Congressional scoundrels

By constitutional decree, true power lies with Congress. Through political deceit and media shenanigans, we learned to malign presidents while ignoring congressional scoundrels who undermined national ideologies.

Republican or Democrat, presidents changed often during my lifetime; however, Congress remained virtually unscathed, validating the timeless and insightful theory that “the height of insanity is repeating a mistake over and over and expecting a different outcome.”

America’s working class and seniors do not cause economic disasters. That honor belongs to an inept, spendthrift Congress, the Federal Reserve, the IRS and Wall Street moguls whose sole purpose guarantees that the affluent, industries and foreign interests continue getting a free ride at the public’s expense.

Cutting Medicare and Social Security benefits appeals to political elitists since they already pilfered and expended every cent in those programs to further their own agendas.

Consequently, for two agonizing years, elderly benefits stagnated while congressional charlatans voted themselves substantial increases in salary. The worthless projected increase this year is merely bureaucratic carrot-dangling, aimed at silencing a disposable segment of our society.

As a registered 71-year-old Republican, I never envisioned apologizing to my family for being a Republican. I love my country and once believed we could save it and return it to its former glory. However, America is no longer a world oasis. It is a leaderless, bankrupt liability, for sale to the highest bidder; gasping an irreversible death rattle that lends credibility to John Adams’ observation: “There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

Roger R. Turcotte, Lewiston

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 's picture

Which is exactly why ...

... Mr. Adams worked tirelessly to prevent our country being founded as a democracy. He and most of those we revere as the "founders" understood well that democracy is mob rule. Instead they gave us a republic ... if we can keep it. (To paraphrase Mr. Franklin)

Watch who supports the "occupy" movement. They have been endorsed by the Communist Party and nearly every socialist group in the country, public employee unions (but I repeat myself), and - the most coveted endorsement of all - the American Nazi Party. All these groups have one thing in common: They proclaim love for democracy and hatred for capitalism. If they win, it will be too late for suicide - we'll get a bullet in the forehead.

You want to scathe someone, Mr. Turcotte? Scathe those who are already trying to grab the "occupy" coattails - the White House and Senate democrats.


Such credulity

I don't suppose it would have occurred to you that there might be some people who would profit from making these so called associations between the American Nazi Party etc. and the OWS movement. In fact almost anyone could make such a claim just to discredit them whether their aims coincide or not. I think it is interesting that the people trying to discredit this movement can't make up their mind whether they are an organized movement with nefarious aims or a street mob who don't know what they want. They really can't be both.

Mark Elliott's picture



Still no cigar

The implication here is that the OWS movement endorses the nazi party and shares their aims. I'm really not getting that out of this article.

Mark Elliott's picture

Obviously I can not reach out

Obviously I can not reach out and rip your blinders off. You'll have to do that yourself........someday maybe, but doubtful.

 's picture

They are a street mob ...

... being manipulated by an organized movement with nefarious aims. They are two different groups and the credulity exists only in the minds of those who think there is just one group.


Prove it

I suppose there would be proof of this manipulation. It couldn't just be smoke being blown about by people who want to discredit their aims?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

What difference would it

What difference would it make? He's telling you the truth and you don't believe it anyway. You probably wouldn't believe the proof either, because your mind is probably already made up to one set of beliefs.


Some assumption

Sometimes people just like to talk about things they don't really know anything about. The reason I believe no such proof exists is that I am pretty sure that Rupert Murdoch and his tea party friends are scouring every inch of this planet looking for proof of wrongdoing with this group and when and if they find it they will be screaming it from the top of every telephone post in the land. Since all I am hearing is silence I can only guess that it does not exist. Accusations are not the same as proof.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

One thing this group of

One thing this group of rowdies is, is anti-semitic. There is plenty of video and audio material out there to prove it over and over. Their numbers abound with those who engage in anti-semitic slurs. In fact, there is far more proof of their disdain of Jews than there is of racism among the TeaPartyers.


Guilt by association?

It is true that the OWS movement is protesting against predatory lending practices by banks and crooked securities deals that rob people of their retirement savings and some of those bankers were Jews but they are not protesting Jews. There has been absolutely nothing anti-semitic in their writings. They also call for stimulus spending that will create infrastructure and jobs. And yes the Unions are in favor of jobs so they have endorsed them but there is nothing in the OWS statements that call for union jobs or that endorse unions. I think there is an important distinction to be made there. I don't agree with everything they want but i'm not going to be fooled by people who want to smear them with inuendo either.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Is there any wrong that a

Is there any wrong that a liberal won't defend?

