARE GREATER! Emphasis intended. Folks, this isn't about generating electricity because wind turbines are pathetically poor at that. It isn't about saving the planet from CO2 because the turbines never displace any CO2 and sprawling industrial wind sites degrade the environment. It is, pure and simply, about greedy developers trying to put up as many turbines in as many places as possible in order to reap taxpayer subsidies and sell RECs. Pass a strong wind ordinance, don't let them ruin your community. I know; I am from Lincoln, where First Wind has ruined Lincoln Lakes with 40 huge turbines.

Gary Steinberg's picture

Why Sacrifice your land for a lie?

"The Department of Energy’s "Billion Ton Study" has shown that wind and solar energy combined "could at best provide only 5 percent of our total energy needs."
Wind is proven to be a subsidy farce.

Hello Solyndra!

All it does is provide greenbacks to the scoundrel wind elite, off the backs of the many.

Kick them out!

 's picture

just say NO

WIND has NO capacity.

WIND = 75% does not blow, 10-30% loss in transmission.

WIND industry is selling REC (Renewable Energy Credits) to out of state. Entities like YALE; this allows YALE to burn fossil fuels at their schools. RECs are sold to companies who want to claim "GREEN" yet are dirty burners.

WIND = NO Capacity...back-up required at all times.

Burn wood if you want to get off foreign oil.
Your mountain tops will be worth more as wood lots than leased lands.
Firewood is not an easy business but people can make some money delivering locally.


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