Didn't pay attention

I was driving up Route 17 the other day and saw the windmills on the mountains. I started to cry.

I never gave much thought to the windmills until then.

What is happening to the beautiful Maine mountains?

If any of the selectmen in my town vote to have windmills come to my town, I will not vote for them and will work hard to see they never win again.

I am only sorry I did not pay attention before

Daniel Hallock, Dixfield

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Edward Bulger's picture

check it out

Edward Bulger's picture

This is just a small sample Ron

"It is obvious -- even in the IEA's very hopeful scenario -- that wind will never be an important part of electricity production," says NWW president Eric Rosenbloom, author of "A Problem With Wind Power".{4} "Wind does not now nor will it ever replace other sources to any significant degree," Rosenbloom says. He adds, "That is not to endorse any other source as problem free, it is simply facing the fact that wind is not a viable alternative."

I would have my own private wind generator if I had a large enough yard and could afford one but that will have to wait.The greed of the few who push these things and exploit them as green really gets to me. The steel for building them is made in Vietnam steel plants. I bet the smoke stacks there shoot black smoke day and night. The turbines are built in Europe and shipped here. The wind turbine are 27% efficient and some that live near them are having health problems. I wish they were a great good source of power but that's not what I'm seeing or feeling. Ed Muskie is one of my home town hero's and like him I am very much for the environment and I strongly feel these wind turbines are not the answer.

Allisa Milliard's picture

i get sad when i see the

i get sad when i see the lines of cars during the summer coming into the state. while they bring their tourist dollars which support low income temporary service jobs, they also bring tons of carbon emissions while sitting in traffic jams. and i also remember the public service announcements in portland asking people not to deficate or urinate on the beaches or in the ocean.
i also get sad when i see corn fields and forests plowed under in order to build yet another house for some "environmetally concious" yuppie. great idea: lets build houses where we grow food, then inport food from somewhere else. what could possibly go wrong? it worked on manhattan island. and there is nothing like urban sprawl.
lets not get started on cemetaries, golf courses, and ski resorts. or how theres nothing like waking up on a bright maine morning to the sound of atvs and snowmobiles, which are being raced up the middle of the street during their seasons. chainsaws and lawnmowers are great too at 7am.
at least a wind turbine has a purpose that benefits me.

ERNEST LABBE's picture

Why is it

that nobody complains about how ski resorts destroyed the mountains when they cut all those trees for the downhill trails?

AL PELLETIER's picture

sorry your sad

I get sad every time I see a cell phone tower and Ron is right, I would rather see a few windmills then live with such bad air pollution I can't see the top of the mountain.

RONALD RIML's picture

You saw the windmills

And you started to cry.

But you didn't give thanks that the sight wasn't clouded over by impenetrable clouds of noxious gases and other carbon pollutants.


Edward Bulger's picture

What Cloud?

I agree with you on many of the letters you comment on but you really miss it when it comes to wind turbines.The small private wind powered generators some property owners have work , but the industrial type are nothing but eye sores. This has already been proven. The cogen plant in Rumford burns bark, tire chips , yes and coal and the tall stack that works as an exhaust for the burner is expelling 98% steam. Most of the pollution in the Maine air comes from away. The greedy industries that don't want to invest in state of the art scrubbers to keep their pollutants down to a minimum because it will cut into their inflated wallets. The wind turbine Kings are just as bad. They are sticking these inefficient eye sores in our beautiful landscape not because it is good for the environment but because they are going to make a quick buck off the tax payers.

RONALD RIML's picture

Then here's your chance, Ed...

I agree with you that most of our pollution is created out of state - so combating that has to be a federal effort.

Now - for your claim regarding the generators: "the industrial type are nothing but eye sores. This has already been proven." - Provide the links, that's what I do. I'll be more than happy to look them over.

- Ron

Joe Morin's picture


Because due to the wind turbines they shutdown that coal plant that used to block the view.

RONALD RIML's picture


You haven't got all the Guv'mint Deregulation yet the Tea-Squatters been chantin' for.....


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