Students' voting rights

Are we still beating a dead horse? I refer to yet another article about the voting rights of college students (Oct. 18). A moot issue at that, as the students were exonerated after an investigation and because Maine still allows same-day registration, for now, at least.

Do those Maine public officials, with their salaries paid by Maine taxpayers, have so little to do with their time that they can devote endless time to rehashing that issue again and again?

Maybe those falsely accused college kids are spending so much time running between classes, study groups and the library as they prepare themselves to be tomorrow’s leaders, that it is extremely difficult for them to find any spare time. Because that is what they are. They are the future of America, and is this really how they should be introduced to the democratic political process? By trying to suppress their votes?

I firmly believe there should be an investigation and charges levied if there is proof of wrongdoing by any public officials, and I would like to know where the elected (by secret ballot no less) Attorney General William J. Schneider stands.

And the fact that the secretary of state (another public servant paid by tax dollars) sent these students a letter implying that getting a Maine driver’s license and registering their car was a requisite to vote in Maine when, in fact, neither is necessary, flies in the face of the United States Supreme Court.

Sandra Jean Ford, Mexico

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Wrong again Jonathan

Symm vs the United States established the right of citizens to vote in whatever venue they reside for most of the year. That means that a student at UMF or Colby or USM can vote in Farmington, Waterville or Gorham legally.

Stop reading Charlie Webster's propaganda and pay attention to the truth.

Jonathan McKane's picture

If you vote in Maine, you

If you vote in Maine, you have to be a resident - student or not.

 's picture


The point is Mr McKane, when it comes to requirements for voting, students are residents. It's very simple, even a child can understand that. Your party head, Mr Webster doesn't get that apparently, do you?

Nick Gagnon's picture

I'll bet if these students

I'll bet if these students were going to school in New Hampshire, they would have no problem registering their car there since there is no tax on doing so.

Nick Gagnon's picture

Mr. Webster does get that.

Mr. Webster does get that. Thats why he said, according to the Maine Motor Vehicle Statutes Title 29-A, if you are claiming residency, you are supposed to register you car in Maine and obtain a Maine license, if you are a licensed driver. The only reason someone wouldnt do this, is to avoid state taxes in a state that, according to their right to vote, they are claiming as home.


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