Nov. 3 is last day to get absentee ballots

RUMFORD — Officials in the Town Clerk's Office are advising people seeking absentee ballots that Thursday, Nov. 3, is the last day to get them.

Deputy Clerk Bev Thorne said Wednesday that there is a new statewide deadline for voting by absentee ballot. There are also signs on the office counter alerting people.

Previously, absentee ballots could be taken out on Election Day. Not anymore, Thorne said.

Now, the last day to get them is five days before the election, which this year is Nov. 8.

“We're trying to inform people of it,” she said. “I don't think most people know about it yet.”

As of Wednesday morning, Thorne said 60 people have turned in their absentee ballots.

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People Don't Know

Because they don't stay informed and the town doesn't do anything to remind the voters of this. The only thing you see in the newspapers is the liberals preaching getting rid of excellent changes for voting and registering before voting day. Can there be a savings keepng it this way? Sure can with the right people in the right places. But the liberals want to continue creating lazy people who are no benefit to society. The liberals and so called do gooders are simply lazy people.


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