Joe Morin's picture

Hey Pirate...

...The rebels that formerly had no 'cause but.... now do!!! Yay. A large group of people, not all mind you, that have created a lifestyle and adopted a political viewpoint that excuses their ineptitudes... by blaming others!!! Yay! The Rich, "The Man", you & me, global warming, soldiers and yes...Jewish. Because we all know how easy the excistance of the Jews has been.
You'll get this point but a few others may miss the point. I was watching the DVD " The Secret", At that pointin my life I was very a very un-happy young man who was angry about my current situation. A certain passage really hit home. The key step expressed in the path towards empowerment and taking control of ones life was to admit that you are where you are due to a series of conscious decisions that you have made that have led you to that point. They state, it may be hard because you may not like where you are and owning that reality takes a lot of honesty. But if you can admit and own your choices then that is the moment you take control. If you are the one responsible for your reality then who better than to change it??? I utilize this, implement it and am rewarded by it. The day I ingested that and accepted it to be true was the day I realized I was blaming others for my unhappiness and that I was quick to make excuses for myself and others in a similar situation. The successfull could not understand how "Lucky" they were and difficult it was more me... needless to say, I make my own luck now. I also no longer live in my parents basement, unemployed getting drunk to cable re-runs.

Joe Morin's picture

No divine intervention Dan

Just some introspection and being honest with myself. Maybe one day you too will find salvation. For only the second I will agree with your post. I was saved, by myself.

Mark Elliott's picture

Amen Joe....

Amen Joe....


The problem

Every American today knows there is something wrong in Washington. And FYI poor people are Americans too as are rich people. In fact poor Americans sometimes become rich Americans and working Americans can sometimes become welfare Americans. I think the problem is the way we run our elections. The fact that they are so expensive means that the corporations who finance them end up owning the candidate and having undue influence over public policy. I don't believe our founding fathers intended for multi-national corporations and foreign donors to have more influence over our government than the American voter. There is no reason for having muti-million dollar elections other than to provide this influence. Other countries do not do it. Why couldn't we limit the time for campaigning, or have 1 primary day nation wide,or four regional primaries, or pass a law that anybody who pays for media advertising also has to pay for the opposition to respond, for example. The Supreme Court in allowing for anonymous campaign contributions has really exacerbated this problem.

 's picture

Nearly all politicians are corrupt

Whether it is GOP or Dem. the harm that has been delt to our nation was done by all, including we the voters who sat on our hands and put most of them back in Washington year after year. Wake up America. a Republic cannot survive without God fearing, honest participation by the masses. Not those on the dole or beholding to nanny government for their existence; but rather honest hard working patriots who truly love what America stands for.

Mark Elliott's picture

Roger, both parties have

Roger, both parties have strayed from their core beliefs and the only way to fix them is to hold your ground and help pull the party back to where it belongs. Get active, invite friends, flood the party with new blood to water down the old. "Republican" or "democrat" are just words on a registration card that anyone can use. Conservatism and liberalism come from the heart and can't be faked. Those that claim to be a "liberal republican" or a "conservative democrat" are either in denial, confused, or simply don't have to courage to stop the change........

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

We sure can save it if we can

We sure can save it if we can get you and your lower echelon mammal minions out of the way.

Joe Morin's picture

You're so rediculous..

Goose stepping??? I'm a conservative who wants less government. The Nazi party was fascist, educate yourself Dan. If you understood Fascism you could see how concerning it is when our govt. controls supposed private companies through subsidies & regulations and picks winners & losers. Regardless you are rediculous...
Almost as rediculous as the CEO of GE saying he supports occupy wallstreet while raking huge profits and not paying any taxes. GE is the mother co. of NBC so I'm not surprised that GE is pony boy for OBAMA and that they are held up on a pedistal while getting away with highway robbery.

Joe Morin's picture

remember Dan?

When I asked you what the point was to lie to people that knew you were lying?

David  Cote's picture

Dan, Dan, Dan...

You gotta check these things before you let your fingers fly on that keyboard, mate.


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