Fallen equipment knocks out power for New Auburn, Durham

AUBURN — Equipment that fell from a power line in Auburn left residents in the southeastern portion of the city without electricity Saturday night.

Central Maine Power said the outage hit customers in New Auburn and Durham.

The outages were first reported around 8 p.m. CMP said it hoped to have power restored in a couple of hours.

A spokesman for CMP said the equipment fell from a utility pole at the corner of Elm and Main streets. He said it wasn't clear what made the equipment fall.


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Nick Gagnon's picture

Ya, because it's not like CMP

Ya, because it's not like CMP has been around for years and years. It must be Lepages and the republican's fault. I know I never lost power before. When the democrats are in office, my power never goes out. Can you believe the nerve of the Governor. He actually makes it rain on Saturdays, he makes the wid blow when I tee off, he never gives me a break. lol


I certainly hope they find out what it was that made "equipment" fall, and make sure whoever worked on this "equipment" gets reprimanded...It sounds like shoudy workmanship to me. This could have hurt someone really bad...


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