Auburn city clerk resigns

AUBURN — City Clerk Roberta Fogg announced Wednesday that she has resigned effective Nov. 4 to take a job with the state.

Fogg said she learned Tuesday that she had been hired by the Department of Data Research and Vital Statistics. She informed Phil Crowell, Auburn's police chief and acting city manager, on Wednesday.

Fogg said her decision to leave the city was made before councilors voted to terminate City Manager Glenn Aho's contract Monday.

"But I will say, that decision was part of my decision," Fogg said. "The new job was in the works before Monday's meeting — I couldn't have gotten the job offer on Wednesday if it wasn't — but the council's decision did contribute."

Councilors voted Monday to terminate Aho's employment agreement, putting him on 90 days of paid leave. They appointed Crowell to fulfill the city manager's duties for the next few weeks while they consider a longer-term interim manager.

Fogg's decision leaves the city with no top clerk just four days before the Nov. 8 election. Fogg said she would work with Crowell and the city's deputy clerks to prepare for the election.

"I won't leave the city in the lurch," Fogg said.

Crowell said the City Clerk's Department has two full-time clerks and one part-time clerk left. Fogg has been working with Finance Department staff since 2010, cross-training those clerks to handle some city clerk functions.

"That cross-training process is proving to be very valuable for the city," Crowell said.

He met with Deputy City Clerk Sue Clements-Dallaire on Wednesday to plan for the Nov. 8 municipal election.

"I feel the city is in good shape for this election, but we will be searching for a qualified individual to assist us," he said. The city also will look for additional Election-Day volunteers to assist at the polls.

Crowell said Aho was aware that Fogg had interviewed for another job, and Aho spoke to Crowell about it on Sept. 30.

"We didn't have any kind of response laid out, but we do have the staff and they have been cross-trained," Crowell said. "So we will be ready for Election Day. We have great volunteers and we hope that it all transpires smoothly."

Fogg served as town clerk in Belfast for 13 years before coming to Auburn to replace Mary Lou Magno in July 2010.

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Joe Morin's picture

What is it with you???

Everyones a nazi huh Dan?? Folks in washington, corporations and even our local city council. And before you do your typical response" What, me? I didn't call anyne nazis!" When you say goosestepping we all know what you are insinuating. From the self-proclaimed moderate... you're embarrasing.

Bob Wright's picture

Dan, making uninformed

Dan, making uninformed comments makes you look quite ignorant. Your closed mindedness and hatred for all things that you disagree with makes you a miserable person. I would hate to be you, and I will pray for you.

Fred Stone's picture


Dan is beyond prayers.

 's picture

Little over a year and she's

Little over a year and she's gone. This really makes the city council decision a boner, but I'm certain the councils goose stepping right wing zealots will jump to their defense.


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