Proven leadership

I am writing to express my support for Walter Hill as the next county commissioner for Androscoggin County. He is committed to representing our community and bringing about positive change for all. He is a charismatic leader who is capable of drawing people in to help him in his quest for change.

He is also very knowledgeable about issues concerning Androscoggin County. He will be able to use this knowledge to vote for what is best for us and to move the commission to action.

A vote for him will be a vote for proven leadership and commitment to the needs of the people of Androscoggin County.

Please join me in my support of Walter Hill as the next Androscoggin County Commissioner.

Laura Veit, Lewiston

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County Commissioner...

I think Walter wouild make a fine County Commission...He is a very smart man and a hard worker and he cares what the people want and need...

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Intelligence VS Ignorance

Wow, this is too funny. Sad that some people spend so  much of their time consumed

in hatred and a world that makes me want to ask" What color is the sky in your world?"

If we want to change the way government is "not working" (which is a national sentiment) than we need NEW people in government.  It is that simple, instead of putting down someone willing to take a risk, dealing with people like you, he wants to  do something good. That is his motivation. I am sure that is a motivation not known to you.  Building rather than destroying.

As for Laura,your arrogance astounds me- you are here - blasting your opinion. You are entitled to yours,BUT  SO IS  SHE. She is a citizen and entitled to her opinion.  Period. Why are you so threatened by that that you feel the need to put her down?

Having people send letters in support of a candidate or any voting issue is a campaign tool that is used by every party,every cause,every candidate...why make it as if he is doing some original stupid are so funny,really,this is very amusing...LOLROTF

Instead of hiding behind these postings and blogs why don't YOU have the Courage to get out there and DO what you believe and get out of the way of progress?

Really I wonder,what color is the sky???LOL

 's picture

Is this Laura gal one of the

Is this Laura gal one of the 'Hill' Billies? ha.ha.

 's picture

And while you're at it who in

And while you're at it who in the heck is Laura Viet?

 's picture

Who in the Heck is Walter

Who in the Heck is Walter Hill? 

 's picture

Laura Are yoy part of the New

Laura Are yoy part of the New remergence of Kaleigh Tara ? Come on now Laura what the County Commission does not need is a 'Chaismatic' Leader. I hate to 'Burst' Your 'Bubble' your Jest a Little bit behind the Times in your Thinking. Like Kaleigh laura you are Drinking to Much Kool Aid.

Imagine Lewiston voters this is the caliber of future Politicians for Lewiston and the Scary part is they are connected  To 'Rosa' For Governor>

 's picture

LOL I don't do whites- carbs

LOL I don't do whites- carbs and white flour, so if you are going to spread gossip and lies, get thefacts straight- you "unfans" are hilarious to read...good entertainment.


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